Names Starting with MOO (17+ BEST Ideas for Boys and Girls!)

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Are you looking for the best boy or girl names starting with moo?

Maybe you don’t know exactly what name to choose, but you’re in search of the most interesting, meaningful names with the prefix “moo.”

Well, we’ve got you covered with this extensive list of names that start with moo, whether it’s for a baby boy or a baby girl.

Let’s dive in.

Boy Names Starting with MOO

  1. Moon – A gender-neutral name, this one derives from the English meaning “from the moon.” In Korean, the name also means educated or literate. While it’s not commonly used as a name on its own, it can add a celestial air to anyone’s personality when you choose it.
  2. Moohan – A name derived from the Sanskrit for “charming,” this name carries a quiet strength with it that references the beauty, both outward and inward, of the bearer. Creative and attractive, Moohans are strong-willed, confident, and highly sought after.
  3. Mookesh – An interesting and uncommon name, Mookesh is a boy name used in several different countries with different meanings. In Hindu culture, it means to liberate, while in Indo-Aryan languages, it means “the slayer of the muka demon.”
  4. Moohsin – Meaning “One who does good” or “benefactor,” Moohsin has Arabic roots, with the meaning generally understood to be good works for the glory of God or good conduct towards other people. As such, in context, Moohsin is a benefactor, helper, and has good will towards others.
  5. Mooksh – A name rooted in Indian philosophy, Mooksh is symbolic of the liberation from the cycle of death and life, referred to as samsara. In Sanskrit, the name is derived from the prefix “muc,” which means “to free.” Mooksh, therefore, is another term for the freedom from samsara.
  6. MoosaAn Islamic name with Arabic origin, this one is a common choice for boys born into a Muslim family. The name Moosa is the biblical equivalent to Moses in English.
  7. Moor – Moor is a boy’s name with French origins. Derived from the word Moore, it means “dark-skinned,” also referring to someone with a swarthy complexion.
  8. Mooney – The name Mooney is generally reserved for boys, although some girls also have this name. It’s from the Irish for “wealthy man.” If you wish wealth and prosperity on your baby boy, then this is the perfect name to choose for you.
  9. Moorthi – Another homage to the Hindu faith, Moorthi is a name that rolls off the tongue and refers to an idol or statue of a deity. There are a number of deities in Hinduism, and for some (Brahman specifically), it’s hard for people to focus their mind and attention on worship without a physical object. As such, the term Moorthi refers to a physical object to remind one of the gods’ omnipresence.

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Girl Names Starting with Moo

  1. Moona – Another beautiful name that simply rolls off the tongue, Moona is a beautiful name used by parents around the world. In Australian, the name means “plenty,” “abundance,” or “giver of light.” This is the perfect name for your child if you want to impart an abundance of love, wealth, and happiness. In Arabic, the name means “wish,” making this name both beautiful and wistful. Naturally, in English, the name Moona is strongly associated with the moon and its celestial energies. In Irish, the name means “noble,” while in Greek, it means “solitary.” In Italian, the name means “lady.”
  2. Mooniswari – A reference to the Hindu goddess Parvati, the goddess of the harvest and defender of women, this beautiful name is iconic and profoundly unique. People with this name are often viewed as strong-willed, actionable, energetic, bold, and self-reliant.
  3. Moonika – The name Moonika originates from the Latin word “monere,” meaning “to advise.” Moonika is a strong name for someone who is sagacious, intelligent, and reserved. It’s a charming name and carries the pride, intelligence, and wisdom of the child who bears its name.
  4. Moonia – A creative take on the Australian Moona, this name means “abundance” and imparts a sense of well-being, self-reliance, and confidence for the bearer.
  5. Mohana – A beautiful, uncommon name that carries some weight to it, Mohana means “charming and attractive.” The original Sanskrit meaning is “bewitching” or “charming.” If you want to impart elegance and beauty to your baby girl, then Mohana is a gorgeous name that invokes the nature of quiet strength.
  6. Moony – A derivative of the Australian form of Moona, this name also means “plentiful,” but it can also imply a sense of self-reliance and confidence.
  7. Mooni – If you prefer, the name Mooni is a derivative of Moona that means the same thing: “plentiful.” Each of these derivatives can also mean monk or hermit, carrying a sense of introspection and insight.
  8. Moogana – A name deriving from the Hindu word for wonderful, Moogana is a beautiful choice for those looking to remind themselves and their baby of the gods’ gift to them, since Moogana also means “God loves you.”
  9. Moomal – A name meaning “beautiful” in Arabic, Moomal is a name used for individuals with a compassionate heart, an artistic mind, and a harmonious attitude.

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Name Inspiration

Finding the right name can be difficult, but you’ll want to think ahead about your values and beliefs in life.

What means the most to you, and what values do you want to impart to your children?

Finding the right name might be tricky, but if you stick with it, you’ll find one that pops out to you and matches your intentions perfectly.

Help Choosing the Right Name

If you need help finding the right name, then it’s definitely worth going through some extra steps.

Say each of the names out loud and make a note of some of your favorites to pronounce.

Once you’ve done that, choose a name that has a meaning of great importance to you.

The name you choose for your child is theirs throughout their life, so pick one that has significance to you and reminds you of the wonderful gift of joy they bring to you.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of beautiful names for boys and girls starting with moo that you can use to set apart your child and give them a distinct, beautiful name to impart meaning throughout their lives.

From the charming Moohan to the sagacious Moonika, there’s a moo name that’s perfect for your baby boy or girl.

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