201+ Handyman Business Names (BEST Ideas)

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When naming your handyman business, you want to communicate speed, efficiency, reliability, and quality in your name.

Home repair is usually costly, and customers want to choose a company they can trust to do a high-quality job.

Handyman services encompass construction, renovation, plumbing, carpentry, joinery work, various odd jobs, and other areas of home maintenance. But you only have one chance to make a first impression. 

Help your business start out on the right foot by choosing a name that’s clear about the services you include. 

Successful business owners know how important social media is in advertising, and have names that are simple, to the point, and easy to remember. 

Handyman business name generators are a great place to start, but we’ve also included some of our top picks for handyman business name ideas in our comprehensive list. 

Best Handyman Business Names

Help your business stand out with these awesome names:

  1. Hank’s Handyman Services – Any “H” name would work well with this alliterative business name. 
  2. A to Z Handyman Services
  3. The Neighborhood Handyman
  4. Problem Solved Home Repair
  5. In a Jiffy Home Repair – This name implies quick and efficient home repairs. 
  6. Wooden It Be Lovely – A great name for a handyman business specializing in woodworks and joinery repair. 
  7. A Cut Above Woodworkers
  8. Pain in the Glass Window Repairs – A catchy name with which to start a handyman business that specializes in windows!
  9. Grate Expectations Fireplace Repair
  10. Floors for Thought
  11. Flat Boy Skim Plastering Services
  12. Professor Fix-It Handyman Services – A great name for a handyman company that also specializes in-home appliance repair. 
  13. A Guy, A Toolbox, and A Truck – This straightforward business name is a great choice for its simplicity and clear disassociation of large, impersonal companies. It has a small-town vibe that will resonate with customers. 
  14. Applied Appliance Repair
  15. Jack of All Trades Home Repair
  16. Home Sweet Home Repairs – A catchy name that drives home the sentiment that there’s no place like home.
  17. You Break It We Fix It Appliance Repair
  18. Robin Wood – A play on the iconic “Robin Hood” and his legacy, a good association for a handyman as they provide the heroic deeds of home repair. 
  19. Handy by Moonlight – Great for a business offering after-hours and emergency repair services. 
  20. Four Seasons Handyman Services – With different seasons come different weather hazards, all of which can cause damage that needs repairing. 
  21. The Odd Job Guy 
  22. The Snappy Handyman – Implies speed and efficiency. 
  23. The Hippy Handyman – Extra points for having tie-dye uniforms!
  24. The Traveling Workshop
  25. Wicked Windows – This name employs alliteration while also highlighting the specialty of its services.
  26. The Friendly Handyman
  27. No Job 2 Odd Home Repair
  28. The Nifty Fixer
  29. Grease Monkey Handyman Services
  30. Weekend Handyman – A great name that drives home the point that you’ll be there for your customers regardless of the day of the week. After all, things don’t just break on weekdays! 
  31. The Window Wizards – Another alliterative name specializing in window repair and installation. 
  32. Jack’s Joinery – This business name could work well with any “J” name. 
  33. The Handy Pocket Home Repair
  34. Ace Home Repair
  35. 24/7 Handyman Services – This name communicates readiness around the clock.
  36. Man 4 the Job Handyman Services
  37. Handyman 911 – A perfect option if you offer after-hours emergency handyman services.
  38. Heavenly Stairways
  39. Wood that I Could
  40. Color Me Timbers – A catchy name reminiscent of pirates, a great option for a business specializing in house painting. 
  41. Crafty Joiners
  42. Benched In Joinery 
  43. ReNew Construction and Renovation
  44. New Life Renovation and Construction
  45. Floorboards to Lightbulbs Home Repair – And everything in between!
  46. Dreamy Door Repair
  47. After Hours Handyman Services – Drives home the point that your handyman services will be there when your customers need them. 
  48. Mr. Handy Home Repair
  49. Superior Craftsman
  50. Handy Work LLC
  51. Home Improve Services Ltd

