XCOM 2 Hero Names: BEST Picks!

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Have you ever wanted to create an unforgettable hero in the world of XCOM 2?

Well, you’re in luck.

In this article, not only will we dive into some amazing XCOM 2 hero name ideas, but we’ll also discuss how these names can shape your gameplay experience.

So keep reading and get ready to assemble the ultimate alien-fighting team!

Section 1: Best XCOM 2 Hero Names

1-25 Best Names

  1. Sid Meier – Legendary game designer and creator of the Civilization series.
  2. Peter Van Doorn – A nod to the beloved character from XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
  3. Beaglerush – Known for their popular Ironman Impossible YouTube series.
  4. Godfather – A classic homage to the legendary film.
  5. Grenadier – Referring to the powerful soldier class in XCOM 2 specializing in explosives.
  6. Super Soldier – Paying tribute to the extraordinary abilities of XCOM soldiers.
  7. Psi Operative – For soldiers with incredible psychic powers.
  8. EDI – Inspired by the popular AI character from the Mass Effect series.
  9. Alien Hunter – In acknowledgment of the soldiers’ primary goal to eliminate aliens.
  10. XCOM Commander – The overall guiding force of the XCOM project.
  11. Nick Fury – Borrowed from the iconic Marvel character.
  12. Iron Man – Another fantastic Marvel name for your soldiers.
  13. John Wick – An homage to the legendary hitman.
  14. Doom Slayer – A name inspired by the protagonist of the DOOM series.
  15. BlueXephos – As a tribute to the well-known gaming YouTubers.
  16. Samus Aran – The lead character of the Metroid series.
  17. Commander Shepard – Borrowed from the Mass Effect series.
  18. Max Payne – From the popular action video game series of the same name.
  19. Ellen Ripley – A tribute to the main character of the Alien franchise.
  20. Judge Dredd – A nod to the iconic comic book character.
  21. Ezio Auditore – Inspired by the Assassin’s Creed protagonist.
  22. Aloy – To honor the lead character from Horizon Zero Dawn.
  23. Kratos – The fearsome protagonist of the God of War series.
  24. Lara Croft – The star of the Tomb Raider franchise.
  25. Geralt of Rivia – The main character from the Witcher series.

26-50 Best Names

  1. Wanderer – Inspired by the mysterious protagonist of Shadow of the Colossus.
  2. DualShock – A clever pun on the popular PlayStation controller.
  3. Chell – The main character from the Portal series.
  4. Wedge Antilles – A character from the Star Wars universe.
  5. Ada Wong – The enigmatic character of the Resident Evil series.
  6. Sole Survivor – In reference to the protagonist of Fallout 4.
  7. Dogmeat – An homage to a beloved companion from the Fallout series.
  8. Snake Plissken – The unforgettable character from the Escape film series.
  9. The Boss – The shadowy figure from the Metal Gear Solid series.
  10. Sarah Kerrigan – A powerful character from the Starcraft franchise.
  11. Marcus Fenix – The main protagonist from the Gears of War series.
  12. Captain Price – From the popular military shooter Call of Duty series.
  13. Cloud Strife – The character from the renowned Final Fantasy VII.
  14. Nathan Drake – The treasure hunter protagonist from the Uncharted series.
  15. Max Rockatansky – The iconic character from the Mad Max film franchise.
  16. Bayonetta – Named after the titular character of the hack-and-slash game series.
  17. Unnamed Hero – A mysterious nod to various unnamed characters in gaming.
  18. Sam Fisher – From the stealth-action Splinter Cell series.
  19. Link – The legendary protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series.
  20. Cortana – An AI character from the Halo franchise.
  21. Master Chief – The central character from the Halo series.
  22. Artyom – The protagonist from the Metro game series.
  23. Alex Mercer – The powerful character of the Prototype games.
  24. John-117 – The full name of the Master Chief character from the Halo series.
  25. Adam Jensen – The primary character from the Deus Ex series.

Section 2: Good XCOM 2 Hero Names

1-25 Good Names

In this section, you’ll find Hero Name Ideas inspired by movies, fiction, video game characters, and more. These names can be used for your XCOM 2 soldiers to make them feel like true heroes.

