205 Best Cleaning Business Names (Awesome Ideas)

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When naming your cleaning company, you want to communicate efficiency, reliability, and quality in your name.

After all, your customers are trusting you to come into your home or business and do a thorough clean. They need to know that they can trust you and that you’ll do a thorough, satisfactory job. 

Social media and word of mouth are vital to expanding your business, which is why it’s so important to have a simple, catchy business name that customers can easily remember. 

Names are important, as you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Check out our list of cleaning business name ideas below for inspiration, and feel free to check out cleaning business name generators online for cleaning service name ideas.

Let’s dive in.

Best Cleaning Business Names

  1. Spruce Springsteen Residential Cleaning Services – A pun that pays homage to the famous singer/songwriter! 
  2. Grime Scene Investigators – Customers will remember your company with a name like this!
  3. Maid to Order
  4. Peachy Cleaners
  5. Under the Rug Cleaners
  6. No Dust R Us
  7. Partners in Grime
  8. Ace of Maids – A clever spin on the phrase “Ace of Spades,” which is the highest-ranking card in a deck. This is a great way to communicate how you are the best in the business!
  9. The Gleam Team
  10. Greener Cleaner – This name is particularly fitting if you are committed to using eco-friendly cleaning products. 
  11. Executive Pro Cleaning Co. – A great business name for a cleaning service specializing in office cleaning. 
  12. Fresh Start Cleaning Service
  13. 2 Maids and a Mop
  14. 2 Men and a Bucket
  15. Club Clean Office Cleaning
  16. Free 2 Clean Maintenance
  17. April Showers Cleaning Service
  18. Cleaning Angels Maid Service
  19. Angels Cleaning Services
  20. Rise N Shine Cleaning Service
  21. Mean Green Clean – An excellent option for a business using eco-friendly cleaning products.
  22. Greener Cleaners – An eco-friendly business name.
  23. The Clean Queen Maid Service
  24. King of Clean 
  25. Buffed Cleaning Service
  26. Busy Mops House Cleaning
  27. Wipe ; Swipe Commercial Cleaning 
  28. Zen Cleanse Cleaning Solutions
  29. Lemon Fresh Cleaning Services
  30. Drip N Dry Solutions
  31. Sunshine ; Sparkle Cleaning Services
  32. Rainbow Cleaners
  33. Tidy Cleaners
  34. Spiffy Shine Cleaning
  35. Premier Cleaning Service

Unique Names For A Cleaning Business

  1. The Hygiene Machine Cleaners
  2. Pleasin’ Polish Cleaning Solutions
  3. The Dream Team Cleaners
  4. Bucket ; Mop Cleaners
  5. Lemon Fresh Cleaners
  6. Grime Busters
  7. I-Shine Cleaning Solutions – Attract customers with this name with a technological edge. 
  8. Krazy Klean 
  9. Home Clean Home – This business name plays off the phrase “home sweet home.”
  10. Hit the Dirt Cleaners

Catchy Names For A Cleaning Business

  1. Cleaning with Meaning
  2. Busy Bee Cleaning Service
  3. Breathe Easy Commercial Cleaning
  4. In ; Out Cleaning Service
  5. Top to Bottom Cleaning
  6. Hands ; Knees Cleaning Service
  7. Top to Bottom Cleaning
  8. Ever-Clean Maintenance
  9. The Cleaning Fairies
  10. Deep Clean Office Team

Good Names For Your Cleaning Business

  1. Maid for Hire Cleaners
  2. White Glove Maid Service
  3. Have it Maid Cleaning Solutions
  4. True-Shine Cleaning Service
  5. Washed Up Cleaning Solutions
  6. Rescue Cleaners
  7. 24/7 Cleaning Solutions – A good choice for a company in the commercial cleaning industry.
  8. 911 Maid Services
  9. Spotless Cleaners
  10. Sponge ; Bucket Cleaning Solutions

Classy Names For A Cleaning Business

  1. Executive Polish Office Cleaning
  2. Organic Shine Cleaning Solutions
  3. Clean Break Office Cleaning Solutions
  4. Office Taskforce Cleaning Service
  5. Brilliant Shine Cleaners
  6. Dashing Executive Cleaning Service
  7. Five Star Cleaning Solutions
  8. Top Shelf Cleaning Solutions
  9. Legally Clean 
  10. The Clean Solution

Cute Names For Cleaning Businesses

  1. Sweet ‘N Discreet Cleaning Service
  2. Swifter Sweepers Maid Service
  3. Grime Busters Cleaning Service
  4. Dust Bunny Busters
  5. Green Machine Eco-Cleaners
  6. Glisten and Gleam Cleaning Service
  7. Down N’ Dirty Cleaning Solutions
  8. Pristine Pros Cleaning
  9. Dust Rabbits Cleaning Solutions
  10. Bright Polish Cleaners
  11. The Clean Bees

