189+ Theme Park Names (BEST Ideas For Your Amusement Park)

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Wacky and silly or spooky and mystical, theme parks are seemingly a staple of childhood that adults often enjoy as well. After all, who hasn’t heard of Walt Disney World Resort and Hersheyland?

Theme parks occupy cities throughout the United States as well as in other countries throughout the globe, and the internet is fraught with haunting images of abandoned theme parks, emphasizing their iconic presence in modern life.

Find the perfect name for your theme park in our ultimate guide. Choose from straightforward monikers such as County Line Amusement Park to more creative options like Alice in Forestland Park.

Read on to learn more! 

Best Theme Park Names

  1. BubbleWorks Park – Bubbles are all the rage when it comes to outdoor children’s entertainment, so what’s better than creating an entire theme park centered around bubbles?
  2. Gumball’s Adventure Park
  3. Mazetown Adventure Park
  4. Kiddie Korner – An alliterative name can help make your business more memorable. 
  5. Puzzleland Park
  6. Miles of Smiles Amusement Park
  7. Neverland Adventure Park – Named for Peter Pan and his wild adventures. 
  8. Sky’s the Limit Adventure Park – With a name like this, awesome roller coasters are a must! 
  9. Red Apple Adventures
  10. Explore Adventure Park 
  11. Tiny Adventurers Play Park
  12. Fun Time Adventure Park
  13. Little Explorers Amusement Park
  14. Laughs and Giggles Play Park
  15. Summer Rush Water Park – What’s more relaxing in the summertime than water?
  16. Super Adventure Amusement Park
  17. Dinosaur Park
  18. Winter Wonderland Play Park – Perfect for regions with a lot of snow in the winter! 
  19. Dino-RAWR Adventure Park
  20. Sparkle Fun Adventure Park – The name of this park implies crafts or fireworks – two successful themes that would make any park a must-see for families.
  21. Dinosaur Valley Park
  22. Sky Adventure Park
  23. Exploration Depo Amusement Park
  24. Nature Explorers Outdoor Arena
  25. Nature’s Wonders Nature Park

Good Names For A Theme Park

  1. Wacky Land Adventures
  2. Sandy Land Beachscape
  3. Galaxy Quest Galactic Adventures – Great for a theme park that’s out of this world! 
  4. Star Valley Amusement Park
  5. Sandy Safari Beach Park
  6. Wild Zoo Animal Park 
  7. Ferris Fun Theme Park
  8. The Jungle Zone Climbing Gym
  9. Kid City Adventure Zone
  10. Phantom Phase Adventure Park
  11. Ghost Fire Adventure Park
  12. Northern Lights Carousel
  13. Desert Oasis Water Park
  14. Ocean Zone Water Park
  15. Summer Paradise Splash Pad

Cute Theme Park Names

  1. Penguin Adventure Park
  2. Polka Dot Park
  3. Busy Bees Play Park
  4. PBJ Park – Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are synonymous with childhood and a perfect name for a theme park. 
  5. Happy Fun Joy Theme Park
  6. Butterfly Fun Park
  7. Sunshine ‘N Rain Play Park
  8. The cat‘s Meow Amusement Park
  9. Toddler Time Adventure Park
  10. Bees’ Knees Amusement Park
  11. Pat the Bunny Animal Park 
  12. Doodlebugs Nature Park
  13. Little Fish Water Park
  14. Candy Land Play Park
  15. Shark Park – This name works great for either a water park or an aquarium. 

Funny Names For A Theme Park

  1. Splash ‘N Crash Water Park – While this makes for a clever theme park name, we hope the park’s visitors don’t take it literally! 
  2. Lolli ; Pops Amusement Park
  3. Flying Saucers Amusement Park 
  4. Splashtown Water Park
  5. Beast Mode Adventure Park
  6. Scares ; Shadows Haunted Adventures – A great Halloween-themed amusement park for some scary fun! 
  7. Candy Apple Adventures
  8. Wild West World – Theme parks with an Old West Theme have been popular and don’t show any signs of decreasing in demand.
  9. Guns, Guys, ; Gals Paintball Range
  10. Spark It Science Park
  11. Hop Frog Nature Park
  12. Duck Mountain Adventure Zone
  13. Fun Junction
  14. Little Tadpoles Swim Park
  15. Leaping Lizards Trampoline Park

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Unique Names For A Theme Park

