709+ Clothing Brand Names (BEST Ideas For Your Company!)

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Starting a clothing brand and hunting for the perfect brand name idea?

In this article, you’ll find not only our lists for clothing name ideas ranging from the best to the coolest to the classiest but some tips for naming a company, as well!

You’ll find all you need to know about clothing inspiration and business name idea strategies below to increase brand recognition.

Best Clothing Names 

The clothing brand names you’ll find below will be perfect for catching the eye of shoppers and remaining in the memories of satisfied customers, as well as setting yours apart from other fashion brands:

  1. High Street Boutique
  2. Elegant Elegance
  3. The Brave Store (A place to buy stylish clothes full of bravery)
  4. Empire Clothing Company
  5. Color Me Mine
  6. The Pretty Shoppe
  7. Bad Boy Outfitters
  8. The Wardrobe
  9. Incognito Wear
  10. Boutique de Mode
  11. Sophisticated Pieces
  12. U Can’t Touch This
  13. Coat Hangers Clothing Store
  14. All About The Fabric
  15. The Studio – Bridal Gowns
  16. Downtown fashion boutique
  17. Aesthetics and Essence
  18. Get Dressed Up
  19. Dress to Impress
  20. Fast Fashion Island
  21. Tank Top Shop
  22. Queen of Apparel
  23. Cafe Chic Collection
  24. Fashion Forward
  25. Glamour Clothes
  26. Blue Moon Clothing
  27. Exude Style
  28. Fascinating Accessories, Inc. 
  29. Opposites Attract
  30. Confident Attire: Tailored Apparel
  31. Fashion Sense
  32. Belle Chic
  33. Wardrobe Delightful
  34. Elegant Experience: Apparel and Accessories
  35. Barely There Fashion
  36. The Outfit
  37. Crafting Club
  38. All-in-One Clothing
  39. Foxy Fashion
  40. The Fashion Mall
  41. Fashion King
  42. Fabulous Designer Vintage
  43. Beach Chic Boutique
  44. Big and Tall Clothing Store
  45. Bang On Trend
  46. The Right Clothes
  47. Costume Carnival: Professional Costuming
  48. Calling All Angels
  49. Bold And Beautiful
  50. Hot Chic Boutique
  51. Finders Keepers (clothing store for children, toys)
  52. Fashionista’s Attic
  53. Bag it! Fashion Store
  54. Closet Critique: Professional Wardrobe Consulting
  55. Suit Up!
  56. First Class Attire
  57. For the Love of Threads Clothing Store
  58. Modern Fashion For Everyone
  59. Pleased To Dye For You
  60. Sock it to me!
  61. Cheeky Undies
  62. Fashion 24/7

Good Clothing Brand Names

These clothing business names are great runners-up if the brand name you’re interested in is taken, or if you just need a second opinion!

  1. Fabulous Fashions Express
  2. Flawless Galore
  3. Reborn Clothing Co.
  4. Hottie Friday!
  5. Nothing But Class
  6. Material Girl
  7. PartyTime Clothing
  8. Crazy Outfitters
  9. Got Style?
  10. Casual Chic
  11. Glam Closet
  12. Simply Clothes
  13. Fashion Angel Incorporated
  14. Sea of Fashion Values
  15. Clothes To Die For
  16. Tailored for Success
  17. Digiday Fashion
  18. Her Dress Code
  19. Your Curvy Consultant – Plus Size Clothing Store
  20. Moved By Couture Clothing
  21. Fabulous Fresh Fashions
  22. Dress for Less
  23. The Activewear
  24. Fashionably Unique Boutique
  25. Threads in Time
  26. Urban Style – the right mix of cool and casual
  27. Miss Fashionista
  28. Stitch Factory Mall
  29. All Things New
  30. Stylish Attitude
  31. Express Yourself
  32. The Fashion Spot
  33. Chic Attire
  34. Fashion Grab
  35. Threads ; Treads
  36. Fashion Forward
  37. Apparel Boutique
  38. A Knot Too Tied
  39. Casually Luxurious
  40. Evolve Designs
  41. Use your creativity
  42. The Fashion Clinic
  43. Freak Chic Boutique
  44. Fashion Friday’s
  45. Cuddle in Comfort
  46. Fashions From Beyond
  47. Steal the Trend
  48. Not Just Neat Clothing
  49. Robes R Us
  50. Little Miss Trendy
  51. Awesome Attire
  52. Cloud 9 Clothing Co.
  53. Selection Boutique
  54. Figure it Out
  55. Ms. Mousey’s Buisness (A children’s online clothing and fashion store)
  56. The Fashion Collection
  57. For The Love Of Fashion
  58. Modern Man – Men’s Clothing Store
  59. Double Trouble Fashion
  60. Abracadabra Closet
  61. The Great Escape
  62. Elevate Apparel (An online shop that helps you elevate your style)
  63. Fashionably Late
  64. X-Change
  65. Make a Splash Boutique
  66. Backyard Clothes (An idea store for a casual wear brand)
  67. Fashion Bites
  68. The Fashion Gallery
  69. Dressed to Impress Boutique

