195 Green Fish Names (Awesome Naming Ideas)

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A green pet fish can be a great addition to your aquarium. It can also be one of many pet fish to come. However, acquiring a pet is just the first step. You need to name him/her.

You are probably here for some green fish names. Let’s face it! Naming a unique pet like a green fish can be a challenge. That’s precisely why we have prepared this green fish naming guide.

Below you will find the perfect names for green fish to consider. You can use the names or consider them as inspiration.

Let’s dive in.

Best Green Fish Names

There are many pet fish owners that have come before you. These individuals have had green fish naming preferences mostly inspired by color.

If you want to select the best names for green fish in use today, consider the list below;

  1. Algae Eater
  2. Algae
  3. Alpha
  4. Apple
  5. Atlantic
  6. Atlantis
  7. Bait
  8. Big Fish
  9. Broccoli
  10. Cloverleaf
  11. Emerald
  12. Forest
  13. Frog
  14. Green mamba
  15. Greeny
  16. Grinch
  17. Honey Gherkins
  18. Jade
  19. Kiwi
  20. Lime
  21. Malachite
  22. Mint
  23. Olive
  24. Petrol
  25. Pie plant
  26. Rucola
  27. Hulk
  28. Ruffalo – After Mark Ruffalo the actor that plays the Incredible Hulk

Female Green Fish Names

If you happen to have a female green fish and want to name her based on gender and her unique feminine characteristics, we have some suggestions below.

We’ve also listed some names that aren’t necessarily gender-based but would still work well for a green or greenish fish.

  1. Alligator – name for a fierce female green fish
  2. Army – a name for a green fish with mid-range green color and other colors like brown resembling an army uniform
  3. Artichoke (or Arti) – a name for A pale mid-range green fish featuring an earthier tone
  4. Asparagus – name after the vegetable – asparagus
  5. Basil (or Baz) – named after a green herb with a light brown and greenish color.
  6. Broccoli – name ideal for a mid to dark green fish that resembles broccoli
  7. Chartreuse – a name for a greenish-yellow fish that resembles chartreuse green liquor
  8. Clover – name ideal for a green fish with a natural mild green tone
  9. Emerald – name ideal for a rich mid-range colored green fish
  10. Fern – name fit for a pale green fish
  11. Jade – name ideal for a green fish with a mid-tone green
  12. Laurel – name ideal for a light green faded green fish
  13. A pale, faded green that is generally lighter in shade
  14. Lime– name ideal for a “lime looking” saturated and vibrant looking fish
  15. Parakeet – a name for a vibrant and light green fish
  16. Sage – name ideal for a mild or light pale green female fish

Male Green Fish Names

If your green fish is male and you want a masculine name, we have some suggestions below that incorporate both gender and color;

  1. Cactus – name ideal for a tough green fish with a mid-range green color and brown tint
  2. Forest – name ideal for a green fish with a deep green shade
  3. Frog – name also ideal for a fish with a mid-tone brown and green color
  4. Grass
  5. Grasshopper – name ideal for a vibrant green male fish
  6. Hunter– name ideal for an active feeder with a dark green-like camouflage
  7. Jungle – a name for a rich semi-dark fish
  8. Kale – a name for a dark and rich green male fish featuring a bluish tint
  9. Mint – a name for a pale green fish
  10. Moss – name perfect for a green male fish with various shades of green coupled with other colors like yellow and brown
  11. Neon or Neo – a name for a vibrant and bright green male fish
  12. Pickle – a name for a pale green fish just like a pickle
  13. Pine – a name for a male green fish with hints of blue
  14. Seaweed – a name for a green fish with various greens that match seaweed

Unique Green Fish Names

We also have some unique fish names to choose from. These names have been inspired by factors like color and other unique naming factors like Disney characters, film characters, fish food, water bodies, and more!