  1. Ripley (Alien)
  2. Wall-E (Wall-E)
  3. Darth Vader (Star Wars)
  4. Katniss (The Hunger Games)
  5. Maximus (Gladiator)
  6. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
  7. Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)
  8. Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)
  9. Ellie (The Last of Us)
  10. Geralt (The Witcher)
  11. Captain Kirk (Star Trek)
  12. Spock (Star Trek)
  13. Master Chief (Halo)
  14. Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
  15. Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
  16. John Wick (John Wick)
  17. Samus Aran (Metroid)
  18. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)
  19. Alex Mercer (Prototype)
  20. Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)
  21. Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed)
  22. Kratos (God of War)
  23. Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs)
  24. Arthur Morgan (Red Dead Redemption 2)
  25. Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV)

26-50 Good Names

Continuing with more inspiration for your XCOM 2 hero names, this next list includes some of the most iconic characters from various areas of entertainment, as well as some unique options from dark VIPs and other sources.

  1. Optimus Prime (Transformers)
  2. Jason Bourne (The Bourne Identity)
  3. Sarah Connor (Terminator)
  4. Agent 47 (Hitman)
  5. Cortana (Halo)
  6. Ada Wong (Resident Evil)
  7. Trevor Belmont (Castlevania)
  8. Morpheus (The Matrix)
  9. Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem)
  10. Ender Wiggin (Ender’s Game)
  11. Agent Mulder (The X-Files)
  12. Doctor Strange (Marvel)
  13. Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  14. Imperator Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road)
  15. King Leonidas (300)
  16. fox McCloud (Star Fox)
  17. Alucard (Castlevania)
  18. Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)
  19. Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us)
  20. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
  21. John-117 (Halo)
  22. Xenomorph (Alien)
  23. Corvo Attano (Dishonored)
  24. NCR Ranger (Fallout: New Vegas)
  25. Rorschach (Watchmen)

Feel free to use these names to inspire your soldiers in XCOM 2 or create your own unique combinations from the realms of movies, video games, and other forms of entertainment. Remember to have fun and be creative with your hero name ideas!

Section 3: Female XCOM 2 Hero Names

In this section, we’ll explore XCOM 2 hero name ideas for female soldiers.

1-25 Female Names

  1. Ava “A-Team” Armstrong
  2. Beatrix “Tactics” Tanner
  3. Camilla “Armor” Castillo
  4. Delia “A-Team” Donahue
  5. Ella “Tactics” Edwards
  6. Fiona “Armour” Fitzpatrick
  7. Grace “A-Team” Graham
  8. Hannah “Tactics” Hughes
  9. Isla “Armor” Ingram
  10. Jade “A-Team” Jones
  11. Kira “Tactics” Kennedy
  12. Lara “Armour” Lawson
  13. Maeve “A-Team” Mason
  14. Nina “Tactics” Nguyen
  15. Olivia “Armor” O’Reilly
  16. Piper “A-Team” Preston
  17. Quinn “Tactics” Quigley
  18. Rianna “Armour” Reid
  19. Stella “A-Team” Stephens
  20. Talia “Tactics” Thompson
  21. Uma “Armor” Underwood
  22. Violet “A-Team” Vaughn
  23. Wendy “Tactics” Walters
  24. Xena “Armour” Xanthos
  25. Yara “A-Team” Young

26-50 Female Names

  1. Zara “Tactics” Zamora
  2. Aria “Armor” Archer
  3. Bianca “A-Team” Benton
  4. Cassandra “Tactics” Collins
  5. Darcy “Armour” Dalton
  6. Elodie “A-Team” Ellis
  7. Freya “Tactics” Fisher
  8. Gabriella “Armor” Gray
  9. Harper “A-Team” Harper
  10. Isabella “Tactics” Isaacs
  11. Jess “Armour” Jensen
  12. Kendall “A-Team” Kent
  13. Lana “Tactics” Lawrence
  14. Maddie “Armor” Matthews
  15. Nadia “A-Team” Neal
  16. Ophelia “Tactics” Owens
  17. Paige “Armour” Pierce
  18. Queenie “A-Team” Quinn
  19. Riley “Tactics” Rivers
  20. Sasha “Armor” Santos
  21. Tamsin “A-Team” Taylor
  22. Ursula “Tactics” Unger
  23. Valentina “Armour” Vega
  24. Willow “A-Team” Williams
  25. Xiomara “Tactics” Xanthopoulos

Section 4: Male XCOM 2 Hero Names

In this section, we will explore some XCOM 2 Hero Name ideas for male characters.

