421 Bar Names (Best Ideas For Your Pub Or Bar)

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Whether you’re opening up a bar or writing a story that needs a great and memorable bar name, the name often means the difference between a successful business and a struggling hole in the wall.

Bar names offer seemingly endless opportunities for creativity. The absurdity that works to make a bar moniker memorable doesn’t exactly fly for a medical office.

From the classy to the laid-back and the absurd to the austere, we’ve got names for every taste and atmosphere.

Let’s dive in.

Best Bar Names

  1. Angel’s Trumpet Tavern
  2. Bangin’ Brews
  3. Purple Haze Ale House
  4. The Turquoise Tavern
  5. American Social Club
  6. Underworld Ale House
  7. Ace of Spades Tavern
  8. Porter’s Brew Pub – As “porter” is another name for a type of beer, it gives this name an extra boost by having three consecutive words for beer – not to mention, it’s memorable!
  9. The Ciderhouse Brews – This name offers a play on words and works on two levels – referencing both hard cider (fitting for a bar) as well as the famous novel “The Cider House Rules” by John Irving. The fact that Irving’s book is on many banned book lists gives a sense of thrill to this bar name. 
  10. The Painted Barrel
  11. Blue Crown Brewpub
  12. Brewmaster’s Secret
  13. Grandpa’s Basement Bar and Grill
  14. Rattlesnake Jake’s – Rhyming is a good way to make your name for a bar easy to remember. 
  15. Hair of the Dog Tavern
  16. Dancing Bear Taproom
  17. The Flying Squirrel Bar and Grill
  18. The Copper Tap
  19. The Wily Fox Lounge
  20. Babylon Brews
  21. Gatsby’s Revenge – This unusual name references F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby. 
  22. Treehouse Tavern
  23. Slaughterhouse Pub
  24. Rooster’s Ale House
  25. The Black Pony
  26. Blondie’s Brewpub
  27. Golden Hops Ale House
  28. Old Shark Lounge
  29. Alpine Ale House
  30. The Happy Place
  31. Bottoms Up Brews
  32. Atomic Tavern
  33. Maverick Lounge
  34. Bald Badger Brewpub
  35. Iron Throttle Tavern – A great name for a biker bar.
  36. Devil’s Boot Brewhouse
  37. The Silver Orchard
  38. Valhalla Valley – Using the ancient Viking name for Heaven, we imagine this name would work well for a Norse-themed bar. 
  39. Castle Saloon
  40. Angel’s Ale House
  41. The Leaky Barrel
  42. Shipwreck Ale House – This would be a perfect name for a bar near the beach. 
  43. Clumsy Joe’s Brewpub
  44. The Blue Barrel
  45. Black Bear Tavern
  46. Hog Heaven Pub
  47. The Mountain’s Peak Taproom
  48. The Cedar Cask
  49. Greyhound Pub
  50. Black Knight’s Tavern

Good Names For A Bar

  1. Copper Kettle Taproom
  2. Huntsman’s Pride – A bar with this name undoubtedly has the stuffed heads of big game mounted on the wall.
  3. Fat cat Saloon
  4. The Whiskey Barrel
  5. Green Clover Taproom
  6. Sheep’s Beard Bar
  7. The Bleeding Leaf 
  8. Magic Broom Brewpub
  9. The Screaming Cow Tavern
  10. Crooked Tree Tavern
  11. The Flying Carpet Lounge
  12. Crossroads Pub
  13. Sip ; Cedar Taproom
  14. Billy Goat Saloon
  15. Whiskey Barrel Saloon
  16. Gin ; Ginger Taproom
  17. Bronze Cup Tavern
  18. Amber Grain Brewery
  19. The Tipsy Goose Bar
  20. Royal Hops Taproom
  21. Hazy’s Tavern
  22. Freeway Ale House – Even better if this bar is located near the Interstate for all those weary travelers in need of a drink. 
  23. Short ‘N Stout Pub
  24. Copper Cup Tavern
  25. Red Apple Taproom

Cute Bar Names

  1. The Fuzzy Flamingo
  2. The Pink Peach
  3. Chibi Shots – Named for the cutesy art used in many manga and anime, this is the perfect name for a bubbly, inviting bar. 
  4. Mimosa Kiss
  5. Pups N’ Brews – We can imagine this name for a dog-friendly bar where customers can bring their four-legged friends. 
  6. Strawberry Kiss
  7. The Lychee Lounge – Few fruits have as cute a name as this sweet pink and white fruit native to Southeast Asia.
  8. The Grumpy Cactus
  9. Sweetheart’s
  10. The Cat’s Meow
  11. The Quacking Duck
  12. The Grumpy Hedgehog
  13. The Clever Quokka
  14. Sparkle Bar 
  15. The Bristly Bee
  16. Honey ; Clove
  17. The Striped Armadillo
  18. Moon Jumpers
  19. Fig ; Fiddle
  20. Kangaroo’s Pouch
  21. The Spicy Snake
  22. Punch ; Pumpkin
  23. The Violent Squash
  24. Cider Saga

