Pink Fish Names (297 Awesome Naming Ideas)

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If you get a pink pet fish that commands attention and affection in equal measure, you should choose a name for him/her that matches its presence, personality, the feelings they trigger, and more. Luckily, there are no shortages of pink fish names.

This ultimate fish naming guide will help you choose the perfect pink fish name. We’ll give you a name or inspiration, whether you are naming a funny fish, a good fish, a cute fish, a betta fish, siamese fighting fish, a cool fish, a girl fish, etc.

Picking a name for your fish appears challenging at first glance for those with many reservations. Our guide is intended to make the process easier.

Let’s dive in.

Best Pink Fish Names

The best pink fish names available have been inspired by color and popularity.

If you wish to discover what other pink fish owners call their fish and the most popular pink-related names, see the list below;

  1. Ballerina – reference to common pink ballerina outfits
  2. Blush – a reference to pink makeup blush
  3. Champagne – reference to beige or pinkish color of champagne
  4. Dusty – reference to dusty colors like mauve, which is dark-rosy pink
  5. Fuchsia –a reference to vivid pink
  6. Jada Pink-ett – wordplay after famous female actor Jada Pinkett.
  7. Mauve – pale, pinkish color
  8. Mountbatten – Plymouth pink – naval camouflage color
  9. Rosewood – light-ish purple/pinkish color
  10. Rouge – reddish pinkish color
  11. Thulian – color in the pink spectrum

Female Pink Fish Names

If you prefer to name your pink fish along gender lines, you can be guided first by female-based fish names and/or use wordplay to create a unique name.

The list below is mainly feminine names

  1. Adele
  2. Alley
  3. Amaka
  4. Amelia
  5. Amie
  6. Angel
  7. Ariel
  8. Astrid
  9. Baby
  10. Barbie
  11. Bess
  12. Betty
  13. Bubbly
  14. Buffy
  15. Candy
  16. Carrie
  17. Cassie
  18. Cindy
  19. Cleo
  20. Cookie
  21. Coral
  22. Crystal
  23. Cupcake
  24. Daisy
  25. Dawn
  26. Deb
  27. Delila
  28. Della
  29. Diva
  30. Donna
  31. Dora
  32. Dory
  33. Duchess
  34. Edith
  35. Emily
  36. Faye
  37. Felicity
  38. Fern
  39. Florence
  40. Flower
  41. Fran
  42. Gail
  43. Gina
  44. Ginny
  45. Gisell
  46. Gwen
  47. Haidi
  48. Harmony
  49. Hazel
  50. Heidi
  51. Hope
  52. Jada pink-ett
  53. Jenny
  54. Jewel
  55. Josie
  56. Juki
  57. June
  58. Karen
  59. Kat
  60. Kendra
  61. Ketki
  62. Kiko
  63. Lavender
  64. Lisa
  65. Loren
  66. Lucy
  67. Luna
  68. Lycca
  69. Lyn
  70. Mila
  71. Minnie
  72. Miss
  73. Misty
  74. Mona
  75. Nan
  76. Nessie
  77. Nightingale
  78. Nina
  79. Nora
  80. Ophelia
  81. Pam
  82. Paris
  83. Parvati
  84. Penny
  85. Pixie
  86. Polly
  87. Princess
  88. Queenie
  89. Rainbow
  90. Rikka
  91. Rikki
  92. Rose
  93. Rosy
  94. Roxy
  95. Sandy
  96. Scarlat
  97. Shelly
  98. Sissy
  99. Sookie
  100. Sophie
  101. Swan
  102. Tara
  103. Thelma
  104. Tigress
  105. Tori
  106. Velcro
  107. Velma
  108. Venus
  109. Veronica
  110. Violet
  111. Wavey
  112. Willa
  113. Xena
  114. Yasmin
  115. Yvette
  116. Zahra

Male Pink Fish Names

If you want a masculine name for your pink fish, you can try the list below comprised of some popular male names.