1-25 Male Names

  1. John ‘Assault’ Smith: Perfect for an assault build ranger colonel.
  2. Conrad ‘Conceal’ Jackson: Fitting for a soldier with the conceal ability.
  3. Rapid ‘Rifleman’ Ryan: A great option for those with rapid fire skills.
  4. Michael ‘Tutorial’ Taylor: A fun nod to XCOM’s tutorial missions.
  5. Felix ‘Firaxis’ Fischer: A tribute to Firaxis Games, the developers of XCOM 2.
  6. Oliver ‘Overwatch’ Owens: An excellent name for a character with overwatch ability.
  7. Gerhard ‘German’ Gruber: Inspired by the German language and culture in XCOM 2.
  8. Christian ‘CRIT’ Cooper: A fantastic choice for soldiers with high critical hit chances.

(Do any of these names resonate with you so far?)

  1. Leon ‘Blademaster’ Black: Ideal for soldiers skilled in melee combat.
  2. Samuel ‘Sharpshooter’ Shaw: Suitable for sniper characters.
  3. Timothy ‘Tactical’ Turner: A solid option for soldiers with a tactical approach.
  4. Bradley ‘Blaster’ Barnes: Perfect for heavy weapon specialists.
  5. Vincent ‘Vanguard’ Vaughn: A great name for a frontline soldier.
  6. Wesley ‘Warrior’ Wright: Excellent for characters who excel in battle.
  7. Alexander ‘Ace’ Adams: Fitting for soldiers who are top performers.
  8. Nathan ‘Nightmare’ Nelson: Perfect for intimidating foes.

(Which of these hero names catch your attention?)

  1. Zachary ‘Zealot’ Zimmerman: Ideal for soldiers with a ruthless approach.
  2. Lucas ‘Lone Wolf’ Larson: Perfect for a character who works well independently.
  3. Tyler ‘Tactician’ Tate: A great choice for a strategic-minded character.
  4. Gregory ‘Grenadier’ Griffin: Fitting for soldiers specializing in explosives.
  5. Ivan ‘Infiltrator’ Irwin: A suitable name for a stealthy character.
  6. Matthew ‘Marksman’ Morris: Perfect for characters with exceptional aim.
  7. Elijah ‘Eagle Eye’ Evans: A great name for soldiers with enhanced vision.
  8. David ‘Demolition’ Doyle: Ideal for characters skilled in destruction.
  9. Aaron ‘Alpha’ Anderson: A strong name for a natural leader.

26-50 Male Names

  1. Victor ‘Viper’ Vaughn: Perfect for a soldier with deadly precision.
  2. Howard ‘Heavy’ Hayden: Fitting for a character who uses heavy weapons.
  3. Benjamin ‘Berserker’ Brooks: Suitable for a soldier with high aggression.

(Do these names match your characters’ abilities and attributes?)

  1. William ‘Whiplash’ Wallace: A fun name for a character with fast reflexes.
  2. Robert ‘Ranger’ Rhodes: Ideal for soldiers in the ranger class.
  3. Hugh ‘Havoc’ Howard: A great choice for characters causing chaos on the battlefield.
  4. Anthony ‘Annihilator’ Atkins: An excellent name for soldiers with destructive abilities.
  5. Peter ‘Predator’ Peters: Fitting for a soldier with an aggressive playstyle.
  6. Martin ‘Marauder’ Michaels: A suitable name for characters who excel in hit-and-run tactics.

(Which of these hero names do you find appealing?)

  1. George ‘Guardian’ Garcia: Perfect for a character in a defensive role.
  2. Kevin ‘Killer’ Kelley: A great fit for soldiers who rack up enemy kills.
  3. Simon ‘Silencer’ Sloan: A fun name for characters skilled in stealth.
  4. Joshua ‘Juggernaut’ Jackson: Ideal for soldiers who can withstand heavy damage.
  5. Alan ‘Assassin’ Abramson: An excellent name for characters skilled in taking out targets.
  6. Walter ‘Wrecker’ Wilson: Perfect for soldiers with a penchant for destruction.
  7. Carter ‘Controller’ Clay: Great for characters focused on crowd control.
  8. Edward ‘Eradicator’ Ellis: A fitting name for soldiers with high kill counts.

(Are there any favorites among these names?)