Cool Bar Names

  1. The Oasis
  2. Comet’s Tail Tavern
  3. Yellow Lizard Lounge
  4. The Wolf’s Den
  5. The Raven’s Beak
  6. The Wine Vault
  7. Growler’s Brewpub
  8. Thirsty Arrow Pub
  9. The Blue Dog Tavern
  10. The Grizzly’s Paw
  11. Gypsy’s Roadhouse
  12. Cobbler’s Outpost
  13. Red Keg Tavern
  14. Mad Dog Bar and Grill 
  15. Witch’s Tonic Brewpub – We imagine this bar would go over the top for Halloween! 
  16. Dusty’s Saloon – This name has an old-timey cowboy feel fitting for the Old West. 
  17. The Polished Barrel Tavern
  18. Rooster Bar
  19. The Apple Leaf
  20. The Spotted owl 
  21. Shotgun Tavern
  22. The Elixir Connection
  23. The Stately Oak Pub
  24. The Leaning Spoon Tavern
  25. Dead horse Outpost

Trendy Names For A Bar

  1. Sip
  2. Spiked
  3. Tapz
  4. Poise
  5. High Heat
  6. Hot Pink
  7. 173 Fahrenheit – This science-inspired name is named after the temperature at which alcohol boils.
  8. BlackOut Pub
  9. The Beersmith’s Guild
  10. Crafters
  11. The Dapper Don
  12. Swirlz – Replacing the “s” with a “z” gives this name a trendy spin.
  13. Tequila Twisters
  14. The Hideout
  15. Crimson Pub
  16. Ambrosia
  17. The Grapevine
  18. Astro 
  19. Mirage
  20. Urban Mixers
  21. The Crescent
  22. House of Grapes
  23. The Alchemist
  24. 5 PM Glow Up
  25. Elixirz

Unique Bar Names

  1. The Vengeful Kraken – We can imagine this name being on a stormy coast with a grizzled bartender who takes no crap from his customers. 
  2. The Twisted Vineyard
  3. Temptress’s Spirits
  4. The Rowdy Goose Lounge
  5. The Grinning Pumpkin – We imagine this bar would have an impressive selection of hard ciders, given its autumn-themed name.  
  6. Aquarius Cove
  7. The Hunter’s Lounge
  8. Bluebeard’s Tavern
  9. Cask of Amontillado – Named after the famous short story by Edgar Allen Poe, this bar name has both spooky and literary vibes fitting for a lively crowd. 
  10. The River Styx Tavern
  11. The Crazy Ostrich
  12. Scorpion’s Sting
  13. Chancellor’s Cellar
  14. Thunder’s Brew Tavern
  15. Queen Anne’s Revenge – Named for the ship that belonged to the infamous pirate Blackbeard. 
  16. Viper Venom Taproom
  17. Hunter’s Moon Bar and Grill
  18. Wicked Barrel Tavern
  19. Sorcerer’s Wrath Tavern
  20. The Lucky Swan Taproom
  21. The Cider Connection
  22. Botanical Brews
  23. Bachelor’s Brewpub

Catchy Names For A Bar

  1. Weekend Habit
  2. Astro Pub
  3. Lion Grove
  4. Feisty fox Pub
  5. Olive Outpost
  6. Sugar ‘N Spice Brewery
  7. The Red Hen Taproom
  8. The Nautilus
  9. Hop House
  10. Griffin’s Claw
  11. Spider’s Bar
  12. The Snail Shell
  13. Coral Cove
  14. Crab Claw Pub
  15. Bewitched Brews
  16. Hydra’s Venom
  17. Shots Fired Bar
  18. The Gilded Goblet
  19. Berry Brews
  20. Death’s Door Saloon
  21. Apple ; Ale
  22. Cheese ‘N Crackers Taproom
  23. Unicorn’s Kiss

Classy Names for a Bar

  1. The Conference Room
  2. The 13th Floor
  3. The Silver Katana
  4. Rosebud Lounge
  5. Cloud 9 Rooftop Bar
  6. Ruby Lodge
  7. The Chemistry Club
  8. Indigo Hive
  9. The Citadel
  10. Blue Rose Saloon
  11. Atlantis Lodge
  12. The Ivory Lion
  13. The Silver Starfish
  14. Starlight Tavern
  15. Sky Bar
  16. Compass
  17. Aquamarine 
  18. Jade Lotus 
  19. Lilac ; Rose
  20. The Rustic Rose
  21. The Silent Monk
  22. Wormwood Lodge
  23. The Maple Leaf
  24. Iris ; Ivory
  25. Hyacinth Lounge