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Clothing Brand Names For Women

For a more feminine-sounding option when naming your clothing line, try a few of these:

  1. Bodacious Boutique
  2. Fashion Boutique
  3. Beautiful Beginnings
  4. Dawn of Chic
  5. Lace n Grace
  6. Powerful Cuts
  7. Closet Queen
  8. Sunshyne
  9. Red Lips Boutique
  10. One Classy Lady
  11. Curls n Queues
  12. Flamingos
  13. Glamm
  14. High Like Heels Clothing
  15. Curvaceous Clothing
  16. DarlingDear
  17. Done Up Right Clothing
  18. Glytter
  19. Glow Uppdate
  20. Accents Clothing
  21. Far Fairer
  22. PrincessPackage
  23. Athena’s Crown Clothing
  24. Blush and Brazen
  25. Thorn of the Rose
  26. LightTouch Apparel

Clothing Brand Names For Men

The clothing business names for men that bring masculinity to mind can be found below:

  1. Moonwalk
  2. Night and Day
  3. Martini
  4. Vines
  5. Clever Men
  6. Mad
  7. Little Prince
  8. Attention
  9. Sharp
  10. Clever Clothing
  11. Schooled
  12. Overstatement
  13. Street Smarts
  14. Hiker’s Valley
  15. Interlude
  16. Fashion Future
  17. Dude Crafted Apparel
  18. Mr. Misfit
  19. Birthright
  20. Spellbound
  21. Blue Moon
  22. Strictly Dapper
  23. Whiplash
  24. Elixir
  25. Mirror Mirror
  26. Heart Attack
  27. Stronghold
  28. Atlantis
  29. 6th Sense
  30. Hyperbole
  31. Winter Fever
  32. Vintage Line
  33. Impressions
  34. Chained
  35. Space Dreams
  36. Metropolitan Man
  37. Day Dreamer
  38. Crisp Couture
  39. Refined
  40. Rain
  41. Spring Wonder
  42. Lines
  43. Gridlock
  44. Chess and Checkers
  45. Groove
  46. Big Husky
  47. Renaissance Man
  48. Grunge Wear
  49. Street Beats
  50. Urban Classics – a great name for an urban clothing company
  51. Golden Hour
  52. Black on Black
  53. Nostalgia
  54. Galaxy
  55. Scotch
  56. Fashion Sense
  57. Exposition
  58. Reviver Clothing
  59. Exposed
  60. 7 Days
  61. huMAN
  62. Sharp Knights
  63. Moon Moment
  64. Drip Drop
  65. Gentleman’s Street
  66. Gent’s Style

Creative Names For A Clothing Brand

If you’re looking for more artsy, interesting brand names to inspire you, check out the creative name ideas below:

  1. All Things New
  2. Fashion King
  3. The Right Clothes
  4. Empire Clothing Company
  5. PartyTime Clothing
  6. Stylish Attitude
  7. Urban Style
  8. Cloud 9 Clothing Co.
  9. Fashion Angel Incorporated
  10. Material Girl
  11. Flawless Galore
  12. For the Love of Threads Clothing Store
  13. Modern Fashion For Everyone
  14. Not Just Neat Clothing
  15. Casual Chic
  16. Opposites Attract
  17. Fashion Forward
  18. Express Yourself

Cute Names For Clothing Brands

Sometimes you just want something that will stick in your customers’ memory out of sheer cuteness!

