265 Xbox Usernames (BEST, Cute, Funny & Cool Ideas 2023)

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From the cute and familiar to the surreal and downright bizarre, there is seemingly no limit to choosing your username. Popular Xbox usernames include both letters and numbers that describe something about themselves and their gaming persona.

The most fun thing about choosing a username for Xbox is that you can set reality aside and design a name and persona all your own. While you can certainly use your real name or some version of your real name (for example, if a man named Jared Shaw has the username JS the Vampire), the fun is in the fantasy.

A good gamertag will be short and sweet, easy to spell, and 12 characters or under (15 characters or under in the Xbox 360 console). Avoid using a jumble of numbers, as it will be difficult to remember and accurately be communicated through the chat in online games.

Read on to see our ultimate guide to usernames for Xbox- the best cute, funny, and cool ideas for 2023! 

Best Xbox Usernames

Below are 50 great examples of usernames for Xbox. While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope it offers some inspiration. 

  1. Dragon Heart
  2. Demon Slayer – This name exudes fierceness, as well as the kind of games its user prefers to play. 
  3. Howling Wolf – A striking image, indeed! 
  4. Blood Steel
  5. Angel Fire
  6. Blood Winter
  7. Vampire Sky
  8. Monstrous V – It’s up to you whether you want the V to be the letter or the Roman numeral that represents 5. 
  9. Sun Blossom
  10. Drago Rising – Drago is another word for dragon – a great noun to go with “rising.” 
  11. King Kole MOS – This song references the nursery rhyme and makes for a memorable gamertag. 
  12. Brain Game
  13. Lord of Zero
  14. Planet X
  15. The Destroyer
  16. Killer Drone
  17. Summer Blood
  18. Chaos Monger
  19. Blood Bot
  20. Ugly Luck
  21. Black Hawk J
  22. The Bomber
  23. Death Magnet
  24. Killer Bee – Can a name be both cute and scary? This name proves that yes, it can.
  25. The Disrupter
  26. CapedCrusader
  27. Magneto Man 
  28. Blood Empress
  29. Redemption
  30. Alchemist
  31. Firefly Fly
  32. Night Goddess
  33. God of War
  34. Death Angel
  35. Stranger Thing
  36. Steel Kiss
  37. God of Gallows
  38. Witch Hunter
  39. ShadowMistress
  40. Poison Ivy
  41. Blk Widow
  42. PrettyKiller
  43. Dark Queen
  44. Soul Reaper
  45. Killer Queen
  46. Iron Throne
  47. Looter King
  48. Black Beard – Named for arguably the most infamous pirate in American history. 
  49. Dragon Rider
  50. The Iron Rose

Good Xbox Usernames

The following are great Xbox names that hit all the criteria for the ideal gamertag. 

  1. Gold Draco
  2. Blood N Kisses
  3. Tyrannus Rex
  4. Cosmic cat
  5. Lone fox
  6. Shield Maiden – After the fabled female warriors from Norse legend, who were highly honored and skilled fighters. 
  7. Aphrodite
  8. Zombie Huntr – Abbreviations are popular in usernames and are fine as long as they don’t obscure the word or phrase they’re meant to represent. 
  9. DeConqueror
  10. Grim Reaper
  11. Underworlder
  12. Mammoth
  13. Highlander
  14. Death Adder
  15. Pandora’s Box
  16. David’s Goliath
  17. Frankenstone
  18. Dr. Roswell
  19. Liar Fire
  20. Baba Yaga – In Russian folklore, the Baba Yaga is a witch who lives in a house deep in the woods with the legs of a giant bird instead of a trunk. 

Cute Xbox Usernames

Do love gaming but shy away from the grittier names? Do you have a bubbly and optimistic personality that you have no need of hiding behind a screen name?

Not to worry -plenty of gamers opt for a sweet and cute name, and fortunately, there’s no shortage of cute Xbox gamertag ideas.

Below are a few examples for inspiration. 