Choose any or add your own twist to make a color-representative name. Have a lot of fun!

  1. Ace
  2. Apollo
  3. Archie
  4. Arlo
  5. Astro
  6. Babble
  7. Bass
  8. Baxter
  9. Benjie
  10. Bennie
  11. Bevis
  12. Bingo
  13. Blade
  14. Blue
  15. Bones
  16. Bosco
  17. Bruce
  18. Bruno
  19. Bubba
  20. Bubbles
  21. Bull
  22. Buster
  23. Butch
  24. Captain
  25. Casper
  26. Charlie
  27. Cliff
  28. Clint
  29. Crimson
  30. Daniel
  31. Dean
  32. Delta
  33. Denzel
  34. Derek
  35. Dexter
  36. Drew
  37. Duke
  38. Dusty
  39. Earl
  40. Ed
  41. Einstein
  42. Emerson
  43. Ethan
  44. Finley
  45. Flicker
  46. Floyd
  47. Fluffy
  48. fox
  49. Franky
  50. Freddy
  51. Gavin
  52. Gerard
  53. Gill-bert
  54. Gilligan
  55. Gordo
  56. Gravy
  57. Grout
  58. Gunther
  59. Gustavo
  60. Henry
  61. Hero
  62. Hondo
  63. Houdini
  64. Hunter
  65. Jack
  66. Jacob
  67. Jimbo
  68. Jimmy
  69. Joe
  70. Johnson
  71. Jupiter
  72. Kermit
  73. Killer
  74. Kofi
  75. Lake
  76. Larry
  77. Leonardo
  78. Liam
  79. Lieutenant
  80. Lucky
  81. Mac
  82. Matt
  83. Melvin
  84. Micky
  85. Mikey
  86. Moby
  87. Morie
  88. Nigel
  89. Noah
  90. Obo
  91. Odie
  92. Odin
  93. Oliver
  94. Ozzy
  95. Patrick
  96. Pike
  97. Plankton
  98. Prancer
  99. Ripper
  100. Rocky
  101. Roger
  102. Rolo
  103. Rudolf
  104. Ryan
  105. Sam
  106. Scrappy
  107. Shadow
  108. Skippy
  109. Skor
  110. Slappy
  111. Soda Pop
  112. Spike
  113. Spot
  114. Squirt
  115. Stewy
  116. Tabby
  117. Tau
  118. Tom
  119. Tricky
  120. Trout
  121. Wiggly
  122. Zack

Funny Pink Fish Names

Laughter is medicine! If you are those pet owners with a sense of humor so you are keen on funny pet names, we have some suggestions below.

The names listed here will make you smile at the thought of your pet fish;

  1. Captain Hook – named after the funny fictional character captain hook
  2. Carrie Fish-er – wordplay incorporating the name of a famous actor
  3. Caviar – named after caviar
  4. Harley Finn – funny wordplay incorporating physical attributes of a fish
  5. Jack Sparrow – named after the famous Pirates of the Caribbean character
  6. Jada “Pink”ett – funny wordplay inspired by American actor – Jada Pinkett
  7. James Pond – funny wordplay inspired by James Bond
  8. Salty Sarah
  9. Scally – inspired by scales
  10. Suchimi
  11. Swim Shady – funny wordplay inspired by hip-hop star – Eminem

Unique Pink Fish Names

Pink is a unique color in itself. A pink fish is more unique, prompting the need for a unique fish name.

If you feel strongly about uniqueness, here are some good names to consider based on pink and representative names in different languages. These ideas are perfect for both male and female fish;

  1. Akala – named after pink dance in Hawaiian
  2. Arossa – in Basque
  3. Bleikur – pink in Icelandic
  4. Liab – pink in Hmong
  5. Pembe – pink in Kurdish
  6. Piniki – pink in Samoan
  7. Pushti – pink in Uzbek
  8. Rosado – pink in Spanish
  9. Roz – pink in Romanian
  10. Woz – pink in Haitian/Creole

Cool Pink Fish Names

There are many cool names for pink fish to consider. Here are some popular pet fish suggestions based on film, movies, shark tales, culture, etc.