Clever Names For Cleaning Businesses

  1. Hot Mess Assess
  2. The Maid Brigade
  3. Dirt B Gone Cleaning Solutions
  4. Dirt Devils Cleaning Service
  5. The Friendly Clean
  6. Genie in a Bucket Cleaners – Instead of genie in a bottle, implies that all your customers’ cleaning needs will come true. 
  7. Daisy Fresh Cleaners
  8. Gimme Clean Cleaners
  9. Next to Godliness Cleaners – This name plays on the popular phrase, “cleanliness is close to godliness.” 
  10. Cleaning by Design

Cool Names For Cleaning Businesses

  1. Extreme Clean Solutions
  2. Dependable Cleaners
  3. Heroic House Cleaners – After all, cleaning a house top to bottom is a feat only for the brave. 
  4. Hercules House Cleaners
  5. Castle Cleaners – After all, everyone’s home is their castle. 
  6. Dust Detail Cleaners
  7. Silver Cleaners – Silver, like crystal, is a great word to have in your cleaning company name because it implies sparkle and shine. 
  8. Top Pick Cleaning Solutions
  9. The Soapranos – A pun-tastic name that plays on the success of the highly-rated drama, “The Sopranos.”
  10. Maid Squad Cleaners

Names For A Carpet Cleaning Business

  1. Carpet Sonic Carpet Cleaners – This name implies speed and efficiency. 
  2. Spots N Spills Carpet Cleaners
  3. Star Carpets and Upholstery Cleaning
  4. Clean Spot Co.
  5. Quality Carpet Cleaners
  6. The Carpet Doctors
  7. Carpet Masters
  8. Scrub a Dub Carpet Cleaners – A cute name that hints at an old nursery rhyme. 
  9. Magic Carpet Cleaners
  10. Stain Masters LLC

Names For a Pool Cleaning Business

  1. Pool-A-Rama Pool Cleaners
  2. Aquatic Edge Pool Care – Show your customers you have an “edge” over the competition with this competitive name!
  3. Swim Around Pool Cleaners
  4. Your Oasis Pool Care – Everyone’s pool should be their own private oasis. Acknowledge this in your business name. 
  5. Bluewater Pool Cleaners – Words like “blue” and “water” are solid, straightforward choices to have in your pool cleaning company name. 
  6. MerMaids Pool Cleaners – This clever wordplay has double meaning, as maids clean and mermaids live in water. Hence, the perfect name for a pool cleaning business! 
  7. Blue Wave Pool Service
  8. Zen Pool Cleaners – As pools and water are often associated with peace, having a word like “Zen” in your name is a good idea. 
  9. Five Star Pool Cleaners
  10. Aqua Maids Pool Cleaners

Names For A Car Cleaning Business

  1. Magic Touch Car Wash
  2. Thunderbird Car Wash – A powerful name that pays homage to the car of the same name. 
  3. Shine-Tastic Car Cleaners
  4. A to Z Car Cleaners – This name communicates a thorough job. 
  5. City Slicker Car Wash – A fancy name for all your urbanite customers, best if you live in a large city. 
  6. Grit ; Splash Car Cleaners
  7. Rinse Masters Car Detail
  8. Fearless Shine Car Detail
  9. Driving Force Car Cleaners
  10. Like a Diamond Car Wash – Shine like a diamond or sparkle like a diamond are both excellent associations to have with your car cleaning business. 

Names For A House Cleaning Business

  1. Meticulous Maids Cleaning Service – Another great example of alliteration. 
  2. Ready-Maid Cleaning Services – This name employs word play on the phrase “ready made,” implying speed and efficiency.
  3. Maid in Five
  4. Nooks ; Crannies Cleaning Service – A cute name that implies that your cleaning service will do a thorough job and won’t skip on the tough areas! 
  5. Happy Clean Home
  6. Sweep Out House Cleaners – Having words like “sweep” are helpful in your business name, as it hints at the many tools needed for house cleaning. 
  7. Sparkling Home House Cleaners
  8. Clean Sweep Cleaners
  9. Heaven Scent House Cleaners – This name plays off the phrase “heaven sent.” 
  10. Heavenly House Cleaning