  1. Sweet Keys
  2. PumpkinPie
  3. BlueJay Kay – This username is perfect for a person named Kay or for someone with K as their first initial.
  4. LadyBug 
  5. SunnyDay 1
  6. YellowSun
  7. JellyBean Dream
  8. Rainbow Low
  9. Mellow Jellow
  10. PB Jelly Jo
  11. Lemon Lace
  12. Shy Fly
  13. StarShine
  14. Skittles
  15. Lolli N Pops
  16. BoPeep’s Sheep
  17. Luv2Luv
  18. Pink Honey
  19. Peas In A Pod
  20. Sugar N Spice

Funny Xbox Usernames

Video game players often opt to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. Others take the opposite approach by choosing funny names that bring a smile to the faces of those who spot the moniker in the chat box.  

  1. SpaghettiOs
  2. TreeHugger
  3. SaltyBeef
  4. Fart Monger
  5. SugarBeeBo
  6. Pizza Slayer
  7. PullMyFinger1 – Few names are as memorable and instantly recognizable as those that employ toilet humor.
  8. Toadie
  9. Pirate Legs
  10. Cookie Spice
  11. Psycho Fish
  12. Kung Fu Panda – After the animated Dreamworks franchise. 
  13. Sorry Nt Sorry
  14. Beer Bandit
  15. Smiling Sword
  16. Santa X Claus
  17. Error404
  18. Username NA
  19. Generic Bob
  20. Eastr Bunny

Unique Xbox Usernames

With so many Xbox users, you might find that the super cool gamertag you thought of has already been claimed, as well as the ten others you’d created as a backup. 

As Xbox doesn’t allow two players to have the same username, having a unique username raises the likelihood of getting the gamertag you want. The following are examples of unique gamertag names you can use with Xbox. 

  1. Bee Bae – A great name for a bee-loving Xbox player. 
  2. NurseRatchet – After the infamous character in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. 
  3. Angsty Goose
  4. Sugar Rush – This sweet gamertag references the beloved Disney/Pixar film, Wreck It Ralph. 
  5. Apex Hunter
  6. Lancehead VPR – This abbreviated username refers to the Brazilian golden lancehead viper, one of the deadliest snakes in the world. It’s certainly a foreboding and informative gamertag that not many would think of. 
  7. Sauron’s Eye
  8. Sonic Vroom – Instead of the natural phenomenon “sonic boom,” this username swaps the second word for a name that implies speed. 
  9. Annabel Lee – Fans of Edgar Allen Poe will understand the meaning behind this gamertag. 
  10. Grumpy Tree
  11. NIMH Rat – After the 1982 animated film, The Secret of NIMH. 
  12. John Wick – What assassin is cooler than the iconic John Wick? 
  13. Blood Spitter
  14. Hog of the Hedge – A hedgehog. 
  15. The Great owl – This name brings to mind the foreboding character in the 1982 animated film, The Secret of NIMH. 
  16. Pinch O Salt
  17. Samurai Sam – Any S name works for this username. 
  18. Wolf’s Rune
  19. Pick Ur Poison – The classic expression is a fierce one that makes for a cool gamertag. 
  20. Sideshow Freak

Cool Xbox Usernames

Battle, bloodshed, speed, and animals that are unanimously seen as cool are some of the best options for making a cool username. After all, which opponent would you fear and respect more – WaspVenom or Blobfish1? 

The usernames listed below are just a few examples of cool Xbox gamertag ideas. 

  1. Thor’s Hammer
  2. Plague Rat
  3. Hornet’s Nest
  4. Black Eyed Pea
  5. Sorcerer X
  6. The Enchantor
  7. White Wizard
  8. Gun N Tonic – A clever play on words, replacing the “gin” from the popular drink with “gun” – the default weapon used in many Xbox games. 
  9. Briar Patch
  10. Ice Siege
  11. Skull Crusher
  12. Black Honey
  13. Dark Forest 
  14. Dark Eyed Doe
  15. Magic of Fae
  16. Fallout Fire
  17. Zero Sum Game – This phrase is another way of saying that no one wins.
  18. Gamr One
  19. Area 51
  20. Brave Heart

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Badass Usernames For Xbox

  1. Big Bad Wolf
  2. BloodBlade X
  3. Fang Game
  4. Shadow Eater
  5. Demon Eye
  6. Crossed Swords
  7. Dagger X
  8. Gasoline Gaze
  9. Blood Bound
  10. Night Witch
  11. Viking Eyes
  12. Vengeful 1 – This gamertag is based on the hit song by the heavy rock band Disturbed. 
  13. Hollow Eye
  14. The Red Witch
  15. Death Knell
  16. White Demon
  17. Viper Valley
  18. The Revenger
  19. Rager Blaze
  20. BlackHoleSun – This name is taken from the title of a song by Soundgarden. 