  1. Ryan ‘Reaper’ Reynolds: A fantastic name for soldiers who are unstoppable killing machines.
  2. Jerome ‘Joker’ Jensen: A fun name for light-hearted characters.
  3. Henry ‘Hacker’ Harris: Ideal for soldiers skilled in hacking.
  4. Douglas ‘Dominator’ Dawson: A fitting name for a character who excels in battle.
  5. Andrew ‘Avenger’ Addams: Suitable for soldiers seeking revenge on their foes.
  6. Gerald ‘Goliath’ Goodwin: A strong name for a powerhouse character.
  7. Thomas ‘Typhoon’ Thompson: Perfect for characters who leave chaos in their wake.
  8. Richard ‘Razor’ Raymond: A razor-sharp name for soldiers with a deadly edge.

(Have any of these names caught your eye?)

Section 5: Unisex Names

XCOM 2 hero name ideas can also include unisex names that work well for any gender. In this section, we’ll present 50 unisex names split into two parts, with each part containing 25 names. Let’s explore these names that can add versatility and creativity to your soldier roster.

1-25 Unisex Names

  1. Alex
  2. Jamie
  3. Casey
  4. Taylor
  5. Jordan
  6. Cameron
  7. Morgan
  8. Riley
  9. Tyler
  10. Drew
  11. Robin
  12. Dana
  13. Sam
  14. Avery
  15. Sage
  16. Parker
  17. Lee
  18. Angel
  19. Harley
  20. Skyler
  21. Bobby (inspired by the Dalai Lama)
  22. Charlie
  23. Jesse
  24. Kendall
  25. Francis

26-50 Unisex Names

  1. Pat
  2. Sidney
  3. Mickey (inspired by Tom Cruise)
  4. Devon
  5. Shiloh
  6. Marley
  7. Reese
  8. Casey
  9. Lane
  10. Terry
  11. Jessie
  12. Ash
  13. Kai
  14. Ashton
  15. Finley
  16. Corey
  17. Rowan
  18. Ellis
  19. Blake
  20. Avery
  21. Elliot
  22. River
  23. August
  24. Emery
  25. Kim

With these unisex names, your XCOM 2 heroes will stand out and create a unique gaming experience for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine these names with other naming ideas discussed in earlier sections.

Section 6: Cool Names

In XCOM 2, hero name ideas matter.

1-25 Cool Names

  1. John ‘Ripper’ Smith
  2. Ashley ‘Nebula’ Lane
  3. Marcus ‘Eclipse’ Reed
  4. Natalie ‘Phantom’ Brown
  5. Kevin ‘Ironside’ Mitchell
  6. Grace ‘Shadow’ Turner
  7. Brady ‘Cyclone’ Adams
  8. Zoe ‘Flash’ Thompson
  9. Marlon ‘Stryker’ Grant
  10. Charlotte ‘Ghost’ Davis
  11. Caleb ‘Ranger’ Harris
  12. Kendra ‘Hawk’ Morgan
  13. Blake ‘Pegasus’ Simmons
  14. Alana ‘Siren’ Lopez
  15. Mitchell ‘Storm’ Cooper
  16. Olivia ‘Blaze’ Jenkins
  17. Jaxon ‘Thunder’ Wilson
  18. Cassandra ‘Tempest’ Ward
  19. Dylan ‘Wolf’ Burns
  20. Genevieve ‘Odyssey’ Hernandez
  21. Travis ‘Raptor’ Bell
  22. Lauren ‘Rebel’ Rivera
  23. Eli ‘Maverick’ Gibson
  24. Sophia ‘Harbinger’ James
  25. Ethan ‘Vanguard’ Andrews

26-50 Cool Names

  1. Emilia ‘Nova’ Jordan
  2. Liam ‘Archangel’ Armstrong
  3. Piper ‘Vixen’ Cameron
  4. Nolan ‘Blackout’ Coleman
  5. Naomi ‘Wasp’ Doyle
  6. Carter ‘Venom’ Franklin
  7. Aria ‘Wildfire’ Harper
  8. Wyatt ‘Blitz’ Jackson
  9. Madison ‘Jinx’ Malone
  10. Evan ‘Sweeper’ Murphy
  11. Isabella ‘Mystic’ Norton
  12. Mason ‘Nexus’ Pearson
  13. Carly ‘Raven’ Quinn
  14. Finn ‘Rogue’ Reynolds
  15. Anna ‘Sabotage’ Rose
  16. Kai ‘Striker’ Spencer
  17. Julia ‘Tornado’ Stewart
  18. Darius ‘Titan’ Thomas
  19. Ella ‘Vortex’ Vincent
  20. Noah ‘Warden’ Bailey
  21. Abigail ‘Whiplash’ Booth
  22. Xander ‘Zephyr’ Caldwell
  23. Zara ‘Cyber’ Collins
  24. Bryce ‘Warlock’ Ferguson
  25. Zoe ‘Apex’ Gregory

Section 7: Badass Names

XCOM 2 hero name ideas to impress.

