127+ Nicknames That Start With F (An Ultimate Guide)

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Nicknames help to distinguish characteristics that given names don’t. They can shorten a long name, be terms of endearment between romantic partners or family members, or even give a bit of information about someone’s physical characteristics or place of origin.

We’ve all heard common nicknames, like “Lefty” referring to a left-handed person, or “Yankee” for someone from New England. Military nicknames tend to be specific and esoteric, with a story behind each one.  

How about nicknames that start with F? Coming up with nicknames can be difficult, but sometimes adding specifics is easier to narrow them down.

Read on for the best nicknames starting with F, from the general to the specific. 

Best Nicknames That Start With F

  1. Firecracker – For a spirited man or woman with a fiery personality. 
  2. Fearless – A nickname for a courageous friend. 
  3. Flash – For a fast person, could also be used ironically, like in naming a snail or turtle.
  4. Firefly – A cute nickname for someone who lights up your life, can also be used as a term of endearment. 
  5. Fashionista – A spiffy title for your stylish friend who always sports the latest trends. 
  6. Fighter – A nickname that implies bravery. 
  7. Face – This is a great name for someone who’s always smiling.
  8. Frankie – A common nickname that can be used for both sexes, diminutive of the male names Frank or Franklin or the female names Francesca or Frances.
  9. Finn – While this name is often used in its own right, it also serves as a national term for a person from Finland. 
  10. Freddie – This gender-neutral nickname has historically been a shortened version of the male Frederick or the female Fredericka or Frieda. 
  11. Fuego – Spanish for “fire,” this name is perfect for your feisty friend. 
  12. Fast
  13. Funsize – A nickname for the shortest member of your posse. 
  14. Feisty
  15. Funny Bunny
  16. fox
  17. Florida – A great nickname for someone from the Sunshine State. 
  18. Frenchie – A cute nickname for someone from France, or a big fan of French culture. And who can forget the loveable character from Grease? 
  19. Funny Hunny
  20. Freak
  21. Frodo
  22. Flipper
  23. Fatso
  24. Funny Man
  25. Fancy
  26. Fifi – A name that’s suitable for a small, stylish lapdog. 
  27. Flower
  28. Frog
  29. Flip
  30. Fergie – Short for Ferguson, also the well-known name for the famous singer of Black-Eyed Peas
  31. Fido
  32. Funny
  33. Fruit Cake
  34. Fishy
  35. Fry
  36. Fella
  37. Fool
  38. Fishface – An unfortunate nickname for a homely colleague. 

Nicknames For Males That Start With F

  1. Ferdie – This nickname is commonly diminutive of Ferdinand.
  2. Fritz – While this German-inspired nickname has historically been a shortened version of Frederick, it can also be a name in its own right. 
  3. Foreman
  4. Ferdman – A funny nickname diminutive of Ferdinand. 
  5. Fitz
  6. Friend-Zoned – An unfortunate nickname that can describe a man’s current dating status. 
  7. Ford
  8. Fellow – A familial term for man. 
  9. Fan Boy
  10. Family Man – A self-explanatory nickname for a guy who’ll do anything for his loved ones. 
  11. Fiend – A word for “enemy,” could also be given ironically. 
  12. Flick – Like the brave protagonist of Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. 
  13. Fire Lance – A powerful nickname with a medieval flare. 
  14. Firedog
  15. Freebird – Who can forget the iconic Lynyrd Skynyrd anthem? 

Nicknames For Females That Start With F

  1. Fanny – While this name has been a nickname for female names starting with F in the past, it is sometimes used as a name in its own right. 
  2. Foxy – A nickname for a woman known for her good looks. 
  3. Flossy – This cute nickname is short for Florence. 
  4. Franny – This nickname is usually short for Francesca or Frances.
  5. Flo – A shortened version of the name Florence, this nickname is also notorious as a euphemism for a woman’s period: “Aunt Flo.”
  6. Fawn – A graceful nickname that has the same name as a baby deer. 
  7. Fairy – For a sparkly friend who loves mythical creatures and fantastical finds.
  8. Faye / Fay – This nickname has historically served as a diminutive for female names that begin with F, like Florence or Faith. 
  9. Farrah
  10. Fae
  11. Fairy Girl
  12. Fairy Sparkles
  13. Fanta 
  14. Flora – Usually short for Florence, can also stand alone as its own name.
  15. Fan Girl

Cool Nicknames That Start With F

  1. Flicker
  2. Fire
  3. Fallen Angel – A dramatic nickname for the most theatric of friends. 
  4. Flame – Another word for “fire.” 
  5. Feather
  6. Fiore – Italian for decorated with flowers. 
  7. Friendly – This self-explanatory nickname could also be given ironically to your grumpiest of colleagues.
  8. Flo-Bot
  9. Fast Draw
  10. Feliz – Spanish for “happy,” a great nickname for a friend who’s never seen without a smile. 
  11. Feline
  12. Feral – This nickname is a synonym for “wild.”
  13. Fender
  14. Femme Fatale – Derived from the French expression for a captivating yet deadly female. 
  15. Fencer – A name for a sword-fighter. 