Xbox Usernames For Girls

While most of the Xbox gamertags in this guide are gender-neutral and can be used by both males and females, the names below are specifically female.

Women and girls make up a large part of the gamer community and are active contributors on all Xbox platforms, such as Xbox live, Xbox 360, and others.

  1. Summer Lass
  2. Lady Luck
  3. Red Priestess – Or Melisandre, one of the primary antagonists from Game of Thrones. 
  4. Queen Of Hearts
  5. Medusa
  6. Pandora X
  7. Sally Girl
  8. Princess Boom
  9. Powerpuff Grrl
  10. Night Sister
  11. Katara Kiss – This spicy name references one of the main protagonists of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. 
  12. Blade Queen
  13. PrimaDonna
  14. Diva Dear
  15. Mrs. Incredible – Because this name has 15 characters, it can only be used by those on the Xbox 360 console. 
  16. She Wolf
  17. Locusta XOX – This unique username references the notorious poisoner from ancient Rome – a woman who was paid to mix poisons for the emperors. One of the most famous of Locusta’s employers was none other than Emperor Nero. 
  18. Temptress10
  19. Wonder Woman
  20. MotherOfDragons – This Xbox gamertag honors one of the main female characters in Game of Thrones. 

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Xbox Usernames For Boys

As we mentioned in the list for girls, most Xbox gamertags are gender-neutral and can be used by both sexes.

However, if you want something particularly masculine, check out the suggestions below for the best gamertag ideas for boys. 

  1. King of Blood
  2. Alpha Male
  3. Hellboy X
  4. Mr. Hyde
  5. Eternal Lord
  6. Spartan
  7. Zeus
  8. BigGun
  9. King Nero
  10. Flying Dagger
  11. Top dog
  12. Mr. Death
  13. Shadow Lord
  14. Widow Maker
  15. TowerMan
  16. Lord of Woe
  17. Man of Wonders
  18. Superman Dan – This name can be modified to include any name that rhymes with “superman,” such as “Stan” or “Chan.
  19. Cinder Man
  20. Dragon Boy

Tryhard / Sweaty Xbox Usernames

Tryhard players – also known as “sweats” or “sweaty” gamers – are those who strive to be the best at whichever game they’re passionate about, and view gaming as a passion and a way of life rather than a hobby or casual past time.

They will be the first to show off their new skills and work hard to master everything they need to do to win. 

The names of tryhard / sweaty players will reflect this passion and will be as unique as possible, as well as closely linked to the player’s gaming history.

  1. Artoria
  2. Simulation
  3. CTRL Killer
  4. Ninjas Hyper
  5. Bloody Mary
  6. Captain Krook
  7. Coke N Doritos – Named for a classic gamer snack. 
  8. RedDead
  9. Elysian Fields
  10. Born2Doom
  11. NightMareZ
  12. Rxpct – This abbreviation stands for the word “respect” – certainly something tryhard players desire from their opponents. 
  13. Trigg3r – Replacing letters with numbers – in this case, the E with the number 3 – is a popular option in tryhard usernames.
  14. NOFear
  15. NOS4A2 – This assortment of letters and numbers spell “Nosferatu” – one of the first Dracula films from the 1920s.