1-25 Badass Names

  1. Viper Crusher: A serpent enemy destroyer.
  2. Iron Guardian: Unyielding defender against all odds.
  3. Storm Bringer: Harnessing the forces of nature in combat.
  4. Harbinger of Doom: A sign of inevitable defeat for foes.
  5. Frostbite Reaper: Unleashing icy death upon enemies.
  6. Blood Seeker: Eliminating threats with deadly precision.
  7. Inferno Fury: Unleashing fire-based wrath on adversaries.
  8. Rift Hunter: Master of navigating through interdimensional spaces.
  9. Shadow Walker: Infiltrating enemy lines unseen in the darkness.
  10. Thunder Striker: Decimating foes with electrifying accuracy.
  11. Tempest Sentinel: A relentless protector in stormy conflicts.
  12. Netherbane: Vanquishing otherworldly entities with ease.
  13. Apocalypse Herald: An omen of the end for all in their path.
  14. Starfall Warden: A cosmic force defending their team.
  15. Dragon Heart: Bearing the indomitable spirit of a fabled beast.
  16. Void Ripper: Tearing apart enemies within the vacuum.
  17. Blade Master: An unparalleled expert in wielding sharp weapons.
  18. Bullet Serpent: Striking foes with lightning speed and accuracy.
  19. Adrenaline Seeker: Thriving in high-stakes, intense situations.
  20. Eclipse Vanguard: Leading the charge under a darkened sky.
  21. Oathkeeper: A promise-bound warrior, unwavering in loyalty.
  22. Hellfire Wraith: A spectral presence radiating with heat.
  23. Eon Chaser: Pursuing victory across vast stretches of time.
  24. Titan Slayer: Toppling the mightiest of adversaries.
  25. Aegis Breaker: Shattering enemy defenses with ease.

26-50 Badass Names

  1. Warlord: A fierce commander with high stats and strategic mastery.
  2. Deathspeaker: A dark oracle invoking fear among enemies.
  3. Grimmblade: A fearless warrior wielding a powerful weapon.
  4. Nightshade: A deadly agent skilled in stealth and silent attacks.
  5. Pandemonium: A destructive force sowing chaos among adversaries.
  6. Timekeeper: A soldier synchronized to strike at opportune moments.
  7. Vanguard: A leader on the front lines, clearing the way for their team.
  8. Ghost: An elusive soldier with abilities to evade detection.
  9. Soulkeeper: A spiritual warrior safeguarding the essence of comrades.
  10. Terminator: An unstoppable force eliminating targets with ease.
  11. Silverbullet: A precise marksman, neutralizing threats from a distance.
  12. Winterwolf: A cold testament to ferocity on the battlefield.
  13. Blackwarden: A dark defender keeping allies safe from harm.
  14. Blackwatch: A relentless soldier recruited for free, observing the enemy.
  15. Cerberus: A mythical guardian, unstoppable in their chosen role.
  16. Vortex: A figure of immense force, drawing enemies into their grasp.
  17. Direwolf: A fierce, battle-hardened soldier in the face of adversity.
  18. Avalanche: A devastating figure, carrying the weight of a mountainside.
  19. Duskborne: A shadowy warrior emerging as night falls.
  20. Crimson Executioner: A lethal agent dealing swift, final justice.
  21. Stormcaller: A figure conjuring tempests upon their foes.
  22. Lionheart: A soldier of unmatched bravery, facing difficulty head-on.
  23. Arcbound: A force of electric might, shocking enemies to submission.
  24. Pyreborn: A fiery spirit, resurrected with each victory.
  25. Soulrender: A dreaded foe, shattering the essence of enemies.

Do these names inspire confidence in their abilities?