Simple Bar Names

  1. The Watering Hole
  2. Blend
  3. Vibe – One-word bar names are trendy and popular to post on social media, boosting your business.
  4. Taste
  5. Ice Cubez
  6. Sapphire’s
  7. Taffy’s 
  8. Starlit
  9. Moon Bar
  10. Pegasus
  11. Dry Dock
  12. Cityscape
  13. Luna’s
  14. Vine Garden
  15. Fishbone Brews
  16. Hope’s Curse
  17. Fish Cave
  18. Irish Coast
  19. Happy Hour 
  20. Royal Red’s
  21. Bloody Mary 
  22. Dreamscape
  23. Dirty Blonde
  24. The Finest
  25. Inferno

Creative Names for a Bar

  1. The Blue Nun Beer Garden – This name also shares its moniker with a popular German wine company. 
  2. The Lost Weekend
  3. Grain Harvest
  4. Treasure Trove
  5. The Colosseum
  6. Forge’s Pub
  7. Templeton’s Beer Garden
  8. Barracuda’s Bite
  9. The Laughing Giant
  10. Rabbit’s Foot Saloon
  11. Athena’s Vengeance
  12. Bridal Veil Tavern – This is a great name for a bar located near a waterfall, which naturally resembles a lacy veil. 
  13. July’s Harvest
  14. Topsy Turvy Taproom – This name employs alliteration – one of the strongest literary devices in business names
  15. Artemis Lounge
  16. Stone Still Bar and Grill
  17. Roadkill Saloon – We just hope this is just a clever name and isn’t referencing the bar food!
  18. Windy Rock Tavern
  19. Calico Beer Garden
  20. Demolition Pub
  21. Bull Run Brewpub
  22. Jersey Cow Ale House
  23. Three Little Pigs Pub
  24. The Dancing Lobster Saloon
  25. Tower Taproom

Fancy Bar Names

  1. Cleopatra’s Secrets
  2. The Gypsy Lounge
  3. Olive ; Ice
  4. Sparrow
  5. Taj Mahal
  6. Sesame Lounge
  7. Embassy Grove
  8. The Eagle’s Tail
  9. Silver Moon Emporium
  10. The Swan’s Egg
  11. Platinum Rose Lounge
  12. Tabby cat Taproom
  13. The Bitter Lemon
  14. The Gilded Nautilus
  15. The Lioness Lounge
  16. Peacock ; Swan
  17. The Somber Monk
  18. Lemon ; Fizz
  19. Belladonna Brewery
  20. The Silent Rabbit
  21. Urban Refinery Lounge
  22. Temptation Taproom
  23. The Velvet Iris
  24. Just a Crush Winery
  25. Hemlock Retreat

Wine Bar Names

  1. The Duke’s Cape
  2. Vineyard’s Kiss
  3. The Velvet Grape
  4. Bristly Dandelion Wine Bar
  5. River Wine Bar
  6. Mirage Winery
  7. The Silent Cellar
  8. Cask ; Grape
  9. Silver Horns Winery
  10. Red ; Silver – The colors most often associated with wine, what’s better than adding them to the name of your wine bar?
  11. Taster’s Treat Winery
  12. Silver Mist Cellar
  13. Corkscrew Lounge
  14. Maiden’s Kiss Winery
  15. Silver Leaf Winery
  16. The Greenest Grape
  17. Grapes of Pleasure – This wine bar name puts a contradictory spin on an old classic novel. 
  18. Bacchus’s Retreat – Named after the Greek god of wine and merriment. 
  19. Rusty Fig Wine Bar
  20. The Frosted Stem
  21. Grape Drinkers’ Club
  22. Stone Vault Winery
  23. Glass ; Bottle Wine Bar
  24. Onyx Winery
  25. Silver Lane

Names For A Sports Bar

  1. The End Zone
  2. Baskets ‘N Brews – Succinct and straightforward, this sports bar name combines both sports and beer in a single title. 
  3. The Stadium
  4. All American Sports Bar
  5. Fan’s Addiction
  6. Home Run Brews
  7. The Pit Stop
  8. All-Star Sports Bar – This name rhymes, making it easy to spell and easy to remember. 
  9. MVP Sports Bar
  10. Champion Sports Bar
  11. The Goal Post
  12. The Bullpen
  13. Pigskins N’ Sluggers – This name references football and baseball respectively. 
  14. Touchdown Sports Bar
  15. Buffalo Brews
  16. Benchwarmers Sports Bar
  17. Ninth Inning Sports Bar
  18. Pitchers Sports Bar
  19. Jocks Sports Bar
  20. The Lucky Pennant Sports Bar
  21. Pinch-Hitter Brews
  22. 50 Yard Line Tavern
  23. Slam Dunk Bar
  24. On Tap Sports Bar
  25. The Stadium Club