Anime Usernames For Xbox

  1. Sailor Luna – This Xbox gamertag pays homage to one of the first and most popular anime series of all time, Sailor Moon. By replacing “Moon” with the Spanish version of the word, it makes for a creative anime-inspired username. 
  2. Ichigogo – After Bleach’s red-haired protagonist. 
  3. Titan’s Attack – After the series Attack on Titan. 
  4. PokeXmon
  5. Go Gundam
  6. MyHAcademia – Short for My Hero Academia, a popular series. 
  7. GottaKetchumAll
  8. 1 Punch Man
  9. P Mononoke – This would be Princess Mononoke, if not for the limit on character length.
  10. Fullmetal Al
  11. DeathNote X
  12. Naruto Sword
  13. Tokyo Ghoul 1
  14. Nausicaa – From Hayao Miyazaki’s 1984 film, Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind. 
  15. ShippuudenN
  16. ShingekiNo
  17. 1Piece 
  18. Tora Dora X
  19. Angel Beats
  20. Sword Art OL

Famous Existing Xbox Usernames For Inspiration

Celebrities love to game, too. The following list are real usernames from various celebrities. 

1. Jude Law – blitzwulfe88

This celebrated English actor is famous for his work in films such as Gattaca, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Cold Mountain. His username evokes gritty images of war and wolves – a great combination for an Xbox gamertag. 

2. Robert Pattinson – RevCottonMarcus

You may know this actor from his time as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, but he’s been in many other films since. His esoteric username is a memorable one, even though it’s difficult to see the connection between the gamertag and the actor. 

3. Justin Bieber – Knob Jockey 88

This famous Canadian pop singer references his birth year and his love for gaming in his username. 

4. Ice-T – Lord187x

Rapper turned actor Ice-T has a unique Xbox gamertag that combines a title with numbers. 

5. Taylor Lautner – ripXvanXwinkle

Nursery rhymes and celebrated classic stories make for easy-to-remember gamertags, as Taylor Lautner has illustrated in his unique username.

6. Andy Samburg – JewBoiFresh

Andy Samburg has a username that mixes both his personality and religious heritage. 

7. Tom Hardy – CaptainMarvel15

Pop culture references in usernames are very popular in the Xbox gaming community.

8. Tony Hawk – tonyinegypt

9. Bill Gates – MSGates123

This seems like a relatively generic username, but you’ll never forget who it is on Xbox Live. 

10. Chris Pine – 123456789nut 

While jumbles of letters seldom work in a username, the ones in Chris Pine’s gamertag are at least sequential. 

11. Lil Wayne – TheDestroyer

As Lil Wayne is one of the most famous rappers of the modern age, his username is fitting. 

12. Mr. T – T100

We can’t say we’re surprised by Mr. T’s Xbox gamertag. 

13. Kid Rock – SeeWhatsCookin

This username has a touch of Southern charm. 

14. Vin Diesel – McVinny

Vin Diesel has a memorable username that’s also clever and funny.

15. Dan Cody – OKDanCody80

16. Matt Leinart – KingofTroy11

Matt Leinart has a great example of a cool Xbox gamertag.

17. Ryan Sheckler – RoC iMpReZ

Using a combination of both capital and lowercase letters in your username is typically frowned upon, but it seems to work with Ryan Sheckler’s gamertag. 

18. Bam Margera – Gumball 3000

19. Michael Halford – Coola

20. Colt Cannon – Coltron3030

The gamertag of this famous skateboarder sounds like a futuristic robot. 

Xbox Username Naming Tips

1. Follow the Xbox Gamertag Rules 

  • According to the official Xbox website, the following are not allowed in a gamertag, nor in any profile picture, avatar, profile, etc. 
  • Profanity (words or phrases)
  • Sexual references
  • References to illegal drugs or substances
  • Hate speech
  • References to illegal activity
  • Religious controversy
  • Notorious organizations, groups, or individuals
  • References to sensitive political topics or events
  • Any words or phrases that sound or look like any of the above references

2. Keep the name short and memorable

3. Seek inspiration

  • Use a gamertag generator to get ideas for your username. There are many online sources available. 

4. Choose a unique username

5. Brand or copyright your username, especially if you plan on live streaming your progress on Twitch or Discord. 


While the options for your gamertag are almost endless, there are guidelines that help your username be successful in the Xbox community.

Review the Xbox gamertag rules and keep your name short and easy to remember. A unique name is best, as it’ll prevent multiple gamers from having names similar to yours.

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