  1. Algae
  2. Angel
  3. Aquarius
  4. Atlantic
  5. Babar
  6. Baloney
  7. Barbara
  8. Barbie
  9. Barbra
  10. Beaver
  11. Bermuda
  12. Binky
  13. Cantina
  14. Caviar
  15. Chow
  16. Chupacabra
  17. Crystal
  18. Dexter
  19. Dinner
  20. Diver
  21. Donald
  22. Draco
  23. Elmer
  24. Elvis
  25. Erie
  26. Eskimo
  27. Featherweight
  28. Finn
  29. Fish Sauce
  30. Fried
  31. Heater
  32. Heather
  33. Igloo
  34. Import
  35. Jabberjaw
  36. Jimbo
  37. Jose
  38. Jumbo
  39. Kiko
  40. Lenny
  41. Magikarp
  42. Mayo
  43. Mediterranean
  44. Michael Phelps
  45. Misses Puff
  46. Mitch
  47. Niagara
  48. Oscar
  49. Pacific
  50. Pesqino
  51. Puckerface
  52. Rey
  53. Sardine
  54. Sebastian
  55. Sharky
  56. Sputter
  57. Tahoe
  58. Tartar
  59. Tina
  60. Tuna
  61. Viagra
  62. White Meat
  63. Yellow Submarine

Cute Names For Green Fish

Some species of fish can be very lovely. If your green fish is adorable and lovable, consider calling him any of the cute fish names below;

  1. Algae
  2. Angie
  3. Annie
  4. Astro
  5. Baby
  6. Beluga
  7. Billie
  8. Bingo
  9. Bubba
  10. Bubbles
  11. Cleo
  12. Coco
  13. Cookie
  14. Dobby
  15. Dory
  16. Finn
  17. Flash
  18. Flipper
  19. Flounder
  20. Flower
  21. Freckles
  22. George
  23. Gordy
  24. Gracie
  25. Guppy
  26. Houdini
  27. Kiko
  28. Kraken
  29. Larry
  30. Lenny
  31. Louie
  32. Lucky
  33. Marble
  34. Ollie
  35. Otter
  36. Paulie
  37. Pillow
  38. Popcorn
  39. Quimby
  40. Rex
  41. Rocket
  42. Rocky
  43. Roxy
  44. Salty
  45. Sammy
  46. Sandy
  47. Sassy
  48. Skippy
  49. Snapper
  50. Spike
  51. Spot
  52. Sprite
  53. Surfer
  54. Swimmer
  55. Swimmy
  56. Toby
  57. Turbo
  58. Wavy
  59. Ziggy

Big Green Fish Names

If your green fish is big, you can consider representative names after big fish species.

Here are some examples:

  1. Whale
  2. Great white
  3. Tiger – named after a tiger shark
  4. Manter ray – named after giant oceanic Manta ray
  5. Sunfish – named after Southern sunfish
  6. Beluga – named after the beluga sturgeon
  7. Hoodwinker – named after the Hoodwinker sunfish
  8. Greenland – named after the Greenland shark
  9. Kaluga – named after Kaluga fish that can grow up to 5.6-meters in length

Small Green Fish Names

Small green fish can be named accordingly as per the examples below;

  1. Sardine – named after sardine or pilchard fish
  2. Stout – named after stout instantfish
  3. Midget – named after midget dwarfgoby fish
  4. Chili – named after chili rasbora
  5. Spiniceps – named after photocorynus spiniceps
  6. Pearl – named after celestial pearl danio

Fish Name Inspiration: Help Choosing The Right Name

As shown above, you can get fish name inspiration from factors like gender, character, color, uniqueness, species, and more. The above guide is bound to help you end up with the perfect moniker.

If you need more inspiration, you can watch your green fish in action. A funny fish can take many names. The same applies to cool fish. The appearance can also offer valuable cues. For instance, green betta fish deserve a name that represents their good looks.

However, remember to have a lot of fun in the process. Fish name ideas can be overwhelming. Take your time and enjoy the process to get the best name possible.


The above green fish name guide offers hundreds of names. Choose the perfect name or use the information for inspiration.

You aren’t obligated to pick a name if you don’t like the above suggestions. You can use the above information for inspiration.

What’s more, you can turn to name resources like www.blogoftom.com for further guidance.

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