Wolf Names (Cool, Cute, & Funny Ideas For Males And Females)

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The wolf is one of nature’s most beloved creatures. With its majestic howl, loyalty to its pack, and cool aloofness, it is no surprise why wolves have such an impact on art, media, and pop culture.

But with such an incredible animal, an equally incredible name must go with it. Whether you’re naming a baby, a character, a pet, or simply choosing a nickname that reflects your admiration for this indomitable creature, this article has all the best wolf names to choose from.

Find the perfect name for your great wolf below.

Best Wolf Names

1. Mowgli 

This name is from the protagonist of the Disney classic The Jungle Book, a young boy who was lost in the forest as a baby and raised by wolves. 

2. Fang

This succinct name is a great choice for a fierce dog. 

3. Loki

Named for the trickster god of Norse mythology, this name is perfect for a mischievous and spirited pup. 

4. Shadow

Indicating both darkness and silence, this name works on two levels and works well for a quieter dog with dark fur. 

5. Arctic 

A great choice for a Siberian husky, this name brings to mind images of ice and snow. 

6. Silver

A great name for a grey-furred companion! 

7. Hunter 

This straightforward name pays homage to your furry companion’s ancestors. 

8. Storm

A cool name that evokes images of thunderclouds and lightning, you can’t go wrong with this powerful name. 

9. Alaska

This rugged name honors the Last Frontier and its untamed wilderness. 

10. Nero

A great choice for history lovers, this name comes from the notorious Roman emperor who played the lyre while Rome burned. If your canine is particularly vain or finicky, this is the name for you!

11. Adolphus

This powerful name is German for “noble wolf” and works not only as a name for a dog, but for a child, as well. Especially if you have German heritage. 

12. Rogue 

Perfect for independent dogs who live life off the beaten path!

13. Titan

Certainly a strong name, “Titan” evokes imagery from the ancient Greek creation myth. 

14. Twilight

A peaceful name that also denotes darkness and shadows, this is a great choice for astronomy lovers and campers alike. 

15. Nomad

A name meaning “wanderer,” Nomad would be a great name for a travel-loving dog who loves to camp and join you on the hiking trail. 

16. Inuit

This name honors one of the primary indigenous peoples of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. 

17. Bandit

This name, meaning “thief,” is a good choice for a mischeivous canine who doesn’t think twice before snatching food off your plate or from the trash!

18. Montana

This rugged name evokes images of mountains and wilderness. 

19. Dakota

Another state name on our list, a perfect name for those who love to travel. 

20. Midnight

This name has a supernatural vibe to it and brings to mind the iconic wolf howling at the full moon. 

21. Whisper

A pretty name for a hunting dog. 

22. Susi

This name means “wolf” in Finnish. 

23. Indigo

24. Thor

You can’t go wrong with Thor, the Norse god of thunder. 

25. Odin

From Norse mythology, Odin was the god of all gods. 

26. Cerberus  

This fierce three-headed dog from Norse mythology is a great choice for a fierce guard dog. 

27. Tsar

Russian for “king” or “emperor,” this particularly noble name is great for your majestic companion. 

28. Sparta

Named for an ancient Greek city, famed for its fierce warriors. 

29. Alpha

A straightforward name for a dominant dog. 

30. Conan

Named for the infamous barbarian. 

31. Totem

This name evokes ancient times when dogs were first domesticated from wild wolves and lived alongside humans in caves. 

32. Rune

33. Lupus

34. Volk

A Russian word meaning “wolf.”

35. Lucifer

If the Biblical connotations don’t turn you off from this name, this is a great name for a fictional wolf character – especially an antagonist. 

36. Blaze

This fiery name would be perfect for a red-furred or spirited companion. 

37. Anubis

Named for the ancient Egyptian god with the head of a jackal. 

38. Apollo

39. Aztec

A fierce ancient Mesoamerican society. 

40. Major

A dignified name, great for the companion of a military family. 

41. Flare

42. Shere Khan

The villainous tiger from The Jungle Book. 

43. Akela

The leader of the wolf pack in The Jungle Book and Mowgli’s adoptive father.

44. Sable

Means “black” in heraldry terms.

45. Caesar

The famous ancient Roman general, is also the surname of the ancient Roman ruling class. Julius Caesar also famously married Cleopatra, the iconic Egyptian queen. 

46. Ptolemy

Ancient Egyptian astronomer, mathematician, and geographer of Greek descent. 

47. Hercules

Named for a famous ancient Greek demigod. 

48. Beowulf

The eponymous hero in a famous Old English epic poem.

49. Raksha

A female wolf in The Jungle Book, Mowgli’s adopted mother. 

50. Leonidas

This name belonged to the famous Spartan king who led the 300 Spartan soldiers against the Persian army at Thermopylae.

This is a great name if you are a fan of sword and sandal movies. While the name begins with “Leo,” which denotes lions, this is a perfect name for a particularly fluffy dog – especially the Chow Chow, a breed famed for its golden mane. 

Female Wolf Names

1. Lupa

Latin for “female wolf,” this is also the legendary she-wolf who raised Remus and Romulus, the fabled founders of Rome.

2. Sierra

A rugged and feminine name for your little cowgirl.

3. Leia

Like the famous princess in Star Wars. 

4. Alpine

5. Raven 

6. Luna

Like the goddess of the moon, great for a white or light-colored wolf or dog. 