Cute Nicknames That Start With F

  1. Frufru
  2. Ferb – Who can forget the beloved cartoon, Phineas; Ferb? 
  3. Freckles – A self-explanatory nickname for someone with distinctive freckles. 
  4. Froggy
  5. Forky – Like the beloved Toy Story 4 character, a fork turned toy through a child’s imagination. 
  6. Four-Legged Friend – A nickname for dogs. 
  7. Finch – After the common bird. 
  8. Fro-Yo – A shortened name for frozen yogurt. 
  9. Finesse
  10. Fork ‘N Spoon – A great name for a person who loves to eat, or for a well-known diner. 
  11. Frosty – Like from the beloved kid’s cartoon, Frosty the Snowman. 
  12. Fish Eyes
  13. Fuzzy
  14. Fly Guy – Also the title character of a popular children’s book series. 
  15. Fuzzy Wuzzy

Funny Nicknames That Start With F

  1. Frizzle – This funny nickname pays homage to the eccentric and loveable teacher from The Magic School Bus. 
  2. Frog Legs – A great nickname for a swimmer. 
  3. Farticus – A fitting name for a gassy colleague. 
  4. Frog Man
  5. Fishy Boy / Fishy Girl – For the swimmer or aquarium enthusiast in your life. 
  6. Flakes – For an unreliable friend who cancels on everything. 
  7. Flak
  8. Fishkiller – A nickname for your friend notorious for not being able to keep his aquarium fish alive. 
  9. Flash in the Pan – An unfortunate nickname for something or someone who won’t last or is just a short fling. 
  10. Foxface
  11. Floodwaters
  12. Frog Mom – Similar to the phrase “dog mom,” a great nickname for a woman who loves her pet frogs.
  13. Floyd
  14. Flyboy
  15. Flyswatter

Badass Nicknames That Start With F

  1. Fang
  2. Fanged Beauty – A badass nickname for a fanged pet or zoo animal.
  3. Fenix – A different spelling for the fiery Phoenix. 
  4. Falcon
  5. Fire Blossom – A beautiful and ethereal nickname that can describe anything from a mysterious plant to a planetary phenomenon to a lovely yet ferocious friend. 
  6. Firebird – Another word for phoenix, a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. 
  7. Flamethrower – A powerful nickname, also a heavy weapon. 
  8. Flint – A nickname that brings to mind prehistoric humans – good for someone who can survive well in the wild. 
  9. Flanders
  10. Flying Claw – Sounds like a tribal nickname given to a courageous warrior. 
  11. Forever Young – For the colleague who’s made denying their age an art form.
  12. Flower Child – A name given to the hippies of the counterculture movement in the 1960s. 
  13. Fortitude – A cool nickname that describes a character trait, a synonym for resilience and courage in the face of adversity. 
  14. Fort
  15. Frankenstein – After the infamous doctor from the classic by Mary Shelley. 

Nickname Inspiration

When choosing a nickname, the intent is very important. After all, choosing a nickname for a villain in a story is very different than choosing a term of endearment for a beloved friend or family member.

Do you intend for the nickname to describe a character trait, or describe a physical attribute such as freckles or unusual eyes? 

Inspiration can come from anywhere, including a memorable experience, like your friend setting themselves on fire during a camping trip and therefore earning the nickname “Flamer.”

Or perhaps you want to describe a character flaw, like someone who fails to keep fish alive in an aquarium might be known as a “Fishkiller.” 

Help Choosing the Nickname

The nicknames on our list fall into numerous categories, from the cool to silly to the mean-spirited.

Nicknames should be short and memorable, or else they fail to meet the criteria for a good nickname. 

When shortening a long name, remember that adding “y” or “-ie” to the ending tends to make the name sound cute and familial. This is why young children typically have these nicknames.

For example, a child named Robert might go by Bobby or Robbie when he is young, but when he grows up, he might go by Bob or Rob. 

Often, nicknames aren’t a shortened version of a name but instead describe a character trait. 


Choosing a nickname can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to choose one that fits the person you’re naming.

Our list of badass nicknames is full of great ideas for anyone looking for an intimidating or impressive name.

Whether you’re looking for something fierce like “Fang” or something more whimsical like “Fire Blossom,” we’ve got you covered.

So get creative and have some fun with your next nickname!

Whatever your reason for finding a perfect nickname, we hope our ultimate guide has helped you.

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