297+ Real Estate Names (The Best Ideas For 2023)

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Gone are the days when you could get away with naming your real estate company by your own name.

They are still around, but the competitive nature of the industry means that real estate branding is a big thing.

On this page, we want to share with you some awesome real estate names.

If you run a realty company, then you should be able to find one or two awesome names here that you can use. 

Let’s dive in.

Best Real Estate Business Names

Let’s kick off with the best real estate business names. These business name ideas can work for things other than a real estate business too!

As you go through this estate company names suggestion list, note how all of the best names will have some sort of indicator that the company is luxurious, or perhaps a larger business. This can help to convey a feeling of trust. 

  1. Gem Real Estate
  2. Luxury Realty
  3. Elite Real Estate
  4. (Name) Realty Group
  5. Equity Real Estate
  6. (Location Name) Realty Group
  7. Diamond Realtors
  8. The Commercial Realty Group
  9. The Top Realtor
  10. Property Search Guru

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Good Real Estate Names

Didn’t find a name that caught your attention in the previous 10? That’s completely fine.

Budding real estate agents may enjoy these good real estate property company names. These names almost made our top 10, but not quite! Still good.

These names are a bit more experimental. This is where we break away from the norms of making your company seem the greatest. Basically, these estate company name ideas are much more creative.

  1. Real Estate 4 U
  2. Sun ; Sand Real Estate
  3. Mountain Real Estate
  4. Beachfront Real Estate
  5. Selling Paradise
  6. Real Estate Advisors
  7. Luxury Living
  8. The Property Experts
  9. Worldwide Properties
  10. Mainstreet Homes
  11. (Location) Properties
  12. City Real Estate Group
  13. Luxury Home Group
  14. Zenith Homes
  15. Blue Sky Properties
  16. Luxury Realty
  17. The Family Realty Group
  18. The Platinum Realty Group
  19. New Life Properties
  20. The Property Gurus

Cute Real Estate Names

Finding the perfect home for somebody is all about forging close ties with them. You become their friend.

In this case, cute names may work. You can come up with some creative real estate marketing when you pair these cute names with some great logos.

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. Friendly Realtors
  3. Beautiful Home Realty Group
  4. Your New Home 
  5. (Your First Name) Real Estate
  6. Family Homes
  7. Your New Life Homes
  8. A Fresh Start Properties
  9. Forever Home Realty
  10. Meadow Homes
  11. Maple Tree Homes
  12. City Living Properties
  13. The Home Geniuses

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Cool Real Estate Names

Finding a cool name for your property group can be tough. However, it may be worth it if you want an awesome social media presence.

Cool names are all about attracting people to a business in an industry that is traditionally uncool. Make it feel awesome to work with your real estate company. 

  1. Wolf Properties – any ‘scary’ animal can work here. Think of one common in the area where you live.
  2. Property Rockstars
  3. Sky High Properties
  4. The Property Genies
  5. Property Magic
  6. The Property Collective
  7. Quick Move Properties
  8. The Property Experts
  9. Bear ; Bull Realtors
  10. Hard Rock Realty – is great if you live in a very mountainous area.
  11. The Progressive Property Group
  12. Easygoing Realty
  13. Mr. (Your Name) Realty – this is cool because it bucks the trend of using just your last name. It is more personal.
  14. Purposeful Property
  15. Clever Realty 

Trendy Real Estate Names

Trendy names are all about seeming incredibly cool. To some extent, it dies in with the previous section.

The trendy estate business ideas that we discuss here are going to be awesome for those that want their business name to be hip and modern. These names are really going to stand out in a crowded real estate marketplace.

  1. Ultra-Modern Living
  2. The New Modern Home
  3. Post-Modern Living
  4. Progressive Properties
  5. Green Properties
  6. Beyond Modern Realty
  7. 21st Century Homes
  8. Modern Sensibilities Realty
  9. Progressive Living
  10. Modern Condo Realty
  11. Future Properties
  12. Soaring Properties
  13. Big Foot Properties
  14. The Property Nation
  15. Impact Properties
  16. Gravity Real Estate
  17. Bond Properties
  18. King ; Castle Property and Real Estate
  19. BANK Properties
  20. Ever Hill Properties

Unique Real Estate Names

Coming up with unique names is tough. This is because you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as we share ideas here, it won’t be unique anymore.

