Names That Start With MAE (50 BEST Ideas)

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Selecting a name – whether it’s for your beloved pet or your newborn baby – can be an incredibly tedious task.

With all the options out there, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern, it’s good to narrow it down at least to a starting letter. 

In this article, we’ll be focusing primarily on names that start with Mae to give you a comprehensive list of options.

With names for both boys and girls, you’ll get to see all the different ways you can arrange letters using these first few.

Keep reading along as we highlight our favorites, and stick around to the end to get help choosing the right name. We’ll even discuss some of the inspiration for these names!

Boy Names Starting With MAE

Believe it or not, there are some surprisingly unique boy names you can create using the “mae” string of letters.

Many of these names are variations of names derived from other languages and cultures, especially European ones. 

Below, consider the following 25 boy names starting with “mae”, which could be ideal substitutes for traditional “m” names like Mark or Matt.

  1. Maeson – a spelling variation of Mason, which is derived from a common occupational surname for stone workers
  2. Maeyo – a spelling variation of Mayo, which is an Irish word meaning “plain of the yew trees”
  3. Maelog – a name with Welsh origins, the name of a 6th century Welsh saint 
  4. Maelvin – a spelling variation of Melvin, which is a name derived from the Norman French Malleville 
  5. Maed – a name meaning “from the meadow”, likely with Muslim origins 
  6. Maemi – a Japanese boy name meaning “smile of truth” or “honest child” 
  7. Maenard – a spelling variation of Maynard, which is a Norman/Germanic/English surname that means “strength, hardy”
  8. Maefield – a spelling variation of Mayfield, which is a common English surname meaning “strong one’s field”
  9. Maertin – a spelling variation of the name Martin, which is derived from the Latin name Martinus, meaning “warlike”
  10. Maeteo – a spelling variation of the name Matteo, which is a common Italian name similar to Matthew 
  11. Maeverick – a spelling variation of the name Maverick, which means “independent” or “independent-minded”
  12. Maedison – a spelling variation of the name Madison, which is an English variant of the name “Mathieson”
  13. Maex – a spelling variation of the name Max, which is derived from the Latin Maximus (means “greatness”)
  14. Maeddox – a spelling variation of the name Maddox, which is derived from a common Welsh surname
  15. Maeck – a spelling variation of the name Mack, which is another modern variation of the name Max, derived from Latin
  16. Maelcolm – a spelling variation of the name Malcolm, which is a Scottish Gaelic name meaning “devotee of Saint Columba”
  17. Maene – a spelling variation of the name Maine, which you could name a baby if you love the state
  18. Maechel – a spelling variation of the classic name Michael, a Hebrew name meaning “who is like God?”
  19. Maekey – a new take on the name Mikey, which is a nickname for Michael 
  20. Maelachi – a spelling variation of the name of an author of the Christian Bible, meaning “messenger”
  21. Maenny – a new spelling of the name Manny, which is short for Manuel and derived from a Hebrew name that means “God with us”
  22. Maerco – a new spelling of the name Marco, which is derived from the Latin Marcus, also a common Italian name 
  23. Maerio – a new spelling of the name Mario, which is a common Italian, masculine name 
  24. Maershall – a new spelling of the name Marshall, which was originally a Scottish surname meaning “love of horses”
  25. Maercel – a new spelling of the name Marcel, which is derived from a Latin word meaning “belonging to Mars”

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Girl Names Starting With MAE

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your newborn baby girl, and you know you want it to include “mae”, these are some options you should consider.

Many names that include “mae” are derived from Latin and have meanings related to the sea. 

Take a look at the following naming options for girls, which are often variations of classic names such as Mary or Margaret.

  1. Maeren – sounds like Erin
  2. Maeby – reference to Maeby Fünke character on Arrested Development TV show
  3. Maeve – Anglicized version of Medb, the Queen of Connacht in Irish mythology
  4. Maebel – a spelling variation of Mabel, which is derived from the Latin word amabilis (meaning “lovable”)
  5. Maeghan – a spelling variation of Meghan, which is a Celtic/Irish name meaning “brave warrior”
  6. Mael – a new take on the classic name Gail, pronounced similarly
  7. Maely – sounds like Kaley
  8. Maecy – a spelling variation of Macy, which is an Old French female name meaning “weapon”
  9. Maery – a spelling variation of Mary, a common name with different meanings from various old languages like Egyptian and Hebrew 
  10. Maezie – a spelling variation of Maisie, a name with Scottish origins meaning “pearl” 
  11. Maeko – a Japanese female name meaning “truthful child” 
  12. Maeghton – a variation of the name Leighton, pronounced similarly 
  13. Maeg – a variation of the name Meg
  14. Maereen – a variation of the name Maureen or Mary, meaning “sweet” or “drop of the sea” in Irish 
  15. Maera – another variation of the classic Irish name Mary
  16. Maela – similar to the more modern name Kayla
  17. Maeranda – a spelling variation of the name Miranda, which is a common surname in various cultures meaning “worthy of admiration 
  18. Maerta – a spelling variation of the name Marta, which is a name that translates to “the lady” in certain cultures 
  19. Maerla – a spelling variation of the name Marla, which is a name that has Biblical origins relating to Mary Magdalene 
  20. Maerlise – a spelling variation of the name Marlise, which means “wished-for child” 
  21. Maeris – a spelling variation of the name Maris, which is derived from Latin as a unisex name meaning “of the sea”
  22. Maerissa – a spelling variation of the name Marissa, which is also derived from Latin and means “of the sea”
  23. Maelana – a combination of the names Mae and Lana
  24. Maelissa – a spelling variation of the name Melissa, which comes from Greek and means “honeybee”
  25. Maeleah – a combination of the names Mae and Leah 

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Name Inspiration

As you can see from the name descriptions above, there is a lot of history that influences the naming variations we have today. Many names that include the letters “mar” at the beginning have roots in languages like Latin and are sea-related. 

When we take typical names that start with “ma” and change them to start with “mae”, we get some unique variations of classic names. Inspiration also comes from some less likely sources, such as cultures and mythologies. 

In the case of the names starting with “Maer”, there is also reference to the Roman god Mars. Even Irish mythology gives us the name Maeve. 

And regardless of whether or not you are using these sources of inspiration to craft your own “mae” name, they can be found in the root of the words.

What’s more is that you can even take more common names, such as Kaley and Erin, and replace the beginning letters with “mae” to make Maeley and Maerin, for example. 

Help Choosing The Right Name

With the 50 different “mae” name options we listed in this article – and many more out there to choose from – it can be difficult to land on the perfect one.

Choosing the right name for your pet or child depends on several factors, such as their personality, their looks, and their family background. 

1. Choosing Based on Personality

Personality is a really great place to start when it comes to choosing a name that starts with “mae”. For example, if you see qualities of greatness in your child, you might consider a name like Maex, which comes from the Latin word for greatness. 

On the other hand, if you feel that your child is sweet, you might choose a name derived from Mary, such as Maery or Maereen, meaning “sweet”.

2. Choosing Based on Looks 

It’s harder to choose a name based on looks when a child has just been born. But there are cases where this process works. 

For instance, you could name your son Maerio (a variation of Mario), if they are dark-haired and Italian. 

3. Choosing Based on Lineage

And lastly, it’s good to consider your own heritage or culture when choosing a “mae” name. Whether you are Greek, Welsh, or Irish, there are plenty of naming options with these cultural origins.


Hopefully, you’ve found some great new name options in this guide that start with the letters “mae”!

Make sure to try out our tips when it comes to choosing the perfect name – boy or girl.

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