Names For a Cocktail Bar

  1. Chemistry 101
  2. Ice Shakers
  3. Mixers
  4. Shake It Up Cocktail Bar
  5. The Peacock’s Feather
  6. Ice-Breaker Cocktails
  7. Neon Lobster Cocktail Bar
  8. Mimosas ; Mingles – A great name for a cocktail bar for singles. 
  9. Salted Glass Cocktail Bar
  10. The Lime Wedge
  11. Jess’s Martini Lounge – Though any first name will do for this name. 
  12. Ignite Cocktails
  13. Havana Shakers
  14. VIP Cocktail Bar
  15. Simply Divine Cocktail Bar
  16. Mixer Madness Cocktails
  17. Gin ; Fizz
  18. Jealousy Juice Cocktail Bar
  19. Cold War Bunker Cocktail Bar
  20. Panic Punch Cocktail Bar
  21. Club Blueberry
  22. Salt ; Lime
  23. Seltzer’s Fizz
  24. Mixed Layers
  25. The Panic Room

Cocktail Lounge Names

  1. The Sparkling Olive – This name references the olive in a martini glass, with the word “sparkling” a subtle hint to champagne and other sparkling wines. 
  2. The Gilded Liquor Room – A play on words, the gilded liquor room references both an expression (the gilded lily) and hints at luxury with the word gilded. 
  3. The Hollywood Guild – Since many cocktail lounges have an art deco feel reminiscent of the golden days of film, this is the perfect name. 
  4. The Grasshopper Lounge – Grasshopper is the name of a popular green cocktail, after all. 
  5. The Lotus Lounge
  6. Garden of Eden Cocktail Lounge
  7. Kingston Cocktail Lounge
  8. Dapper Dazzlers
  9. Crystal Cocktail Lounge
  10. Echelon 
  11. The Amethyst
  12. Remington Lounge
  13. The Paper Crane
  14. Ember Bar Cocktail Lounge
  15. Golden Sun Cocktail Lounge
  16. Diamond Peak Cocktail Lounge
  17. The Satin Swan 
  18. Denali Snow Cocktail Lounge
  19. Sparrow Song Cocktail Lounge
  20. Glass House Cocktail Lounge
  21. Robin’s Egg Cocktails
  22. Sea Turtle Cocktail Lounge
  23. Blue Heron Cocktail Lounge
  24. Chrissy’s Cocktails
  25. Rose ; Violet Cocktail Lounge

Funny Names For a Bar

  1. The Screaming Goat
  2. The Howling Harp
  3. The Devil’s Punchbowl
  4. August Ale
  5. The Drunken Monkey 
  6. Hazy Monday Brewpub
  7. The Angry Octopus
  8. Boozy Beginnings Brewery
  9. Squid’s Ink Taproom
  10. Frisky Redhead Irish Pub
  11. Back Alley Brewpub
  12. Bitter Solutions
  13. 3 Drunk Mice Brewpub
  14. Jelly’s Tavern
  15. Silly Goose Tavern
  16. Screamers ; Dreamers Ale House
  17. Down by the Tracks Brewpub
  18. The Dream Team Brewery
  19. The Anxious Apple
  20. PED – Xing Brewpub – From the street sign meaning pedestrian crossing. 
  21. Five to Nine Brewpub
  22. The Catatonic Goldfish
  23. The Squealing Boar Tavern
  24. Bicycle Beers
  25. Fat Monk’s Brewery

Company Naming Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind when naming a bar. The following tips will help you come up with the perfect name.

  • Consider your bar’s unique qualities and ask yourself the following questions. What drinks will you serve? Who is your target audience? Why should customers choose your bar over the competitors? 
  • Keep it memorable and unique. You don’t want a long, complicated name customers will forget, but you also don’t want something too bland or generic. Put a spin on it and keep it easy to remember and easy to spell. The greatest bar monikers are those that customers won’t soon forget. 
  • Use all the resources at hand, especially bar business name generators. Bar business name ideas are everywhere – you just have to look. 
  • Use a domain checker like GoDaddy to make sure your perfect chosen bar name is available to use. 


The possibilities are endless when it comes to coming up with your bar business name.

Just keep in mind that when naming, consider your target audience, and your chosen drinks, and make it clear why customers should choose your bar over the competition.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and we hope our ultimate guide of names for bars has helped you find that one-of-a-kind name! 

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