For those types of brand names, check below:

  1. Jim ; Jago
  2. Modern Walk
  3. Studio 51 Clothing Co.
  4. Adventure Apparel Co.
  5. English Factory
  6. Hunny Bunny Baby
  7. After Market
  8. Bishop + Young
  9. Love of Fashion
  10. For all
  11. Foreign Falcon
  12. Catwalk Juniors Clothing
  13. Bee Free
  14. Rosebuds for Girls
  15. Apparel 360
  16. Sunglow Fashion
  17. Rosy Cheeks Children’s Apparel
  18. Bewitched Boutique
  19. London Britches
  20. Spotlight on Style
  21. Aqua 4 Swimwear
  22. Hendrix
  23. Tanked Up Co.
  24. Porcelain Apparel
  25. Jelly Belly Clothing

Funny Clothing Brand Names

A clothing line doesn’t always have to sound slick or professional; sometimes, the best way to reach a target audience is to use funny clothing brand name suggestions like the ones below:

  1. Toasty Toes
  2. Funny Fits
  3. Giggle Getups
  4. Dancing Shoes Clothing
  5. JiggleJumpers
  6. Laughing Suit Apparel
  7. HaHaHats and Things
  8. The Job-U-Want Dresses
  9. HotTake Getups
  10. What’s the Haps Clothing

Unique Names For A Clothing And Fashion Brand

One of the surest strategies to stand out from other clothing companies and make sure your products are easy to remember is to pick out a brand name that is unique, like the ones listed below:

  1. The Outfit or The Outfitter (perfect for any type of clothing business)
  2. First Class Attire
  3. Reborn Clothing Co.
  4. The Fashion Clinic
  5. Dress to Impress
  6. Fashionably Late Ad
  7. A Knot Too Tied
  8. Get Dressed Up
  9. Elevate Apparel (An online shop that helps you elevate your style)
  10. Awesome Attire
  11. Boutique de Mode
  12. Fashion Sense
  13. Her Dress Code
  14. Barely There Fashion
  15. Bold And Beautiful
  16. Use your creativity
  17. Dress for Less
  18. Abracadabra Closet
  19. Make a Splash Boutique
  20. Fabulous Designer Vintage
  21. Ms. Mousey’s Buisness (A children’s online clothing and fashion store)
  22. Beach Chic Boutique
  23. Cafe Chic Collection
  24. The Brave Store (A place to buy stylish clothes full of bravery)
  25. Backyard Clothes (An idea store for a casual wear brand)
  26. Cheeky Undies
  27. Robes R Us
  28. Fashion Forward
  29. Incognito Wear
  30. Sea of Fashion Values
  31. Fashion Friday’s
  32. Bang On Trend
  33. Simply Clothes
  34. Bag it! Fashion Store
  35. Queen of Fashion
  36. Away to Wonderland
  37. Clothes Sense
  38. Sea of Everything
  39. Fashion Finesse
  40. Cozy Impression
  41. Happy as a Lark
  42. Closet Confidante
  43. Pretty in Pink
  44. Clothes Castle
  45. My Roots Run Deep
  46. Ace Fashion
  47. Clued-Up Fashionista
  48. Buttoned Up
  49. My Own Style
  50. Sweet as Honey
  51. Perfect Fit
  52. Closet Heaven
  53. Verve Apparel
  54. Amora Clothing
  55. Luxe Threads
  56. Enigma Wear
  57. Euphoria Attire
  58. Zenith Fashion
  59. Rapture Clothing
  60. Serenity Style
  61. Radiant Apparel
  62. Empress Attire
  63. Velocity Wear
  64. Regal Threads
  65. Ethereal Clothing
  66. Luminous Attire
  67. Majestic Fashion
  68. Nova Wear
  69. Ascend Clothing
  70. Mystique Threads
  71. Luminary Attire
  72. Sovereign Fashion
  73. Eclipse Wear
  74. Celestial Clothing
  75. Phoenix Attire
  76. Infinity Threads
  77. Aura Fashion

Vintage Clothing Brand Names

There’s a reason classics stand the test of time; vintage clothing names like the ones below let your potential customers know that they’re buying a good clothing brand from your clothing business:

  1. Delicate Darning Apparel
  2. Facinorously Fitted
  3. Claptrap Clothing
  4. Burble Buttonups Apparel
  5. Bumbershoot
  6. Petrichor Clothing
  7. Velleity Clothing
  8. Nelipot Apparel
  9. Auroral
  10. Dashing Duds
  11. Phosphenes Outfitters

Beach Clothing Company Names

Sometimes marketing to a certain event or environment is a good way to appeal to people, as is the case with the beach clothing names below:

  1. Starfish
  2. Cabana
  3. Sky ; Sand
  4. Sunset
  5. Malibou
  6. Tanline
  7. Pina Colada
  8. Sunburn
  9. Sun Shyne
  10. UV
  11. Summerset
  12. UltraRayz
  13. Salt n’ Sand
  14. Sandflea
  15. The Grotto
  16. Tortuga
  17. Poseidon
  18. Seagullswarm
  19. Borderwalk
  20. Boardwalk Bunnies
  21. Pierpont
  22. Shoebees
  23. Dunish
  24. Riptide
  25. The Splash Zone
  26. HangTen
  27. Marytime
  28. Neon Plankton
  29. Squid
  30. DaKraken
  31. CrustyBeard
  32. Flippin Flops
  33. Surf Track
  34. BlueJelly
  35. Coral Covers
  36. SnapperJacks
  37. Beached Whale
  38. SeaSlugg
  39. Shellz
  40. Malibu Momma
  41. BarnacleButt
  42. Shelfish
  43. FoamFoam
  44. Pocketsand
  45. The Eddies
  46. The Cove
  47. Shoals
  48. Saylor
  49. DryftWood
  50. Lost@Sea
  51. Bonfyre
  52. Golden Hour
  53. CrashingWaves
  54. Green Flash
  55. C-Moon
  56. Orca
  57. Opal
  58. Buccaneer Britches
  59. PirateFlagg
  60. SurfDuds
  61. Tourist Trades
  62. Bony Jellyfish
  63. SeeOtter
  64. Sea Bums
  65. Sandy Toes

Exotic Names For a Clothing Brand

If you’re looking for a unique clothing brand name that reminds one of exotic journeys, look no further than the inspirational names below:

  1. Enchante Clothing
  2. Dreamy Duds
  3. Dragon and Unicorn Clothing
  4. The Dash and the Sparkle
  5. Spice n’ Trice Clothing
  6. Boho Emerald
  7. RariTea Clothing
  8. DazzlingDaybreak
  9. El Enchantment Clothing
  10. BoutBoutique

Custom Clothing Brand Names

A custom clothing brand name is sure to show the clothing industry that your clothes are outside of the box, as the ones below do:

  1. TaylorMayde
  2. Custom-Charicature Clothing
  3. Cut-2-Fit Apparel
  4. TrendSetterStylez
  5. Clean-Cutout
  6. Dapper Duds
  7. Direct Hit Clothing
  8. Customizable Pixie Clothing
  9. Parade-of-Style: Custom Coats and Accessories
  10. StandbyMe Stylez

Catchy Names For A Clothing Brand

A catchy business is one that names its brand after something that is sure to linger in a client’s brain, like the catchy clothing brand names ideas below:

  1. Anything Glows
  2. Catch-a-Star Clothing
  3. Capital Trendiez
  4. Cast-Iron Clothing and Accessories
  5. Attainably Attired Clothing
  6. ShipShop Clothes
  7. CapCode Clothing
  8. Under the Radar Underwear
  9. Basilisk Clothing
  10. Cutup-n-Out Clothes

Cool Sounding Names For A Clothing Brand

Nothing says “wear me” like a clothing brand that sounds plain cool, as you’ll see in the examples of cool clothing brand monikers listed below:

  1. Greens ; Blues Groovy
  2. All Your Colorz
  3. American Trench
  4. Couture Collective
  5. Denim Dreamz
  6. Good Glamourwear
  7. Appealing Drapes and Fabrics
  8. Trendy Clothing 
  9. Shop of Style
  10. Green ; Bloom
  11. Love Letters
  12. Fly By Night
  13. Urban Zen
  14. Reclaimed Style
  15. Wrap-Around Shoppe
  16. Trendy Attire Store
  17. Fashion Avenue
  18. House of Clothes
  19. Stylish Threads
  20. Go-Go’s Clothing Store
  21. Everyday Casuals
  22. The Looker
  23. Just My Size
  24. Stylish Selection
  25. Frosting on the Floor
  26. Fashion Maniacs’ Paradise
  27. Fifth Avenue
  28. Prestigious Wear
  29. Buttoned Up
  30. Past Fashion