  1. Babs – named after the pink bunny in Tiny Toons
  2. Blossom – named after the Power-puff Girls character
  3. Hamm – named after the pig character in the comedy film Toy Story
  4. Hello Kitty
  5. Jaws – after popular shark film
  6. Kirby – named after the pink character in the Nintendo game series
  7. Mew – named after the Pokemon character
  8. Molly Ringwald – named after the Pretty in Pink movie
  9. Ms. Piggy – named after The Muppets
  10. Piglet – named after Winnie the Pooh character
  11. Pink Panther – named after the popular cartoon
  12. Pinkie Pie – named after My Little Ponies character
  13. Pinky – named after Pac Man character
  14. Tickled Pink – named after Rainbow Brite character

Cute Pink Fish Names

If your pink fish is cute, consider any of the names below that represent their cute appearance or character;

  1. Bubblegum
  2. Candy
  3. Cookie
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Cupcake
  6. Gumdrop
  7. Lollipop
  8. Milkshake
  9. Slushie
  10. Sorbet
  11. Sprinkles
  12. Starburst
  13. Taffy

Help Choosing The Right Name

Picking names for pink fish should be based on factors like personal preferences, your pet fish’s personality, wordplay, species of fish, and many other considerations.

Most importantly, there’s no bad name for your pink fish name, provided you like the name.

If you want to take the naming process a notch higher, consider the physical attributes of your fish.

Physical Attributes

Besides being pink in color, your fish could be long, skinny, or feature other colors. If you have a blue fish with hints of pink or vice versa, this can be a source of naming inspiration.

Your fish could also have a more vibrant color. Their main physical attribute can be a great place to start when naming.

1. Personality

Even fish have personality. You can have a playful fish, a seemingly angry fish, a bold fish, or even one that has a personality that matches a famous fish like the one in the popular animated film, Finding Nemo.

Your fish could also be lazy, active, or exhibit aggressive characteristics towards other fish. As is the case when naming as per physical attributes, focus on the most notable personality trait and use these traits as name inspirations.

2. Personal Preferences

You may already have a name you like. You can use such names as a source for inspiration or as actual names.

As a pet fish owner, you can exercise your right to pick any fish name you like, even when it isn’t linked to your fish. Have fun!

3. Family Members/Friends

You can ask your closest family member or friends for suggestions. While you aren’t obligated to go with any suggestions, you can be surprised by how creative some family members/friends can be at naming.

4. Use Naming Resources

You can turn to unique naming resources like blogoftom. In most cases, you simply need ideas on how to generate a name or identify what matters most in your naming process.

You shouldn’t be bothered by the whole naming process when there are resources that take the challenges out of the naming process.

In fact, your biggest responsibility as a pink pet fish owner is caring for your pet. You can outsource naming to another party!

5. Patience

Lastly, if you hit a “dead end”, take your time. There’s no timeline to getting the best name for your pink fish. It can take a minute to days or months.

Don’t rush the process if you haven’t found a name you love. There’s nothing wrong with going through a thousand probable fish names and not liking any one of them.


The above pink fish naming guide is meant to make your naming process easier. However, it’s possible that you might get overwhelmed by all the suggestions above. What’s more, you may fail to find the perfect name.

However, this guide is bound to inspire you and direct you to the right path.

When you face challenges, remember that there is no perfect fish name. Anything that makes you happy can double up as a name.

It’s that easy! Have fun with the experience and let your imagination run wild.

Remember, you can combine names to include their pink color, choose a common name and translate it to another language, name the fish after yourself, choose a name from pop culture, and more.

Visit blogoftom for more in-depth fish name ideas. There’s no shortage of awesome naming ideas for fish and other pets.

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