Section 8: Unique Names

Here are XCOM 2 Hero Name Ideas for you:

1-25 Unique Names

  1. Adrian “Meteor” Hart
  2. Bianca “Blizzard” Stone
  3. Caleb “Inferno” Black
  4. Danielle “Whisper” Holt
  5. Elijah “Shadow” Taylor
  6. Fiona “Arctic” O’Reilly
  7. Gavin “Cyclone” Guerrero
  8. Hannah “Vortex” Simmons
  9. Isaiah “Tremor” Brown
  10. Jacqueline “Voltage” Martinez
  11. Kieran “Avalanche” Knight
  12. Laura “Phantom” Lincoln
  13. Mason “Wisp” Mitchell
  14. Natalie “Solar” Nieves
  15. Oliver “Quicksilver” Quinn
  16. Patricia “Chaser” Perez
  17. Quintin “Thorn” Qadir
  18. Roxanne “Fury” Rhodes
  19. Stephen “Rift” Sefton
  20. Tessa “Hawk” Harris
  21. Ulysses “Surge” Underwood
  22. Victoria “Tempest” Vaughn
  23. Weston “Xeno” Wellford
  24. Yasmin “Prowler” Yu
  25. Zane “Kilowatt” Zimmer

26-50 Unique Names

  1. Alexander “Ronin” Rye
  2. Brianna “Torrent” Berg
  3. Carlos “Spear” Santiago
  4. Delilah “Zephyr” Douglas
  5. Emmanuel “Monolith” Estrada
  6. Felicity “Shard” Finch
  7. Gabrielle “Horizon” Hall
  8. Hugo “Whiplash” Holmes
  9. Isabel “Comet” Ingram
  10. Joel “Maelstrom” Jensen
  11. Kendall “Mercury” Karev
  12. Lola “Ember” Lawrence
  13. Milton “Javelin” Mendoza
  14. Naomi “Nebula” Novak
  15. Orlando “Boulder” O’Brien
  16. Portia “Astra” Pembroke
  17. Quincy “Scorcher” Quasar
  18. Rebecca “Frostbite” Faust
  19. Sergio “Blitz” Sandoval
  20. Thea “Ace” Thorne
  21. Uriah “Vapor” Usher
  22. Valentina “Rapier” Romanova
  23. Wilbur “Psi-Wave” Waldorf
  24. Yvette “Echo” Yarwood
  25. Zara “Warden” Warrick

Section 9: Catchy Names

Intro: XCOM 2 Hero Name Ideas to inspire.

1-25 Catchy Names

  1. Sabotage Serpent
  2. Eagle Eye Elite
  3. Ghost Guardian
  4. Lightning Striker
  5. Rapid Retriever
  6. Stealth Stalker
  7. Pandora Phantom
  8. Astral Assassin
  9. Volatile Viper
  10. Mantis Marauder
  11. Cyber Centurion
  12. Nebula Nomad
  13. Solar Sentinel
  14. Lunar Lancer
  15. Valkyrie Vanguard
  16. Reaper Ranger
  17. Gale Grenadier
  18. Photon Pathfinder
  19. Alpha Apex
  20. Omega Outrider
  21. Tempest Templar
  22. Pulse Protector
  23. Frostbite Fury
  24. Hydra Handler
  25. Nova Nightstalker

26-50 Catchy Names

  1. Jackal Juggernaut
  2. Wraith Warrior
  3. Supernova Strider
  4. Quasar Quartermaster
  5. Chaos Corsair
  6. Rift Rider
  7. Ion Inquisitor
  8. Stormbringer Shaman
  9. Abyss Architect
  10. Maelstrom Mariner
  11. Doomsday Diplomat
  12. Continuum Commando
  13. Chrono Crusader
  14. Nexus Navigator
  15. Stardust Sentinel
  16. Mystic Marksman
  17. Cosmic Corsair
  18. Zephyr Zealot
  19. Helix Harbinger
  20. Typhoon Tactician
  21. Shadow Shepherd
  22. Solarium Sleuth
  23. Tesseract Trader
  24. Aether Aviator
  25. Celestial Cerberus

Section 10: Cute Names

XCOM 2 Hero Name Ideas are important to personalize your soldiers.