Classy Clothing Brand Names

For more distinguished crowds expecting to wear clothes that reflect their tastes, check out the names below:

  1. Distinguishable Duds – Suits and Apparel
  2. Cynosure Styles
  3. Ephemirea Cuts
  4. GemCut Clothing
  5. Labrynthine Style
  6. Incentive Apparel
  7. Essential-Ease Styles
  8. Easel Clothing
  9. Courtly Cuts
  10. Caspian-Sensibilities
  11. Suit-of-Spades
  12. Built2Last
  13. Burds of a Feathur Clothing
  14. Embassy-Ready Clothing
  15. Ingenius Reflections Apparel
  16. A Stitch in Time Inc
  17. Bourgeois Chic
  18. Artful Attire
  19. Looking Good!
  20. Another Man’s Treasure – This brand name suggests that one person’s junk is another man’s treasure.
  21. Colorful Fashion
  22. Aviatrix Flight Apparel
  23. A Tailor Made Fit
  24. Audacity of Style
  25. What’s Your Number?
  26. Accessories Boutique
  27. Funky Kids Clothes
  28. Fashion Flair
  29. A New Me
  30. Invitation Only
  31. Antidote Fashion Goods
  32. A Special Occasion
  33. Up-To-Date Fashion Shop
  34. Boho Clothing
  35. Body Fusion Wear
  36. For the Price of Fashion
  37. Knock Out Fashions
  38. Bonus Bonanza
  39. Luxuries for Less

Names For A Luxury Clothing Brand

Who doesn’t love to dress like they’re living in the lap of luxury?

Check out the list of names below that will make you feel like you’re about to eat bonbons surrounded by expensive finery:

  1. Bowl A Vard
  2. Ceramic
  3. BougieBags
  4. Stone
  5. RichFix
  6. Black Liquer
  7. Cleopatra’s Closet
  8. ULM
  9. Air
  10. Lemonn
  11. Frankly
  12. Hernandez
  13. Smyth
  14. Arabella
  15. Sylence
  16. DahliaDahling
  17. Kao
  18. Rags to Rich
  19. Allister
  20. Oil
  21. Trust Fund
  22. Olyve
  23. BludDiamond
  24. Horizon
  25. Silhouette
  26. Constellation
  27. Orion
  28. PreTension
  29. Lobe
  30. Zeusse
  31. LaRosa
  32. DeLa
  33. Polkadiamonds
  34. Sterling Stripes
  35. Flame Ware
  36. Silken Suit
  37. Stule
  38. Afluence
  39. Bagal
  40. Toddler’s Tucks
  41. Graniose Garders
  42. Saphire
  43. E. Taylor
  44. Eleanor
  45. Dante
  46. Edison
  47. Le Presidential
  48. In Finity
  49. In Finite
  50. Clean
  51. Frost
  52. Karrot
  53. Lush
  54. Rinestone
  55. Sparkyle
  56. Vow
  57. Magnitude
  58. FortyFour
  59. Linem Linens
  60. Square
  61. Gresh
  62. Facts
  63. Shale
  64. Roman
  65. Cooller

3 Letter Names For A Clothing Brand

Sometimes short and to the point is the best way to make your mark, as the names below do:

  1. Jam Clothing
  2. Got Apparel
  3. Gel
  4. Kin
  5. Cut Suits
  6. cat
  7. Arc
  8. Far Clothing
  9. Gal
  10. Hot Apparel
  11. Bug
  12. Mid
  13. BOA
  14. Boo
  15. Bow Clothing
  16. Nil Suits and Apparel
  17. Jam
  18. QIN
  19. Chi Clothing
  20. Cap
  21. BZZ
  22. Buy Apparels
  23. Cab Dresses
  24. BYE
  25. Cha
  26. PEL
  27. Pox
  28. Nox
  29. PIN
  30. Mad Apparel
  31. Duz
  32. DIM
  33. ART
  34. BGG
  35. Und
  36. Spa Apparel
  37. Fit
  38. Lof
  39. REM
  40. Zop
  41. THY
  42. WIP
  43. LyT Clothing
  44. BBR
  45. RED
  46. R@d
  47. SUP
  48. Oak
  49. Lie
  50. Lod
  51. Ire Apparels
  52. Bog Clothing
  53. Rit Suits
  54. Now Styles
  55. AND Dresses
  56. FIR