Unique Names For Handyman Businesses

  1. Hercules Handyman Services – This excellent name implies that no repair is too difficult for your handymen!
  2. Broken Toe Construction – This self-deprecating business name hints at one of the common hazards of physical labor.
  3. Big Daddy’s Handyman Services
  4. Tri-County Home Repair
  5. Brick by Brick Construction ; Home Repair – Implies quality, care, and reliability.  
  6. Hometown Handyman
  7. Home Grown Handyman
  8. In a Pinch Home Repair
  9. Hammer ; Wrench Handyman Services
  10. Jack’s Trades Home Repair – A play on the phrase “Jack of all trades,” implies versatility.
  11. Ace Tips Services
  12. Ade’s Handy Service
  13. All American Handyman
  14. All Around Maintenance
  15. All Black Handyman
  16. All Rounders
  17. Anywhere Repairs
  18. As Is Handyman
  19. Better than Good Handymen
  20. Big Daddy Handyman
  21. Casa Handyman Service
  22. Centre Point Handyman Services
  23. Craftsmen of Quality
  24. Damage Control Commandos
  25. DIY Rescue Squad
  26. DoxFix
  27. Dr. House
  28. Elite Repairs
  29. Find a Fix
  30. Fix it
  31. Fix It, People
  32. Found & Fixed
  33. Get It Done Guys
  34. Hammer Time Services
  35. Handy Dandy Solutions
  36. Handy Helpers
  37. Handymantastic
  38. HandyPro Services
  39. Happy Hands Carpentry Inc.
  40. Heroic Handyman
  41. Home Doctor
  42. HomeFix Solutions
  43. Home Improvement Heroes
  44. Home Task Masters
  45. House Doctors
  46. Jack of all Trades
  47. Jack of All Trades Service Center
  48. Master Maintenance
  49. Mr. Fix-It
  50. Mr. Fix All
  51. Mr. Fix It
  52. Paintbrush Masters
  53. Plumber’s Pal
  54. Power Driver Helpers
  55. Premium Repairs
  56. Professional Touch
  57. ProMen Company
  58. Ready to Repair
  59. RescueRepair
  60. Screwdriving Specialists
  61. Silver Bullet Handyman
  62. The Drill Doctors
  63. The Handy Gentleman
  64. The Handy Monkey
  65. The Nailers
  66. The Quick Fix
  67. The Trusty Handyman
  68. Toolbox Heroes
  69. Toolbox Pros
  70. Tool Brothers Hardware
  71. Tool Time Pros
  72. Wrench Warriors

Catchy Handyman Business Name Ideas

Do you have a business idea but are unsure what name will help grow your business?

These catchy ideas will help stick in people’s minds:

  1. HomeWorks Remodeling and Home Repair
  2. All Around Repairs
  3. The Discount Handyman – Implies rates lower than the competitors.
  4. The Traveling Toolbox Handyman Services
  5. The Thrifty Fixer – Implies versatility and resourcefulness. 
  6. 360 Home Repair – An all-encompassing name that communicates the wide range of home repairs your business can perform.
  7. Nomadic Home Repair
  8. 11th Hour Jobs – The customers know who will come to their aide, even at the last minute.
  9. Blue Collar Carpentry – This name has a “salt of the earth” feel that resonates with working and middle-class Americans. 
  10. Home Trends Renovation

Good Names For Your Handyman Business

  1. All American Handyman
  2. Appliance Doctors
  3. Honey Do Home Repair
  4. Sir Fix-a-Lot Handyman Services 
  5. As Needed Home Repair
  6. The Deck Doctor – A great name for home repair specializing in repairing decks, patios, or joinery of any kind. 
  7. Anytime Services
  8. New Tool Collective – Nothing’s nicer than a shiny new tool!
  9. Handy ; Hired Handyman Services – This name communicates the popularity of your business. 
  10. Hardware Connection Home Repair

Classy Names for A Handyman Business

  1. The Handy Connection
  2. The Handy Gentleman
  3. Five Star Handyman Services
  4. Top Shelf Home Repair – Not only does this name imply quality with the phrase “top shelf,” but there’s some clever wordplay at work as home repair includes fixing shelves. 
  5. First Rate Handyman
  6. Quality Home Repair
  7. Not Your Average Handyman
  8. Gold Medal Home Repair – What better way to tell your customers you’re the best in the business than with this name?
  9. Superior Handyman Services
  10. Handyman Solutions

Cute Names For Your Handyman Business

  1. The Happy Handyman – Cute and alliterative. 
  2. Oh My Handyman! 
  3. Eye Candy Handyman
  4. Happy Accidents Home Repair – You’ll be even happier when the repair is done!
  5. Fixed In Five Repair – This is a great business name for odd jobs and other quick fixes, but not for more intensive jobs like construction or renovation. 
  6. Family Man Handyman Services
  7. Build-A-Dream Construction and Renovation – After all, there’s no place like home. Wouldn’t anyone want to live in the home of their dreams?
  8. Handy Helpers Handyman Services
  9. Helping Hands Home Repair
  10. Your Handyman Friend

