189 R&B Playlist Names (BEST Ideas)

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It’s no secret that R&B music is one of the most popular genres of music out there. Its soulful sounds and beautiful melodies make it easy to see why so many people love it.

But if you’re looking to create the perfect R&B playlist, you’ll need a catchy title to go along with it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best R&B playlist names.

From cool and creative to fun and funny, you’re sure to find something perfect for your next mix.

So, if you’re ready to create the perfect soundtrack for your next party or chill night in, take a look at these amazing R&B playlist names and get inspired!

Best R&B Playlist Names

From classic hits to new favorites, these fun and creative titles will inspire your next mix.

  1. Love & Soul – The perfect mix of love songs and old-school classics.
  2. Midnight Grooves – A smooth soundtrack for a long night ahead.
  3. R&B Royalty – All the greats: from Marvin Gaye to Rihanna.
  4. Slow Jams – Take it slow with this collection of soulful tunes.
  5. Just the 90s – Feelin’ nostalgic? This playlist will take you back!
  6. Best of Both Worlds – A combination of classic hits and modern bops!
  7. Sweet Melodies – Kick back and relax with this soothing mix of music.
  8. Get Ready to Dance – Turn up the volume and get your groove on!
  9. Soulful Sunday – A collection of soulful tracks to keep you going into the night.
  10. Chill & Groove – Unwind with these mellow vibes.
  11. Motivation Mix – Get up and get moving with this energizing playlist!
  12. R&B Classics – The most iconic songs from the golden age of music.
  13. Star-Studded – All your favorite artists, all in one place!
  14. Smooth Jazz – Enjoy a relaxing evening with this smooth jazz selection.
  15. Pop Meets R&B – Find out how pop and R&B come together in perfect harmony!
  16. Throwback Hits – Take a trip down memory lane with these classic jams.
  17. Love in the Air – Perfect for date night or just some quality time alone!
  18. Hype Jamz – Get hyped up with this collection of high-energy bops.
  19. Late-Night Vibes – Keep the party going all night long!
  20. Tropical Rhythm – Escape to paradise with this tropical beat selection.
  21. Pure Passion – Feel the emotion of every song in this passionate mix!
  22. Pop & R&B Fusion – Tune into an exciting mix of two genres that blend seamlessly.
  23. R&B Divas – Celebrate some female vocal power with this R&B divas playlist.
  24. Smooth Soul Grooves – Enjoy a soulful mix of mellow and inviting sounds.
  25. Dance All Night – Get ready for serious booty-shaking with this danceable selection!
  26. Energize Your Mood – Feel your mood lift as you move to these upbeat songs!
  27. Nostalgic Mix – Remember the good old days with a collection of classic hits from the 90s and 2000s.
  28. Love Songs Expressions – Show someone how much you care with these romantic melodies!
  29. Perfect Party Tunes – Let the music do the talking as guests get down to this fun selection!

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Good Names For An R&B Playlist

Whether you’re throwing a party or just looking to jam out while doing chores, having the perfect R&B playlist is essential.

Here’s a list of good names for an R&B playlist that will make your music selection stand out from the crowd.

  1. Super Soulful
  2. Smooth Groovin’
  3. Classic Motown
  4. Timeless Treasures
  5. Old School Hits
  6. Groovetrain Express
  7. Vibin’ Out
  8. Swoon-worthy Selections
  9. Shakin’ It Up
  10. Golden Era Jams
  11. Soulful Saturdays
  12. Saturday Night Specials
  13. All That Jazz
  14. Sexy Slow Jams
  15. Feel-good Faves
  16. Ooh, La La!
  17. R&B Mixology
  18. The Ultimate Chill
  19. Back to the Basics
  20. Best of Both Worlds
  21. A Little Bit of Everything
  22. Off The Beaten Path
  23. Fearless Funkiness
  24. Cool & Collected
  25. A Night Out With R&B
  26. Get Down Tonight
  27. Laid Back & Luxe
  28. Hip Hop Heaven
  29. Retro Revival
  30. Jazz Meets Soul
  31. Soft & Sensual
  32. Tempting Tunes
  33. Timeless Tracks
  34. Sultry Selections
  35. Sweet & Spicy
  36. Slow Jam Sunday
  37. Keep It Movin’
  38. Disco Delight
  39. Let’s Get Funky
  40. Dynamite Dynamite
  41. Shake Your Booty
  42. Let’s Get Groovin’
  43. Let’s Hear It For The Oldies
  44. Late Night Lullabies
  45. Urban Oasis
  46. Soul Train
  47. Classic Cuts
  48. Chillin

Cute Names For An R&B Playlist

Music has a special place in our hearts, and for many, R&B music is at the top of the list. 

Whether you’re looking for something to groove to or something to relax with, R&B has it all. 

Finding just the right playlist name can be tough, so here’s a list of cute names for an R&B playlist you can choose from!

  1. Feel Good Vibes
  2. Smooth Soulful Tunes
  3. Groovalicious Grooves
  4. Soulful Serenades
  5. Euphoric Melodies
  6. Rhythmic Rhymes
  7. Sensual Symphonies
  8. Calming Covers
  9. Fabulous Funkiness
  10. Cool Chords & Beats
  11. Jazzified Jams
  12. Uplifting Urban Tracks
  13. Cheerful Choruses
  14. Serene Songs & Rhythms
  15. Sweet & Slow Tempos
  16. Sentimental Showtunes
  17. Bluesy Ballads
  18. Divine Diva Anthems
  19. Poignant Pop Tunes
  20. Lovely Love Songs
  21. Motivating Mood Music
  22. Sweet Soulful Sounds
  23. Classic Crooners & Chanteuses
  24. Swaggin’ Slow Jams
  25. Soothing Serenades & Tracks
  26. Magical Music For Lovers
  27. Sexy Slow Jams
  28. Vibrant Vibes & Grooves
  29. Joyful Jams For All Occasions
  30. Rockin’ R&B Hits
  31. Refreshing Rhythm & Blues
  32. Relaxing RnB

Cool Names For An R&B Playlist

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for cool names for an R&B playlist.