4 Letter Names For A Clothing Brand

Similarly to 3-letter clothing names, 4-letter clothing line name ideas can offer a whole new range of memorable naming possibilities:

  1. Suds
  2. Clou Suits and Apparel
  3. Hatz
  4. Shar
  5. Woke
  6. Fyrr Apparel
  7. Hawk
  8. Zypp
  9. Dine
  10. Woah Clothing

90s Clothing Brand Names

Who doesn’t love the colorful, hip-hopping era of the nineties?

Check out the names that bring this time period to life for clothing brands:

  1. LetzBounce
  2. AzzIf
  3. Booyah Clothing
  4. So-Not
  5. FourOneOne-Style
  6. OneTen Percent Clothing
  7. BuzzKyll Clothes
  8. Jiggy Dress
  9. Talk-2-the-Hand Hats and Accessories
  10. Don’t-B-aScrub Clothing
  11. GaggingSpoon Accessories
  12. Not-the-Drama Dresses
  13. W-W-Dot Clothing
  14. So-Chic Clothing
  15. Rad Rockin
  16. Fresh to Detth
  17. Cut Close
  18. Preddy Fly

Names Of Clothing Brands By Country (For Inspiration):

Sometimes different companies have names that sound ear-catching and inspiring just by being unique!

Check out these names that will make your brand stand out below:

Arabic Clothing Brand Names Ideas

  1. Aadab Clothing – Need, Hope
  2. Aadila Apparel – Equal, Honest, Upright
  3. Aafreen – Acclaim
  4. Badia – Unequal, Admirable
  5. Zinah – Beauty
  6. Sadeeq – Friend
  7. Nour Apparel – Light or Radiance
  8. Amal Clothing and Accessories – Aspirations or Hopefulness

Asian Fashion Brand Name Ideas

  1. Aki – Bright
  2. Emiyo – Beautiful and Blessed Generation
  3. Midori Apparel – Green
  4. Ozuru Baby Clothing – Stork
  5. Ren – Water Lily
  6. Kembara Outfitters – To Wander
  7. Sabsung Outfitters – Revitalising Experience
  8. Kaladkarin Adventure Outfitters – Pulled Along

Chinese Clothing Brand Name Ideas

  1. Xi Huan – To Like
  2. Haitan – Beach
  3. Pengyou Clothing – Friend
  4. Chengshi Apparel – City
  5. Jeidao Accessories – Street

French Names For A Clothing Brand

  1. Eblouissante – Dazzling
  2. Attrayant Apparel – Attractive
  3. Jolie Dresses – Pretty
  4. Tendresse Accessories – Tenderness or Affection
  5. Fonce Clothing – Dark
  6. Chatoyer Clothing – To Shimmer
  7. Etoile Accessories – Star
  8. Flaner Outfitters and Apparel – To Wander
  9. Chanson Dresses and Accessories – Song
  10. Revasser Apparel – Daydream

German Names For A Clothing Brand

  1. Summen Clothing – Humming
  2. Mirabellen Apparel – Cherry Plum Fruit
  3. Shmetterling Clothing – Butterfly
  4. Lila Accessories – Purple
  5. Kristall – Crystal
  6. Winterwald Coats and Jackets – Winter Forest
  7. Elfe Accessories – Pixie

Italian Names For A Clothing Brand

  1. Nuvola Clothing – Cloud
  2. Allegria – Cheerful
  3. Manetica – Magnetic
  4. Visibilio Apparel – Rapturous
  5. Meraviglia – Marvelous

Japanese Names For A Clothing Brand

  1. Hinode – Sunrise
  2. Ashiteru Dresses – I Love You
  3. Kanpeki Fits – Perfection
  4. Komorebi – Sunbeams Shining Through Leaves
  5. Renai – Romance

Korean Clothing Brand Names

  1. Aegyo Apparel – Cute
  2. Dasoda Dresses – Love Passionately
  3. Jeong Apparel – Social Unity
  4. Jeonsa Accessories – Angel
  5. ArumDaum Apparel – Beauty

Spanish Clothing Brand Names

  1. Palomitas Baby Clothing – Small Doves or Popcorn
  2. Enternecer – Soften
  3. Infinito Apparel – Infinite
  4. Paz Clothing – Peace
  5. Risas Articles – Laughter

Company Name Naming Tips

You don’t have to be a fashion designer to come up with an appealing name.

