Photography Business Names (249 Best Ideas)

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As with naming any business, naming a photography business can be a stressful endeavor. There is a lot at stake with a business’s name, as a name that is too vague, too long, or altogether wrong will potentially drive away business. 

But not to worry – our ultimate guide to photography business names is sure to inspire you.

Search our extensive list of photography business name ideas that suit all types of shutterbugs.

Let’s dive in.

Best Photography Business Names

  1. Picturesque Pics
  2. Model Photography
  3. Shutter Up Photography
  4. The Main Event Studios – A great business name for a photography business specializing in shooting special events, like parties, graduations, and even weddings. 
  5. Two Chicks and a Camera Portrait Studio – This name is great for a woman-owned photography business. 
  6. Holiday Family Portraits
  7. Precious Moments Photography
  8. All in the Family Portrait Studios – This business name is ideal for a studio specializing in family portraits, or a family-owned business. 
  9. Jump for Joy Images
  10. Feel Good Fotos
  11. Flawless Photos
  12. Blemish B Gone Portraits – With all the technology available that helps get rid of unsightly blemishes, this is a great way to advertise your company is the best in the business. 
  13. True 2 You Portraits
  14. Supernova Studios
  15. Fantastic Photography
  16. Candid Captures
  17. Dark Matter Studios
  18. Magic Moments Photography
  19. The Polaroid Master
  20. Artsy Shots Photography
  21. Quality Images – Works both as a name and as a description. 
  22. Fresh View Photography
  23. Andromeda Photography
  24. Lively Lens Studios
  25. Glamor Shots Photography
  26. Lens-sational Portraits
  27. Baby’s Breath Portrait Studios – This business name works well for businesses specializing in maternity and newborn shoots. 
  28. Heavenly Photo Works
  29. Road Less Traveled Travel Photography – What’s better than a travel photography business named for one of Robert Frost’s most famous poems? 
  30. Fashionista Film Works – Not only is this a good option for a photography business, but it works just as well for a modeling agency.
  31. Pixel Perfect Photography
  32. Runway Images Photography
  33. The Picture Place
  34. Tripod Treasures
  35. Timeless Treasures Portrait Studios
  36. Adventure Photography
  37. Luxury Lens Portrait Studios
  38. Memory Makers Photography
  39. Milky Way Studios
  40. Goldfish Aquatic Photography
  41. Deluxe Exposure
  42. Modern Portrait Studio
  43. Jewel Photography
  44. Shutter Me Photography
  45. City Wide Photos
  46. Posh Studio
  47. Smiles and Shutters Photography
  48. Grand Canyon Travel Photography
  49. Captured Snaps Studios
  50. A Picturesque Pose Portrait Studio

Good Names for a Photography Business

Here are some good photography company names:

  1. High Click Photography
  2. The Lens Queen Portrait Studio – For a male-owned business, the name could be changed to “The Lens King Portrait Studio.”
  3. Galactix Photography
  4. Vanity as Virtue Portraits
  5. Cosmic Studios
  6. Pixellence Photography
  7. Wild Images Nature Photography
  8. Baby of Mine Newborn and Maternity Photography
  9. The Photo Shoot
  10. The Cherished Click
  11. From the Heart Photography
  12. Modern Headshots Studios
  13. The Shoot Shop
  14. The Shutter Smith Studios
  15. Expert Lens Photography Studios

Unique Photography Business Names

  1. Wild N Free Nature Photography
  2. Panoramic Pictures
  3. London Calling Travel Photography
  4. Ocean View Nature Photography
  5. Sunset Nature Photography
  6. Sweet Baby Maternity Shoots
  7. Mama Bear Maternity Studio
  8. Mommy and Me Photography – This business name works for both a family photography studio or for a photography business specializing in maternity and newborn shoots. 
  9. Broaden Your Horizons Travel Photography
  10. The Photo Frontier Portrait Studio
  11. Great Big World Travel Photography
  12. Globetrotters Photography
  13. Shutters N Flutters Photography
  14. Family Tree Portraits – This name would work well for a photography business specializing in family photos.
  15. New Horizons Photography

Catchy Photography Company Names

  1. In a Flash Photography
  2. Lucky Lens Portraits
  3. The Terrific Tripod Portrait Studio
  4. Headshot Pros
  5. Snappy Service Photography
  6. The Amazing Tripod Photography
  7. Old School Studios
  8. The Traveling Tripod Travel Photography
  9. In a Snap Portrait Studios
  10. The Photo Pros

Creative Names for a Photography Business

Check out our top creative photography business names below:

  1. One Stop Photo Shop – This name uses rhyming to make it more memorable. 
  2. Zoom Worthy Images
  3. Silver Slippers Photography
  4. Crystal Clear Captures
  5. Tripod Magic Photography
  6. Fur and Feathers Photography – This name works great for a photography business specializing in pet portraits. 
  7. Shutterstock – This real world photography business is now one of the best-known brands in the industry, and we have to assume that part of the reason for its immense success is its succinct, unique, and memorable name. Why not use these popular names for inspiration?
  8. Pristine Portraits
  9. The Wedding Capturers
  10. Bracketeers Photography
  11. Lifetime Lens Photos
  12. Happy Headshots Portrait Studios
  13. Butterfly Imaging
  14. The Warehouse Portrait Studio
  15. Picture This Portraits

Cute Photography Business Names

Here are some cute ideas for photography business names:

  1. Snap Happy Photography
  2. Picture Me Portraits
  3. Fancypants Photography
  4. Snapdragon Photography – This name is a play on the word “camera.” 
  5. Shutterbug Photography – Another great name for a photography business that uses a camera-related pun.
  6. The Photo Phactory – Using “ph” at the beginning of “phactory” makes this title both audibly and visually alliterative. 
  7. Pics R Us Photography
  8. Pick a Perfect Picture Studios – With a business name that sounds a lot like a well-known tongue twister, the name is memorable to customers. 
  9. Photoberry Studios
  10. Camera Crew Captures – This name uses alliteration to make it memorable. 
  11. Memory Lane Studios
  12. The Perfect Pose Studios
  13. Keepsake Keepers
  14. Hummingbird Studios
  15. Ladybug Photography
  16. Polka Dot Studios – This cute, catchy name is perfect for a photography business specializing in family pictures. 
  17. Imaginative Imaging
  18. Junior Mints Photography
  19. Shoebox Portrait Studio
  20. No Place Like Home Family Portraits

Cool Names for a Photography Business

  1. Futuristic Fotos
  2. The Zoom Room Photography
  3. Cool Captures Photography
  4. Firebird Film
  5. Lust 4 Life Studios – Since pictures can last a lifetime, this is a great name that emphasizes the importance of capturing special moments on film. 
  6. Underwater Treasures Nature Photography
  7. River Road Photography
  8. Pics-mania Photography
  9. 360 Degree Portraits
  10. Digital Deluxe Imaging
  11. Heaven on Earth Studios
  12. Phoenix Imaging
  13. Diamond Graphics Imaging
  14. Silver Screen Imaging
  15. Firebrand Photography

Funny Names for a Photography Company

  1. Just Shoot Me Photography – Both funny and memorable. 
  2. Photobomb Photography
  3. Don’t Blink Portrait Studios
  4. Photos 4 Kids Photography
  5. We Shoot Everyone Photography
  6. Say Cheese Family Pictures
  7. Bright Smiles Portrait Studios
  8. Coast 2 Coast Travel Photography
  9. Miles of Smiles Family Portraits
  10. The Zookeeper’s Pet Portraits
  11. Bark-tastic Photography – This business name works great for a pet portrait studio. 
  12. Frame the Family Portraits – Funny and descriptive. 
  13. Straight Shooter Photography
  14. This Gal Shoots Photography
  15. Shoot N Click Photos

Elegant Names for a Photography Business

  1. Art Nouveau Studios – This classy name is inspired by the name for international art with a focus on flowery, decorative designs. 
  2. Black Tie Portrait Studio
  3. Capture Classic Photography
  4. The Dark Room Portrait Studio
  5. Contemporary Photography
  6. Idyllic Images Photography
  7. Panoramic Portraits
  8. Stylex Photography
  9. Silver Pond Photography
  10. Sublime Images
  11. Cosmopolitan Portrait Studio
  12. Elite Portraits 
  13. Metropolitan Exposures – Add a sophisticated flair to your photography business with this elegant name. 
  14. Legacy Photography
  15. Avant-garde Portrait Studios

Names For A Wedding Photography Business

  1. Fairytale Photography
  2. White Diamond Wedding Photography – By incorporating two terms almost synonymous with weddings – white and diamond – this photography business name is easily associated with wedding photography. 
  3. Happily Ever After Wedding Photography – This name conjures images of picture-perfect romance and fairytale endings. 
  4. Enchantment Wedding Photography
  5. Love Birds Wedding Photography
  6. Darlings Wedding Studio
  7. I Do Wedding Photography – This name works on two levels – incorporating well-known wedding vows, as well as being a true statement about the photographer. 
  8. Dream Wedding Photography
  9. Your Special Day Wedding Photography
  10. King and Queen Wedding Studios
  11. Bridal Photography
  12. Kiss the Bride Wedding Studios
  13. Prince and Princess Wedding Photography
  14. Cinderella Wedding Photography – What’s more perfect than a wedding studio named for one of the very first fairytale princesses? 
  15. Paradise Portraits
  16. Celebration Wedding Studios
  17. Forever Photos
  18. Garden of Eden Wedding Photography
  19. Velvet Visions Wedding Studios
  20. Star Crossed Studios
  21. The Gilded Lily Wedding Studios
  22. Golden Wedding Photography
  23. Daisies and Diamonds Wedding Studios
  24. Silk and Satin Wedding Photography
  25. By Moonlight Wedding Portraits