  1. Strawberry Fields Nature Park
  2. Swashbucklers Adventure Park – One of the many entries on our list with a pirate theme – and who can blame us?
  3. Giant Adventures
  4. Holiday Retreat Amusement Park
  5. Sweet Potato Junction Play Zone
  6. Secret Garden Nature Park
  7. Happy Valley Adventure Park
  8. Wildcat Nature Park
  9. Tater Tot Play Zone
  10. Topiary Gardens Nature Zone
  11. Elysian Fields Nature Park
  12. Star Zone Adventure Park
  13. Monster Land Amusement Park
  14. Fish Factory Water Park
  15. Mermaid ; Squid Water Park

Catchy Theme Park Names

  1. Waterfall Outdoor Park
  2. Chuckle-berry Play Park
  3. Paradise Play Park
  4. Blue Sky Amusement Park
  5. Mad Town Amusements
  6. Hooray for Fun Amusement Park
  7. Riverside Ranch Nature Park
  8. By the Beach Amusement Park
  9. Run ‘N Splash Water Park
  10. Slippery Slide Amusement Park
  11. Astral Mountain Fun Zone
  12. Jellybean Play Place
  13. Sandy Sandals Beach Park
  14. Awesomez Adventure Park
  15. Skip ‘N Jump Fun Zone

Cool Theme Park Names

  1. Rock ‘N Rollercoasters
  2. Xtreme Fun Adventure Park
  3. Fangs ; Whiskers Animal Park
  4. Fantastic Forest Outdoor Park
  5. Twisted Typhoon Water Park
  6. Magic Forest Outdoor Park
  7. Wild Fair
  8. Cyclone Water Park
  9. Splash Zone Water Park
  10. Zootopia Animal Park
  11. Aquamarine Water Park
  12. Mad Hatter’s Teatime Adventures
  13. Splash-Topia Water Park
  14. Roller ; Coast Amusement Park 
  15. Alien Killerz Arcade

Badass Names For A Theme Park

  1. Iron Castle Amusement Park
  2. Rattlesnake Jake’s Theme Park
  3. Thor’s Hammer Amusement Park – We imagine this memorable name would be perfect for an amusement park with a Viking or Norse theme.
  4. Blackbeard’s Treasure Trove – Naming an amusement park after a notorious pirate is generally a smart move. Who can forget the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, complete with live flames and a darkened waterfall? 
  5. Black Knight Adventures
  6. Haunted Castle Amusement Park
  7. Skyworld Rollercoasters
  8. CreepWorld Haunted Adventures
  9. Sights ; Frights Halloween Park
  10. Mystic Kingdom 
  11. Iron Sides Wild West Adventures
  12. Coral Reef Water Park
  13. Rocket Riderz Amusement Park – Using the letter “z” instead of “s” at the end of a word catches your audience’s attention and makes your theme park name more memorable. 
  14. Zombie Soda Gaming Arcade
  15. Snorkel City Water World

Famous Theme Park Names

  1. Monster Park – This real garden is in Italy and has several statues of giants and monsters hidden amongst the trees. Among some of its most famous statues include dragons, ogres, and fairies. 
  2. Six Flags Over Georgia – As the title suggests, this enormous theme park is located near Atlanta, Georgia, and is known as the thrill capital of the South.
  3. Legoland
  4. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – Arguably the most famous amusement park. 
  5. SeaWorld Orlando
  6. Aquaventure Waterpark – This international chain of water parks has locations in the United States, Europe, and even the Bahamas and Dubai. 
  7. Efteling – Located in the Netherlands. 
  8. Tivoli Gardens – While it may initially sound Italian, this famous amusement park is – in fact – located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  9. Universal Studios
  10. Carowinds – This enormous amusement park sits on the border between North and South Carolina and is one of the most popular attractions for families in the Southern states. 
  11. Gardaland – Located in Italy, Gardaland is considered Italy’s number one amusement park and resort. 
  12. Europa Park – This German theme park is the largest in the country and the second most popular theme park in Europe – second only to Disneyland Paris. 
  13. Gold Reef City – Located in Johannesburg, Gold Reef City is built on the site of a gold mine that closed in 1971. The buildings in the theme park are designed to resemble the 1880s when the gold rush first began. 
  14. Disneyland
  15. Alton Towers – This unique theme park located in Staffordshire, England, offers stargazing pods as one of its many attractions. 