There are many different approaches to finding the name that works best for your company, but that can also mean that you’re overwhelmed about where to start.

Below are a few tips to help you narrow down what names work best for you!

1. Know Your Mission

One of the best things you can do to not only get the point of your company across, but pick a good starting place for finding a name, is to understand the goal of your company.

For example, if the goal of your company is to “appeal to the customer,” your name could be a play on the word “appeal.”

2. Make it Personal

Adding a personal touch, like your own name or a nickname from your childhood, can not only appeal to audiences but can give you a way to communicate who you are.

Making your company name personal will have the added effect of generating trust and memorability in your potential customers.

3. Brainstorm

One of the most overlooked aspects of creativity is the power of brainstorming!

Get together a group of your partners or friends and simply come up with as many names as you can.

For the first list of names, nothing is too silly or outlandish! 

4. Narrow it Down

After brainstorming, gradually narrow it down until your company name appears out of a sea of ideas as the best version of your top ideas combined.

Decide what works based on what you like the sound of, what jumps out at you, and what sticks in your brain!

5. Know Your Target Audience

A target audience is sometimes a great launching pad for company name ideas.

For example, if you’re hoping to appeal to crowds of teenagers, you’ll want to look up words associated with trendy television shows or aesthetics.

If you’re hoping to appeal to working-class adults, it’s a whole different ball game!

6. Get Inspired

If working off of your own name, nickname, or the thesis of your company doesn’t produce a name you’re satisfied with, get inspiration from other sources.

Try looking at real brands in the world, foreign maps, and researching mythology to see where classic names and important locations got their start.

7. Check Social Media Accounts

One of the best ways to get inspired is to see how cleverly your target audiences name themselves on Instagram or even Twitter.com.

Often you can get a feel for the style of a name that would catch the eye of the influencer crowd and the fashion industry.

8. Use an Online Generator

If you’re having too much trouble, don’t stress! Try an online generator.

A business name generator can often double as a clothing brand name generator with the right filters added.

These can be found as the result of a Google search, like the one discovered here.

This is one fashion brand name generator free of charge, perfect for naming an online clothing store. Just make sure the name you choose is memorable and easy to pronounce.

Next Step – Branding!

Creating a brand logo is an essential part of your company’s messaging. It’s the first that consumers notice and how they recognize you. When designing a logo, it’s important to consider more than aesthetics – think about how it will communicate your mission and values. A great starting point is to research existing logos and look for inspiration from them. Consider the shape, font, color palette, and graphics that you could incorporate into your design.

Additionally, icons are a simple but powerful way to reinforce your branding message. They can be used on anything from an app or website interface to product packaging and marketing materials. Icons should be designed with the same thought process as logos – use shapes and colors in a way that expresses what your company stands for.

Lastly, picking out brand colors is another major decision for any business looking to develop its identity. Colors can evoke different feelings and emotions, so make sure you choose wisely based on your target audience. You can utilize online tools like HubSpot’s color palette generator or Adobe’s Color Wheel to generate color schemes that are aesthetically pleasing and memorable for users.

Developing these branding materials isn’t always a straightforward task – but if done correctly, you’ll reap the rewards with your brand identity and increased visibility in the marketplace!


In conclusion, when you’re working on building your own clothing brand, naming is everything!

What you decide to name your company, as well as each brand of clothing it sells, will be a customer’s way of remembering you when you’re a smash success!

Remember, a good tip to follow when selecting your own amazing, memorable brand name is to check a domain checker tool, making sure that the domain name you want is available before you hang your hat on it.

A good tool to use is the domain checker by GoDaddy.

Have fun on your naming journey!

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