Body Scrub Business Names (144 Name Ideas For 2022)

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Are you looking for some great body scrub business names? That’s what we are going to cover today!

Getting the right name for your business makes such a big difference to how potential customers will respond to your business and how successful you are.

You need to choose a name that sounds and feels right to you and represents your business’s atmosphere well.

With that in mind, let’s look at some body scrub name ideas.

Best Body Scrub Business Names

The best body scrub names will be easy to remember, catchy, fun, and unique.

If you’ve decided to start your own body scrub business, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all those criteria, so we’ve put together a list of some top names for you to choose from!

  1. Bamboo Scrub
  2. Sugar And Spice Body Scrub
  3. Cocoa Scrub
  4. Baked Body Scrub
  5. Secret Garden Scrub
  6. Sandalwood Sugar Scrub
  7. Blue Spa
  8. Forever Fresh
  9. Salt Splashes
  10. Buried Treasure
  11. Spa In A Bottle
  12. Bubbly Sea
  13. Sweet Sensational Scrub
  14. Maiden Beauty
  15. More Lather
  16. Scrubby Scrub
  17. Tree Scrub
  18. Exfoliate Me
  19. Beach Babe Body Butter
  20. Sugar Sectioned
  21. Feeling Fresh

Any of these names will be a great way to skyrocket your business to success. They suggest freshness, sweet smells, cleanliness, and more.

If your business has an air of secrecy, opt for something like Buried Treasure, while if you want to cater specifically to women, something like Beach Babe Body Butter may be a great option.

Cute Names For A Body Scrub Business

There are some great business name generators out there, or you can choose a branding agency, but it’s well worth considering some of the adorable names below.

If you want your business to be about sweetness and light, these are the best options, and they’ll convey that your business atmosphere is adorable.

  1. Love And Happiness
  2. Butterfly Bubbles
  3. Honey Cinnamon Scrub
  4. Lovely Lavender Fragrance
  5. Pretty Pear And Peach
  6. Raspberry Lime Body Scrub
  7. Bubbly Body Scrub In Green
  8. Sweet Cherries Scrub
  9. Chocolate Chip Scrub
  10. Cute Cherry
  11. Honeydew Suds
  12. Charming Skin
  13. Peach Bath
  14. Sunshine Soap Bar
  15. Baby Sugar Scrub
  16. Sugary Delight
  17. Sunny Days
  18. Lavender Blossom
  19. Cheer And Mirth
  20. Coconut Dream Scrub
  21. Shower Time Scrub
  22. Brown Sugar ; Citrus Bliss
  23. Coconut Dream Scrub
  24. Sweet Almond Soap
  25. Squeaky Scrub
  26. Pretty Pearl

Most of these invoke sweet scents and softness, so they are great for businesses that are about making your skin feel like silk and lending it a delicious scent.

Unique Body Scrub Business Name Ideas

You also want to make sure that your body scrub brand is distinguishable from all of the others out there, because there are quite a few body scrub companies!

For that, you need a unique name that nobody else has thought of, which calls up fresh imagery.

That may not be easy to do, but it is possible – so let’s look at some other great names that will help your business to stand out among all the others.

  1. Velvet Plumeria
  2. Energetic Sugar
  3. Razzle Dazzle Body Scrub
  4. The Golden Dollar
  5. Soul Deep
  6. Seashell Scrub
  7. Aroma Spa
  8. Radiance
  9. Salsa Life! Scrubs
  10. Soapie
  11. Scrub Fairy
  12. Scrub Labs
  13. Elegant Rose Boutique
  14. Healing Wings
  15. A Glamour Lave
  16. Good Potions
  17. Chocolate Macaroon Scrub
  18. Coffee Kick Wake up Scrub
  19. Nutmeg Mantra Scrub
  20. Sweet Tangerine
  21. Spider Web Body Scrub
  22. Softening Cranberry Scrub
  23. Pearly Glow Skin Delights

If you want to be extra unique, you can always adapt one of those to suit you more specifically, but they should give you an excellent starting point.

Catchy Body Scrub Business Names

If you want to make your business name memorable, alliterative names are often the way to go – and you can get really creative here.

However, you don’t want to go too far with alliteration, as it can start to sound silly and unoriginal.

Here’s a good mix of both alliterative and non-alliterative catchy business names you can use for your body scrub company.

These are bound to appeal to customers and make you stand out from the competition.

  1. Cocoa Coffee Scrub
  2. Luscious Scrub
  3. Smashed Petals
  4. Sweet Raspberry Pie
  5. Tropical Scrub
  6. Cinnamity Scrub
  7. Gentle As A Dove
  8. Honey And Oatmeal Body Scrub
  9. Beach Bag Scrub
  10. Pearly Body Scrub
  11. Rainbow Scrub
  12. Butter Cake Scrub
  13. Body Glow Scrubs
  14. Charming Skin
  15. Rainbow Sprinkles
  16. Sunkissed Scrub
  17. Glorious
  18. Creamy Body Scrub
  19. Ginger And Lemon Body Scrub
  20. Sea Salt Scrub
  21. Butterscotch Bathing
  22. Coconut Scrub
  23. Super Scrubs
  24. Ocean Breeze

Being memorable is key to winning customers, and these names will help!