This section isn’t so much sharing names that have never been used at all. It is more of a list of ideas that you may not have heard before. Names for a real estate company that you may not find in your local area already.

  1. Ultra Realty
  2. Sunny Side Properties
  3. Property Buddies
  4. Big and Beautiful Homes
  5. Candle Wick Properties
  6. Your New Home
  7. Home For Life
  8. Glamorous Life Properties
  9. The Retreat Realtors
  10. Oasis Real Estate
  11. Property Emporium
  12. Think Properties
  13. Firelight Properties
  14. Escape Realtors
  15. Match Properties
  16. Affordable Properties
  17. PLT Properties – PLT stands for ‘pretty little things’. 
  18. Property Heroes 
  19. The Home ; Condo Finders
  20. Green Forest Residential and Commercial Realtors
  21. Dazzling Properties 

Catchy Real Estate Company Names

Catchy names are also tough to come up with. After all, you need to come up with a highly brandable name that will stick in somebody’s mind.

All of the names that you find in this section are incredibly catchy. They are names that will stick in your head and, perhaps most awesomely, can make for some great real estate logos.

  1. Aztec Real Estate
  2. Racer Real Estate
  3. Impulse Properties
  4. Hilltop Properties
  5. Practical Properties
  6. Scope Property
  7. Property King
  8. Property Queen
  9. Action Properties
  10. Gold Properties
  11. Sunstar Real Estate
  12. Empower Realtors
  13. Nomad Properties
  14. Reach Realtors
  15. Advantage Real Estate
  16. Realty Warriors
  17. Vision Realty
  18. FirstPlace Realty
  19. Connected Realtors
  20. Instant Home 

Simple Real Estate Names

Simple names won’t be too dissimilar from the previous section. We are going to keep things short and catchy. We want names that will stick in the minds of people that see them.

We are going to keep these simple names to just one word. You can add ‘Properties’, ‘Real Estate’, or ‘Realty’ to the end if you want.

If you want to generate your own simple names, then consider what is popular in your area e.g. a type of bird, flower, or monument.

  1. Bluebell
  2. Bluebird
  3. New Realty
  4. Cheerful Properties
  5. Rapid
  6. Potential Properties 
  7. Royal
  8. Winning
  9. Peaceful Properties
  10. Traditional
  11. Retail Realty – for commercial real estate companies.
  12. Relaxed Realty
  13. Clocktower Properties
  14. Alluring Properties
  15. Blissful Estates
  16. Urban Properties
  17. Market Hoppers

Creative Real Estate Names

Next up, we have creative names.

These will tie, a little, into the unique real estate names list. However, we figured that we didn’t give you enough names there, so we want to throw a few more ideas at you.

Add your town or city name in front of these to make them unique to your area.

  1. Brick Lane Realty
  2. Picket Fence Realty
  3. Relaxing Homes
  4. Lifestyle Properties
  5. owl Properties
  6. Urban Nest Properties
  7. Nest Properties
  8. Farm Realty – for realty companies located in large areas of farmland and the like.
  9. Lakeside Properties
  10. Good Fortune Properties
  11. Realistic Properties
  12. Alpha Properties
  13. Sound Properties
  14. Mountainside Real Estate
  15. Think 
  16. Your Dream Home
  17. Heavenly Properties
  18. London Properties – even when not in London, English town and city names work very well.
  19. Heritage Homes
  20. Circle Homes
  21. Ideal Homes
  22. The Property Bay 
  23. Unique Properties 

Fancy Real Estate Names

If you sell properties on the higher end of the price spectrum, then you may want to choose property names that try to convey that.

These creative real estate names work when you have expensive properties being sold. However, to build up trust, you may sometimes just want to stick with your name. 