7. Zelda

8. Katniss

For the fierce and courageous protagonist of The Hunger Games. 

9. Lillith

Means “ghost” in Hebrew

10. Boudica 

The ancient Anglo-Saxon queen who famously stood up against the Roman intruders.

11. River

12. Rain

13. Aphrodite

The Greek goddess of love and beauty.  

14. Artemis 

Honor your furry companion’s inner huntress by giving her the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt. 

15. Kiyaya

The Yakima word for “howling wolf.”

Gray wolf

Male Wolf Names

1. Phelan

Indian for “joyful little wolf.”

2. Dolph

A Swedish name meaning “noble wolf.”

3. Ralph 

Comes from the Old Norse word for “wise wolf.”

4. Hemming

“Werewolf” in Old Norse

5. Ardolph

Old English for “home-loving wolf.”

6. Randolph

An Anglo-Saxon name meaning “shield wolf.”

7. Wolfgang

This powerful name is perfect for a baby boy and means “path of the wolf” in German.  

8. Faolan

This Irish name means “little wolf.”

9. Lowell

This common surname is of Old French origin and means “young wolf.” Also works as a first name. 

10. Rudolfo

A name of both Spanish and German origin, meaning “glorious/famous wolf.” 

11. Raoul

Means “red wolf” in Old English. 

12. Lyall

This unusual name has Old Norse origins and means “shield wolf.” 

13. Bardulf

This Old English name has two meanings: “bright wolf” and “axe-wielding wolf.” 

14. Acwulf

Means “wolf from the oak meadows” in German. 

15. Ragnar

Named for the fierce Viking invader Ragnar Lothbrok.

Funny Wolf Names (Including Puns)

Looking for some good wolf monikers that will make you smile every time you say the name out loud? Look no further:

1. Timber

A straightforward name that is perfect for a timber wolf.

2. Chewy

Great for a furry companion from whom you can never keep your pillows safe! 

3. Wolfman Jack

Named for the famous American disc jockey who was prominent in the 1970s.

4. Porkchop

A great choice for a pup who loves to eat!

5. Snoopy

After the beloved Peanuts beagle. 

6. Howler

What a wolf does best. 

7. Harry

8. Steppenwolf

A famous hard rock band from the 1960s and 1970s, first coined the term “heavy metal.”

9. Tinkerbell

A pretty name for your furry female canine. 

10. Rubble

Named for the lovable bulldog in the kids’ show, Paw Patrol. A great name choice for a family dog

Unique Wolf Names

1. Adalwulfa

German for “noble she wolf” this is a powerful name for a baby girl, especially if your family has some German lineage. 

2. Velvel

A name of Yiddish origin meaning “wolf.”

3. Ivailo

This Bulgarian name means “wolf.” 

4. Godiva

A famous noblewoman in Anglo-Saxon history, now the name of a prominent high-end chocolate company. 

5. Jupiter

6. Alabaster

7. Baskerville

From the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Hound of the Baskervilles.” 

8. Hugo

9. Xerxes

10. Amethyst

Cool Wolf Names

Looking for some cool ideas? Check out these names perfect for males and females:

1. Fenrir

From Norse mythology. 

2. Geri

From Norse mythology, one of Odin’s two domestic companions. 

3. Maleficent

4. Clove

5. Warg

Means “evil” in Old English. 

6. Skoll

7. Varg

8. Freki

From Norse mythology, one of Odin’s two domestic companions.  

9. Tex

10. Fleur 

Means “flower” in French. 

Cute Wolf Names

1. Zeeb

2. Loup

French for “wolf.”

3. Wolfie

4. Croissant

5. Randi

6. Minsi

7. Goose

8. Wookie

A great choice for Star Wars fans. 

9. Pumpernickel

This cute name comes from a dark German bread with a distinct flavor. 

10. Tiramisu

A delicious and decadent dessert. 

Famous Wolf Names

Looking for the names of famous wolves? Here are some to pick from:

1. Nymeria

From Game of Thrones. 

2. Shaka

Named for the famous Zulu chieftain. 

3. Ghost

From Game of Thrones. 

4. Balto

A heroic dog in Alaskan history. 

5. Othello

The protagonist from the famous Shakespeare tragedy of the same name.

6. Daenerys

From Game of Thrones. 

7. Remus Lupin

From Harry Potter. 

8. White Fang

From the Jack London novel of the same name. 

9. Grey Wind

From Game of Thrones. 

10. Gmork

From The Never-ending Story. 

Wolf Name Inspiration

Whether you are choosing a name for a baby, a dog, a character, or something else entirely, the names on this list are inspired by wolves. These creatures have become synonymous with power and strength. 

Help Choosing The Right Name

When choosing a baby name, names that have wolf in their meanings are always strong and powerful. When choosing a name, consider your heritage and whether the name would be a great fit for your child that you won’t regret later down the road. 

When naming a dog, dogs are the closest known relatives of the wolf, with many species (such as Huskies, Akitas, and many German Shepherds) bearing a striking resemblance to their wild ancestors. Many prefer to choose a name that honors their dog’s majestic lineage, while others prefer something a little more lighthearted or fun.


While this list contains many helpful suggestions for names inspired by the majestic and iconic wild wolf, it doesn’t by any means include all of them.

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