Names For a Drone Photography Business

  1. Eye in the Sky Photography
  2. Wing It Photography
  3. Bird’s Eye View Photography
  4. Sky High Photos
  5. Celestial Scenes
  6. Clear Sky Images
  7. Cloudscapes Photography
  8. Helios Photography – Named for the Greek god of the sun, it makes sense why a drone photography business would be named for something so high in the sky. 
  9. Blue Sky Images
  10. Sky’s the Limit Photography
  11. Towering Lens Photography
  12. Full Exposure Drone Photography
  13. Eagle Eye Exposures
  14. Winged Camera Photography – This succinct title works perfectly for drone photography. 

Names For a Car Photography Business

  1. Snappin’ Wheels Automotive Photography
  2. Hot Wheels Photography
  3. Monster Trucks Moments
  4. Four Wheels and a Camera
  5. Speedy Exposures
  6. Crankshaft Captures
  7. Muscle Car Images
  8. Grease Monkey Photography – Since grease monkey is slang for a mechanic, this name sets this photography business apart by combining two seemingly unrelated fields. 
  9. Treasured Trucks Photography
  10. Trucks and Tripods Studios
  11. Rust to Riches Photography – This play on words puts a twist on the expression rags to riches in order to make it more relevant to cars. 
  12. Vivid Vehicles Studios
  13. Coupe Captures
  14. Camaros and Calendars Studios – Given how many sports car calendars there are, this name works well as a car photography business. 
  15. 4-door Photography

Names For a Food Photography Company

  1. Candy Apple Images
  2. Foodies Anonymous Portrait Studios
  3. You Cater, We Click Photography
  4. Savory Moments Photography 
  5. Nice with Spice Photography
  6. Clicks for Cakes Studios
  7. Truly Scrumptious Studios – Fans of the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will appreciate this name. 
  8. Diva Desserts Photography
  9. Four Seasonings Photography – A food-inspired twist on “four seasons,” this is a great name for a food photography business. 
  10. Sweet Pepper Studios
  11. Just Desserts Studios – A great name for a cake or pastry shop!
  12. Donut Divas Photography
  13. Puff Pastry Pictures
  14. Kitchen Captures
  15. Good Grub Images
  16. The Glam Grocer Studios
  17. Curry and Cream Photography – Two food-related terms followed by photography help potential customers know that this business specializes in food photography. 
  18. Farm to Table Photos – This name would work well for a business that photographs organic or locally sourced produce.
  19. Dine and Shine Photography – Another example of incorporating rhyming for effect. 
  20. The Curry Leaf Photography
  21. The Captured Cuisine
  22. Tapas and Tripods Photo Studios
  23. Rainbow Plate Studios
  24. The Dark Room Dish 
  25. Yummy Time Photography

Company Name Naming Tips

When naming your photography business, there are some tried and true tips that will help you choose the perfect name.

Business experts suggest the following guidelines for choosing a business name: 

  • Use humor – funny names are memorable names, just make sure to steer clear of anything that might be seen as offensive. 
  • Make sure to include your name – tell your customers who you are. This is especially important for your business’s social media account. Your potential customer needs to know who you are and what sets you apart from others. 
  • Use rhymes – rhyming is something that makes a name more memorable especially if it sounds good. If rhyming isn’t feasible, alliteration is also a great tool for making your business name a memorable one. 
  • Keep it simple – making the name easy to remember, pronounce, and easy to spell is key for potential customers to remember your business. 
  • Emphasize your specialty – if you specialize in an area of photography such as nature photography, wedding photography, or maternity shoots, be sure to incorporate it into your business name. It will help distinguish your qualifications and set you apart from other photography businesses. 
  • Know your competition (competitor analysis) – depending on the area in which you live, you may be up against many other photography businesses. Make sure to choose a name that sounds unlike any of your competitors and sets you apart from the competition. 
  • Use your equipment – naming a specific piece of equipment (like shutters or a tripod) in your name will help emphasize your business as a photographer. Sometimes just placing “photography” at the end of a name isn’t enough, especially if you have a lot of competition.
  • Conduct a trademark – this is extremely important for anyone wanting to start their own business. Make sure your perfect name is available and isn’t already used by another business. GoDaddy is a great site for trademarking your business name and getting a domain. 
  • Use a name generator – there are several free photography business name generators available online that can help you find more inspiration for naming your photography business. Many of these generators also have options for adding your name or location for name ideas more relevant to you.


While naming and starting a photography business certainly isn’t easy, there are some solid tips for naming your business.

To recap, make sure your business name is catchy, memorable, easy to pronounce, and sets you apart from the competitors.

Don’t forget to conduct a trademark for your business and purchase your own domain through a site such as GoDaddy. 

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