1-25 Cute Names

  1. Bunny
  2. Daisy
  3. Sprinkles
  4. Cupcake
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Biscuit
  7. Twinkles
  8. Giggles
  9. Peanut
  10. Sunny
  11. Muffin
  12. Jellybean
  13. Cookie
  14. Freckles
  15. Marshmallow
  16. Poppy
  17. Cherry
  18. Honey
  19. Blossom
  20. Cinnamon
  21. Sparkle
  22. Flutter
  23. Cuddlebug
  24. Snowflake
  25. Gummybear

26-50 Cute Names

  1. Buttercup
  2. Candy
  3. Tulip
  4. Lollipop
  5. Snickerdoodle
  6. Raspberry
  7. Pebbles
  8. Wiggles
  9. Scooter
  10. Cocoa
  11. Buttons
  12. Angelcake
  13. Plum
  14. Gumdrop
  15. Nibbles
  16. Frosting
  17. Pippy
  18. Tootsie
  19. Dreamy
  20. Skittles
  21. Sugarplum
  22. Sprout
  23. Whiskers
  24. Babydoll
  25. Bubbles

Section 11: Funny Names

In search of hilarious XCOM 2 hero names? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a list of 50 comical and entertaining names for your soldiers.

1-25 Funny Names

  1. Sally McSaggy
  2. André Giant
  3. Nacho Cheese
  4. Morticia Adamsapple
  5. Harry Houdini
  6. Chuck Notoris
  7. Abe Frohman
  8. Ada Ministrator
  9. Boba Fetch
  10. Greta Gravity
  11. Noah Regrets
  12. Tim Burr
  13. Val Halla
  14. Hugo Nogo
  15. Clint Beastwood
  16. Shirley U. Jest
  17. Stu Pitt
  18. Ivana Tinkle
  19. Ada Ptiere
  20. Wanda Off
  21. Vera C. Cords
  22. Artie Choke
  23. Jimmy Rustler
  24. Kneena Brick
  25. Sasha Misgun

26-50 Funny Names

  1. Wilma Fingerdoo
  2. Al Dente
  3. Tad Pohl
  4. Anita Vanish
  5. Leo Tarred
  6. Hugh Briss
  7. Midas Well
  8. Dee Struction
  9. Aida Netts
  10. Cliff Hanger
  11. Hugh Mungus
  12. Lucy Lastik
  13. Otto Mobile
  14. Brew Dway
  15. April Showers
  16. Dash Riproque
  17. Arlene Army
  18. Isaac A. Storm
  19. Paige Turner
  20. Gene Pool
  21. Roland Butter
  22. Hazel Nutt
  23. Rick O’Shea
  24. Milky Waze
  25. Bryce Krispies

These 50 names offer an amusing and delightful touch to your heroes in XCOM 2, making the game even more enjoyable!

Section 12: Tips for Brainstorming the Perfect Name

XCOM 2 Hero Name Ideas! Want to make your XCOM 2 heroes stand out from the crowd? In this section, we’ll share a few tips on how to brainstorm the perfect name for your soldiers.

  1. Movie/TV characters: Pick well-known characters from your favorite movies or TV shows. For example, name your soldier John Wick or Sarah Connor.
  2. Famous historical figures: Honor real-life heroes by naming your soldiers after them. Try Leonidas, Joan of Arc, or Genghis Khan.
  3. Mythological figures: Use the names of gods, goddesses, or heroes from various mythologies, like Thor, Athena, or Odin.
  4. Unique nicknames: Give your hero a memorable nickname that reflects their skills or personality. An example is Sid “Godfather” Meier.
  5. Combining words: Mix and match words to create a new, unique name. Combine elements like Shadow, Fury, and Hawk to yield names like ShadowFury or HawkShadow.

Remember, when brainstorming names, think about your hero’s personality, backstory, and role in the game to make it more immersive. Most importantly, have fun and let your imagination run wild to create truly exceptional hero names for your XCOM 2 soldiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good hero names?

Begin with popular XCOM 2 hero names such as Peter Van Doorn and Beaglerush. Try mixing and matching names from your favorite movies, games, and TV shows.

How to create unique characters?

  1. Customize appearance
  2. Combine real names with nicknames
  3. Use distinct combination of letters for naming

Where to find name inspiration?

Look to mythologies, history, fictional characters, or even try generating names using online tools.

Any tips for memorable names?

Keep them concise, catchy, and relevant to the character’s role or traits.

Best way to personalize units?

  1. Modify appearance
  2. Assign unique nicknames
  3. Equip distinctive weapons or gear

How to choose fitting names?

Match names to character’s skills, playstyle, personality, or lore in the game for a cohesive feel.

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