Fantasy Theme Park Names

  1. Fairyland Park
  2. Wizards ‘N Warriors Fun Park
  3. Narnia’s Secret Adventure Land
  4. Dragon’s Fire Adventure Park
  5. Magic Tortoise Adventures
  6. Rainbow Unicorn Play Park
  7. Magic Crystal Wonderland
  8. Kids’ Kastle Adventure Land
  9. Fairy Land
  10. Enchanted Oak Fantasy Adventure Park
  11. Dragon’s Lair Play Place
  12. Pirates Cove Treasure Island
  13. Dragon Land 
  14. Mystic Castle Adventure Land
  15. World of Wonder Amusement Park

Animal Theme Park Names

  1. Panda Paradise Park
  2. Monkey Kingdom
  3. Pony Paradise Ranch
  4. Lazy Lizard Animal Kingdom
  5. Fantastic fox Nature Park
  6. Silly Snakes Play Park
  7. Bad Kitty Amusement Park
  8. Kangaroo Jack Adventure Park
  9. Wild Wolf Nature Park
  10. Golden Lion Adventure Park
  11. Blue Fish Water Park ; Splash Pad
  12. Puma Park Outdoor Adventures
  13. Green Grasshopper Outdoor Park
  14. Turtle Time Amusement Park
  15. Ladybug Lane Play Park 

Real Names of Theme Parks

  1. Tokyo Disney Resort – As its name suggests, this branch of the Disney chain is in Tokyo, Japan, and opened in 2001.
  2. The Prater – Officially known as the Wurstelprater but known to most as simply “The Prater,” one of the most awe-inducing attractions in this Austria-based theme park is an enormous Ferris wheel dating back to 1897. 
  3. Puy Du Fou – This historical French theme park welcomes more than 2 million visitors annually and is one of the most popular theme parks in France. 
  4. Paultons Park – The full title of this park is Paultons Park Home of Peppa Pig World and is located in the UK. It is voted one of the best theme parks for families in Europe and is home to Peppa Pig World – based off the popular UK children’s show. 
  5. Grönalund – Don’t let the small size of this theme park, located in Stockholm, Sweden, fool you. It has some of the most exhilarating attractions in Scandinavia. 
  6. La Ronde – This theme park is located in Quebec and is a great place for both adults and children. 
  7. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  8. Cedar Point – Located near Cleveland, Ohio, Cedar Point has the unique honor of being one of the largest amusement parks in the world, with over 150 world-class rides including some of the world’s biggest and most complex roller coasters.
  9. Berjaya Times Square Theme Park – This Malaysian theme park offers a wide range of attractions, including a kids’ fantasy garden and the Fantasy Labyrinth – the world’s first and only crocheted playground.
  10. Port Adventura – This popular theme park is the largest in Spain and the third largest in Europe.
  11. Ferrari Land – Part of Port Adventura, Ferrari Land is everything you’d expect from a theme park named after a luxury Italian car brand.
  12. Walibi Holland – Located in the Netherlands, Walibi offers roller coasters as well as endless attractions for small children.
  13. Cliff’s Amusement Park – This amusement park is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the US, and has one of the country’s last wooden roller coasters. 
  14. Six Flags Magic Mountain – Part of the Six Flags franchise, the Magic Mountain branch is in Los Angeles, California.
  15. Happy Valley – This amusement park is in Beijing, China.

Theme Park Naming Tips

While the possibilities for naming your theme park are seemingly endless, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when finding that perfect name.

  • Fun – first and foremost, theme park names should imply fun and thrills. 
  • Types of rides – are you a water park? A standard amusement park with roller coasters and bumper cars? Or are you a nature park with real animals and wildlife? Make sure your customer knows this from your title. 
  • Age – be sure to communicate your key demographic in your name. Alien Killerz Video Arcade, for example, is likely geared towards teenaged or preteen kids while Little Tadpoles Swim Park is for toddlers and young children. 
  • Easy to remember – make sure your name isn’t too complicated. Keep spelling simple and make it something original. 
  • Availability – to make sure your name is available, check out a domain site like GoDaddy. There are plenty of amusement park name generators online that can help with inspiration. 


Theme park name ideas are plentiful, but choosing a great name for your amusement park should take careful consideration.

From the silly to the scary and everything in between, we hope we’ve helped you find some great amusement park name ideas and get a start on choosing your perfect name!

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