From Disco Elysium to Keep on Walking to Back When R&B, our list of cool names for an R&B playlist is sure to provide plenty of ideas.

  1. Groovy Goodness
  2. Midnight Vibes
  3. R&B Delights
  4. Dynamite Dance Tunes
  5. Smooth Serenades
  6. Boogie Beats & Ballads
  7. Sensational Soulful Sounds
  8. Lively Love Songs
  9. Uplifting Urban Jams
  10. Glorious Gospel Music
  11. Feel-Good Funk tracks
  12. Relaxing Reggae Rhythms
  13. Melodic Motown Magic
  14. Classic Country Comfort
  15. Dazzling Dancehall Delights
  16. Eclectic Electronic Tunes
  17. Bright & Breezy Pop Tracks
  18. Hip & Hop Delights
  19. Jammin’ Jazz Rhythms
  20. Soulful Ska Stompers
  21. Sweet Soul Sensations
  22. Soothing Slow Jams

Unique Names For An R&B Playlist

If you’re looking for something a bit different when it comes to your R&B playlists, then this list of 10 unique names is just what you need.

From old-school throwbacks to modern classics, each of these playlist names has its own special flavor that will make your music stand apart from the rest.

Here are some of the best ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Midnight Grooves – Get ready to take a late-night R&B cruise.
  2. Jam Session – Let the music take you away with this eclectic mix.
  3. Soulful Sunday – Start your week off right with this soulful selection.
  4. Disco Elysium – Take a trip down memory lane with this classic throwback.
  5. Keep on Walking – Relive the good ol’ days with this upbeat playlist.
  6. Back When R&B – A tribute to the golden age of rhythm and blues.
  7. Pleasant Era – Enjoy a sweet and mellow musical journey through time.
  8. Coffee Break – Get your daily dose of R&B with this chill mix.
  9. Ultimate 90’s R&B – A blast from the past for all the 90s kids out there!
  10. Smooth Operators – Let your worries fade away and relax with some smooth tunes.

Creative Names For An R&B Playlist

Look no further if you’re looking for a creative name for your R&B playlist! 

We’ve compiled some of the most creative and unique names to give your R&B playlist the perfect title. 

From classic hits to modern bangers, this list will give you the inspiration you need to make your perfect R&B playlist.

  1. Soulful Symphonies
  2. Smooth Grooves & Vibes
  3. All The Best R&B Hits
  4. Get Your Groove On
  5. Get Ready To Jam
  6. All-Time Classics
  7. Old School Anthems
  8. Feel Good Beats
  9. Lovers’ Lane
  10. Rhythm & Blues Paradise
  11. True R&B Lovers Unite
  12. Sweet Soul Music
  13. Feelin’ Good Vibes
  14. The Ultimate Throwback Party
  15. Slow Jamz For The Soul
  16. Making A Comeback
  17. Hot & Fresh R&B Tunes
  18. Love & Music Combined
  19. Old School Meets New School
  20. Get Your Shine On
  21. Jams For All Occasions
  22. A Collection Of Love Songs
  23. Feel Good Sounds Of The South
  24. R&B Oasis
  25. Endless Grooves & Rhythms
  26. Get Down With The Classics
  27. Soulful Sensations
  28. A Journey Through Rhythm & Blues
  29. Take Me Back To The ’90s
  30. A Tribute To Old School Music 31 Sweet Soulful Sounds
  31. Feelin’ Good Music
  32. Room Full Of Memories
  33. Sweet Nothings

Funny Names For An R&B Playlist

From old-school classics to modern bops, R&B music is a staple in any music lover’s collection.

If you’re looking for a fun way to share your favorite tunes with friends and family, why not create an R&B playlist?

To help inspire you, here are 25 funny names for an R&B playlist.

  1. Bopper Bangers
  2. Soulful Saturdays
  3. Groovy Goodness
  4. Electric Ecstasy
  5. Smooth Criminal Jams
  6. Motown Madness
  7. Disco Divas
  8. Soul Survivors
  9. Baby Maker Beats
  10. Oh, My Love Songs
  11. Twerk-tastic Tunes
  12. Jamming Jukebox Heroes
  13. Hip Hop Honeys
  14. Funkalicious Flava
  15. Booty Shakin’ Blasters
  16. Sweet Seduction Sounds
  17. Lovey Dovey Lyrics
  18. All Aboard the Love Train
  19. Old School Rhythms
  20. Heartbreak Hotel Hits
  21. Don’t Stop Believin’ Jams
  22. Bootylicious Ballads
  23. Moonlight Melodies
  24. Saturday Night Sensations
  25. Soulful Serenades


When creating the perfect R&B playlist, the name is just as important as what songs you decide to include.

It should reflect not only the type of music but also your personality. With this in mind, it can be difficult to come up with a list of names that fit the bill.

Luckily, this article has provided some of the best names for an R&B playlist. No matter what kind of vibe you’re trying to create with your R&B playlist, these ideas should help to inspire you. 

Whether you’re looking for something serious or silly, there’s a name here that is perfect for any situation. So go ahead and get creative with your own personalized R&B playlist!

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