Adding ‘Estates’ or ‘Estate’ to a name works very well for properties here. 

  1. Red Carpet Real Estate
  2. King Estates
  3. Castle Estates
  4. American Realty Brokers
  5. Beachfront Properties
  6. Professional Homes
  7. Mansion Homes
  8. Mall Commercial
  9. Exclusive Property
  10. Queen Estates
  11. Angel Properties
  12. All American Estates
  13. Big Home Properties
  14. ISM Real Estate – some of the largest companies in the world use three letters before ‘real estate’. Replace them here.
  15. Wise Properties
  16. Top Properties
  17. Property Investment Realtors

Funny Real Estate Names

A catch real estate company name can be funny. However, since this is a business where you are likely to be generating thousands of dollars on a transaction, you don’t want to be too funny.

Choosing a name that is funny can be difficult. As mentioned, being too funny means that people won’t take you seriously. Not funny enough, and you have a bland name.

Hopefully, these funny names will help get the creative juices flowing in you. 

  1. Just Property – says exactly what your company does.
  2. Just Commercial
  3. Just Residential
  4. Home Sweet Homes
  5. Lock ; Key
  6. Hearth and Home
  7. Property Sisters – works for sisters that run companies. A play on Property Brothers, a popular reality TV show.
  8. Carpe Diem – tell people to seize the day and buy your properties.
  9. New Key Properties
  10. Movin’ On Up
  11. The Property Pedallers
  12. Chasing Rainbows
  13. Around The Block
  14. The Property Avengers
  15. Marvel Properties – screams that you are superhero property finders.
  16. Not So Cheap Realty – for companies that deal with larger and more expensive homes.
  17. We Close Quick Properties – implies you get the deal done fast.
  18. Properties 4 U
  19. Deal Done Quick Realty

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Real Estate Naming Tips

Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial real estate name, you have plenty of ideas on this page. But, how did we come up with these names?

We want to wrap up by giving you a few real estate naming tips for your real estate team. This way, you can start coming up with your own ideas.

1. Use a Business Names Generator

One of the best tips that we can give you is to use a business name generator.

You don’t have to use the names that an estate company name generator gives you, but it should get those creative juices flowing.

A generator will ask you to tap in a few names that you like. It will then give you ideas based on that name. Perfect if you know what image you want your business to convey, but aren’t sure how to put those words together. 

2. What Does Your Company Offer?

We know that your business is offering real estate, but what type of real estate?

A business that deals in commercial real estate will need something completely different from a company that specializes in residential real estate.

If you are helping people to find family homes, then you will want your real estate team to have a much homelier and more friendly feel than a company that sells luxurious properties.

Think about the location of the properties too. For example, you probably wouldn’t call your company ‘beachfront realty” if you only sell properties in the city. 

When you have a name, think about whether it conveys the message that you want to convey. If it doesn’t, it isn’t a good name for you. 

3. Keep It Simple

Any name that you have needs to be easy to remember.

There are a lot of realty companies out there. Branding is going to be a big ´part of your job, and you need to ensure that people remember your business name. If they don’t, they won’t come to you for their real estate needs.

Ideally, you should only ever have a maximum of 2 words before ‘Realty’ or ‘Real Estate’. However, you can justify having it a little bit longer if the words go well together e.g. Home Sweet Home, or We Close Quick. 

4. Check Local and National Businesses

Before you use a name, always check local and national businesses. You don’t want to be stepping on other people’s toes.

If your name is similar to a national business, then you may make it work for you if you add your place name to it (just make sure that it isn’t a trademarked name).

If it is a local business that your choice is similar to, then choose another name. It will just get confusing for customers. 


We hope that you have enjoyed this list of real estate names.

We are very much aware that some of these names may be taken by the time you read this page. However, you can always check a domain name tool such as GoDaddy to see whether your selected business name is available.

Remember, if it is taken, you may be able to add the location name to the business, although only do that if you cannot think of anything else and absolutely insist on using that unique name.

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