Clever Names For A Perfect Handyman Business

  1. Squeaky Door Home Repair – Even better if your business offers more than door repair! 
  2. One Call Handyman – Implies convenience for the customer. 
  3. In the Dust Handyman Services – Let customers leave their home repair worries in the dust when using your business!
  4. Handy Hercules – A strong name that implies no job is too difficult. 
  5. Best 4 Less Home Repair – If replacing the word “for” with the number 4 puts you off, you can easily spell it out. This is an ideal choice for businesses that beat the prices of their competitors. 
  6. Budget Bros Handyman Services – A great name for a business that beats the prices of its competitors. 
  7. One ; Done Handyman Services
  8. Handyman Heroes
  9. The Heroic Handyman – Since handymen are everyday heroes in a very real sense, it’s good to acknowledge this when naming your business. 
  10. A + Home Repair – Since A+ is the highest grade, it’s a good thing to associate your business with perfection and satisfaction. After all, you wouldn’t want your business to be named “C – Home Repair.” 

Cool Names For A Handyman Business

  1. Ace of Spades Handyman Services – The Ace of Spades is the highest-ranking playing card, so having this name implies you’re the best in the business!
  2. Bulldog Builders – A great name for a company specializing in renovations and repairs. 
  3. American Muscle Handyman Services – Implies strength, American ingenuity, and patriotism. What’s not to love about this stars-and-stripes moniker? 
  4. Get It Done Home Repair
  5. National Handyman Services – A somewhat generic name, it implies expertise and a wide-ranging customer base.
  6. Knights Remodeling – Knights are associated with loyalty, chivalry, strength, and honor – all the right qualities for your handyman business. 
  7. Tried N’ True Handyman Services – A name that implies quality and customer satisfaction. 
  8. Man ; Wrench Home Repair – Straightforward and easy to remember, this is an excellent choice for a home repair business name. It even works for a female-run home repair business by changing it to “Woman ; Wrench Home Repair.” 
  9. The Steadfast Handyman – This name implies that no matter how tough the job is, your handymen won’t quit until the job is finished.
  10. Iron Will Home Repair – Problems are stubborn, but your business is even more stubborn! A great association for your home repair service.

Funny Names For A Handyman Business

  1. Screw It Handyman Services – Direct and a little naughty, this name is as funny as it is easy to remember. 
  2. The Trusty Wrench
  3. License to Drill – A blatant reference to the phrase “License to Kill,” a strong business name that implies quality and grit. 
  4. Don’t Call me Handy Andy – Rhyming is always a useful device in making your business name memorable. 
  5. The Handyman Can – This is a cute name that recalls the song “The Candyman Can” from the classic 1971 Gene Wilder family film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. 
  6. Shit Happens Plumbers – A bold and straightforward name for plumbing repair. 
  7. B. Handy Handyman Services
  8. Handy Manny – Rhyming is always a good way for customers to remember your business’s name. 
  9. Come Hell or High Water Home Repair – This is an excellent name that employs the classic phrase, “come hell or high water.” With a name like this, your customers better believe that your handyman business will be there for them no matter the circumstances! 
  10. Nailed It! Handyman Services

Names For A Female Handyman Business

  1. Two Gals and a Wrench – Cute, clear, and a little quirky, this name has a small-town vibe that will resonate with local customers. 
  2. The Handy Woman – This direct name leaves no doubt on the services rendered.
  3. Home She-pair Services – This name includes a play on the word “repair” by making it clear about being a female-run business. 
  4. Her Hammer Home Repair – Alliterative and clear about being a female-run business, this is an excellent name for your female-led home repair business. 
  5. Rosie the Riveter Appliance Repair – A catchy, alliterative name that pays homage to one of the greatest and most memorable female icons in American history.
  6. That’s What She Fixed – Funny and a little naughty, this name plays on the popular phrase issued after off-color jokes, “that’s what she said.” 
  7. The Uptown Handywoman – This name has a touch of class. 
  8. The Capable Handywoman – Having a word like “capable” in the name of your business communicates quality and competence – both of which are vital in home repair!
  9. Belle’s Building Repair – “Belle” means “beautiful” in French, so this name scores extra points for aestheticism.
  10. The Repair Ladies

Company Name Naming Tips

Simple is better when naming your business. Keep your business name easy to spell, pronounce, and remember – though sometimes alternate spellings can be used if they are memorable. 

  1. Make sure the name reflects your business. While a name may be clever, if it doesn’t apply to your services, it won’t be good for business and it won’t connect with your target audience.
  2. Choose a name that stands out from the crowd.
  3. Pick a name that’s easy to pronounce and remember.
  4. Conduct a thorough Internet search to verify that the name is still available. 
  5. Don’t rush – sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the right business name. But the wait is usually worth it. 


There is a lot to consider when starting a business, especially one as necessary and labor-intensive as handyman services.

Find the perfect name through our ultimate guide, or use one of the many free online tools such as a business name generator or branding agency.

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