Choose one that you feel will help your business stand out, or create your own by combining some of the above ideas to create a new name just for yourself.

Cool Sounding Names For A Body Scrub Business

If you want your business to sound hip and exciting, you might be looking for a cool name you can choose.

There are again lots of options here, and these names all make the most of a modern vibe to show customers your body scrub business is up to date.

  1. Skinny Dip
  2. Salt Mart
  3. Glow Up Scoop
  4. Purify Plus
  5. Sensational Scrub
  6. Body And Soul
  7. Jungle Berries Scrub
  8. Sallies Of The Sea
  9. Yogurt And Apricot Scrub
  10. Ocean Sea Salt Scrubs
  11. Lavish In Lavender
  12. Tropical Paradise Scrubs
  13. Ocean Coconut Scrub
  14. Peppercorn Scrub
  15. Beach Babe Body Butter
  16. All Natural Me
  17. Beautiful Body Scrub
  18. A Crystal Glow
  19. Pure Skin
  20. Tropical Sunset Scrub
  21. Citrus Bliss Scrub
  22. Buttery Banana
  23. Bathtub Bliss Scrub
  24. Surf’s Up

If your business is there for the youth and making a name for itself as a major player in the modern world, these names will help to convey that!

Make sure you don’t go for something too trendy though – that can have drawbacks that we’ll cover further down in this article.

Creative Names For A Body Scrub Business

If you are starting a body scrub business, you are probably quite a creative person already.

That makes it more likely that you’re looking for a super creative name for your business, so you might appreciate some of the suggestions below.

  1. Cantaloupe Glow Body Scrub
  2. Ceramic Girl Scrub
  3. Blackberry Soy Milk Scrub
  4. Nutmeg Mantra Scrub
  5. Oyster Bay
  6. Night And Day
  7. Soap And Glory
  8. Blitz Body Scrub
  9. All Natural Me
  10. Dirty Banana Cake Scrub
  11. Cantaloupe Glow Body Scrub
  12. Crunchy Scrub Treats
  13. Aroma Spa
  14. Beneath The Skin
  15. Fresh Melon Scrub
  16. Mega Motions Scrub
  17. Clarity Scrub
  18. Soapy Sublime
  19. Sugar Mama
  20. Honey Cinnamon Scrub
  21. Exfoliating Papaya Scrub
  22. Exotic Fruit Scrub
  23. Exfoliate Me Baby!
  24. Sunshine Beauty Scrub
  25. Sublime Sweetheart
  26. Era Scrub

Creativity is a great quality to display when you’ve got a body scrub business, so don’t be deterred from showing a bit of your personality when you select your business name.

It’ll help your business to stand out and make sure your customers see the real you.

You don’t want to go too crazy, though – it should still be clear what your business sells.

Choose words that relate to scents or similar themes, or come right out and say it with a name like Exfoliate Me!

Company Name Naming Tips

Naming a company isn’t easy, and you want to make sure you get it right first time.

Rebranding is expensive and frustrating, so take your time in choosing your name. Think about what you want to portray with your business and what you want your customers to associate you with.

BigCommerce reminds us that your business name is the first thing that your customer will see and that it should fully sum up your business. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to name a business.

  1. Use a thesaurus. If you’ve found a name you like, look for synonyms of the words and see if any suit your business better.
  2. Make it memorable. If it’s not memorable, your customers won’t be able to find your business. Forbes also mentions checking that it’s easy for people to spell, so your customers can search for it online.
  3. Make it expandable. If your business gets big, you want your name to grow with you, so don’t base it on a single product, no matter how popular that product is.
  4. Don’t go for obscure words that people won’t recognize. It’s possible to be too clever with your business name, so be careful about this.
  5. Keep the name short. Your business name should be a handful of words at the most. If you make it longer, it will sound strange and will be hard to remember.
  6. Test it on others. You don’t need to get approval from every single person, but see what responses your chosen name gets before you settle on it for good.
  7. Don’t just jump on trends that have no longevity. You want your business name to last, and you won’t be taken seriously by customers if you name yourself after the next short internet trend.
  8. Entrepreneur advises that business owners avoid using initials, and choose names that are meaningful. It might be tempting to use your own initials for your business, but these won’t mean anything to anyone but you – so they aren’t going to create an emotional connection with customers. Instead, opt for a name that will evoke an image and make your customers interested in learning more. That might be easier said than done, but that’s the goal you should have in mind when you name your business.
  9. Avoid geographic names, especially if you are selling online. This will put people off because they’ll think you don’t ship to their area if you have another state written in your business’s name. Even if you are currently only selling to local customers, you might want to expand in the future, and having the a location in your business name could limit you!

Naming a business isn’t easy, but those tips should help you to get it right. Make sure you are happy with your name before you start building your brand around it!


Hopefully, you now have some great ideas for your brand new business’s name. If nothing in the list above strikes you as quite right, try combining some of the words to create new combinations, and see if any of those suit you better.

If not, crack out the thesaurus trick until you find some words that do feel right to you.

When you have chosen your name, the next thing you should do is pull up a domain checker tool to make sure your choice is available! You can use something like GoDaddy to ensure that you can get a site that matches your body scrub business name!

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