Names For A Window Cleaning Business

  1. Crystal Window Cleaning – Words like “crystal” communicate clear and clean windows to your customers.
  2. Squeaky Clean Window Cleaners
  3. Squeegee Masters Window Cleaning
  4. Sparkles Galore Window Cleaners – Words like “sparkles” is good to include in your business name, as it implies clean, clear windows. Who doesn’t want sparkling clean windows? 
  5. Pane ; Pleasure Window Cleaners – By replacing the word “pain” with the synonym for glass window, this name is easy to remember and a little naughty. 
  6. True Shine Window Cleaning
  7. Clear as Crystal Window Cleaning – Another example of a name using “crystal” to communicate cleanliness to their customer base. 
  8. We Do Windows 
  9. The Window Wizards
  10. Windows Wiped

Names For A Drain Cleaning Business

  1. Royal Flush Plumbing
  2. Drain Defender Plumbing
  3. Silver Star Plumbing
  4. No Drip Fix
  5. The Purple Plumber – Extra points for having purple work trucks and uniforms!
  6. Python Drain Cleaners – This name recalls the reptile that twists and turns just like the complex pipes in your home or business. A natural association for your plumbing business. 
  7. Drill the Sink Plumbers
  8. License to Drill Plumbing – This name cleverly plays off the phrase, “License to Kill.” This name can also be used for a number of home repair or even handyman services, not just plumbing. 
  9. Spectrum Sewer Solutions – This alliterative name communicates the wide range of plumbing problems the business can fix. 
  10. Plumb Quick Plumbers

Names For A Gutter Cleaning Business

  1. Leaf-Free Gutter Cleaners – This straightforward name leaves no doubt about what your business does. 
  2. No Gunk R Us Gutter Cleaners
  3. Gus’s Gutter Solutions – This business name would also work well with any “G” names. 
  4. Great Gutter Solutions
  5. Eager Leaf Cleanup – This catchy name is easy to remember and is clear about the services you offer. Having a word like “eager” in the name also implies readiness and diligence. 
  6. The Gutter Lover
  7. Gutter Doctor Gutter Cleaning
  8. Rot Not Gutter Cleaners
  9. The Leaf Scoopers Gutter Cleaning
  10. Leaf Deleters 

Names For Your Roof Cleaning Business

  1. Shingle Shack Roof Repair
  2. Pristine Pavilions Roof Cleaners
  3. Grime Gone Roof Cleaning
  4. Skywalker Roof Repair
  5. Shiny Shingles Roof Cleaners
  6. Shingle Ladies Roof Cleaners – This pun-tastic name works great for a female-run business!
  7. Wandering Roof Squad
  8. The Happy Rafter Roof Repair
  9. The Chimney Cleanse 
  10. Roof Sweepers

Names For A Shoe Cleaning Business

  1. The Shoe Spa
  2. Sole Cleaners Co.
  3. Re-shoe-venation – This name has a clever twist on the word “rejuvenation.”
  4. Cobble ; Clean – An alliterative name that uses the word “cobble,” an old name 
  5. The Loafer Launderers
  6. Sole Solutions – This name employs double meaning with the word “sole,” which is both a synonym for “only” and the word for the bottom of a shoe. Let your customers know you are the “sole” solution to all your shoe cleaning needs! 
  7. Walking Clean – A name that’s easy to remember and hints at clean footwear. 
  8. Shoe Shine Palace
  9. The Shoe Crew Shoe Cleaners
  10. Footwear Refresh

Names For Your Dry Cleaning Business

  1. Dream Clean Machine
  2. Lux Laundry Cleaners
  3. Leopard Laundry
  4. Regent Cleaners Laundromat
  5. Permanent Pressers Dry Cleaning
  6. Regal Drycleaners – This name implies authority and expertise. 
  7. Iron Maiden Dry Cleaners – A great name for rock nostalgia, also hints at ironing laundry. 
  8. In a Flash Dry Cleaners
  9. Let Us Launder
  10. Flower Fresh Dry Cleaners – Words like “fresh” are good to include in your name, as nothing beats the smell and feel of freshly laundered clothes. 

Company Name Naming Tips

Simple is best when naming your business. Keep your business name easy to spell, pronounce, and remember – though sometimes alternate spellings can be used if they are memorable. 

  1. Make sure the name reflects your business. While a name may be clever, if it doesn’t apply to your services, it won’t be good for business. 
  2. Conduct a thorough Internet search to verify that the name is still available.
  3. Choose a name that’s easy to pronounce and a name that people will remember.
  4. Don’t rush – sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the right business name. But the wait is usually worth it.


While there may be many complicated steps in starting a business, choosing a name doesn’t have to be with our ultimate guide. From the funny to the straightforward, we’ve got a name for every cleaning business.

Make sure to check whether the domain is available by using many online resources.

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